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Found 2 results

  1. Something that keeps a lot of Wurm Online Players away is the lack of any real meaning to Free To Play Accounts, we all know this but until now nobody's had a good answer for balancing; I want to put forth a suggestion of a different economic model altogether: Right now Free2Play players are Capped at their Skills at 20, or 30 if they've been premium before, additionally you cannot Priest or Preform most religious interactions without Premium, to me this is at the core of the free-to-play equation problem: no skill, no ability = no fun. What I would suggest is we take a page from Second Life's Economic Model and Turn Premium away from skill caps, and more towards land-ownership and settlement creation/size/retention. The Biggest Change to the actual code (in my opinion) to make this system work would be the creation of a second form of "Currency" similiar to SL Tier, this "Allocation" would be given to all premium players and shared between their village; the idea being a village that has more premium players can grow larger, and has more stability than one that only has a few. Do note: Unlike Silver this would NOT be a currency you could drain via PvP Actions, instead it's more of a "Land Allocation"; All Current Settlement In-game Currency fees would be unaffected, this one would strictly be used for settlement creation, retention and resizing as a sort of "soft cap" towards size and amount of guards. The Next biggest change (in my opinion) would be raising the skill caps by almost 3x, granting numerous abilities to free to play players that would other wise normally not having INCLUDING Spellcasting via Priests, I was thinking along the lines of Non-characteristic Skills being Capped at 60, and Characteristic Skills being capped at 25 (30 with Prior Premium). This would mean suddenly many free-to-play players would share a sense of fulfillment in the game, and would get more enjoyment out of it (it also means they would finally be able to ride horses :P). Faith is somewhat up in the air but I'd say cap it around 35 or 40 just for the sake of having a cap. Finally this new currency "tier" would need a website-based interaction where settlement mayors could artifically "increase" their amount of tier by paying real money (e.g. USD) for a grant of a bit more tier, this would be a monthly fee (or whatever time scale the devs decide) and would be quite expensive because it would want to be a "safety net" feature at best. Combined these changes may draw a lot of former Wurm Unlimited, as well as informed players (the kind you honestly want in an MMO) to the table, and allow them to "Ease in" to the lifestyle of Wurm Online a little more comfortably than the current system while still proving a way for the devs to securely provide servers for the masses. Apologies for not Searching this Idea before posting, but to be fair this is a fairly significant undertaking I wanted to explain. If it needs to be moved or merged with another, I give explicit permission to the forum moderators to do so if they see fit (not that they need it but as a matter of principal) but I would request that the devs think about this plan rather than shoving it out the door just because it's "out there". Edit for clarity: To be perfectly clear, Free to play Players would LOSE the ability to create settlements as a result of this change, but seeing as those are limited to 1 person settlements this is a fair trade-off in my opinion.
  2. Is Wurm free forever or is there just a free trial and at the end of it you're forced to buy premium? If WUrm is free forever then what can a F2P player do in this game that makes money sucesefully ? + How and when can i get a ship ?