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Found 2 results

  1. Well here we are at the end my friends, we had alot of fun, imped and casted a ton of stuff, abused each other with fish and other such nonsense, had countless battles in the arena with the GM's, slayed countless sea serpents, demons of sol, nogumps, death crawlers, slimes and all the more common mobs. Even a few avatars were slain! The arena in general was a blast! Thank you so much to the GM's for doing there best to keep us distracted from the task at hand Especially Retro, Astarte, and Enki who made many appearances and provided some fun trivia games and stuff as well. In terms of prizes we gave out 73 rare's, 3 supreme's, 28 Various PVP kingdome banners and flags, A TC wagon, hell horses, nearly a dozen large boats, and some other misc prizes for events etc. In terms of casts I estimated we put at least 2,500 70+ casts out there and nearly 4500 items imped over the days. Turned at least a dozen items rare, and 2 supremes on my watch alone. This being my first impalong hosting I learned many things, made many new friends and have a full list of updates, changes, and additions i want to make for future events. Also a special thanks to the impalong vets for sharing there wisdom and helping me watch for the totally expected abusers. On that note i only confiscated about 100 items, from folks who thought they were more clever then the vets at this sort of thing. So thank you all for your vigilance without you these things would prob be alot less fun. All items have now been returned via Mail assuming they were properly tagged or in someones room. Hope to see you all again next year with some significant improvements to the event! Some parting words: And now for some event photos! Hello again everyone! I'm here to Officially announce the Summer Friend-A-Long, Hosted by The Academy Network Alliance of Pristine and Dragon Beard Markets! Many of you have known about this for some time and has been eluded to on the Market Thread, but as of now we are set for the end of July. Some of you may be asking what is an Impalong? Well basically is a community event where everyone gets together to imp and cast for other folks for free! Anyone can come, anyone can help imp. The only real restrictions is on channeling skill. We have already built a dedicated deed for the event, collected a massive amount of materials, cotton, body bags, booze and cake (maybe cake) for the event! Please dock on the EAST end of the deed, where the signs are and the land is packed. IF your getting your boat imped then park on the WEST end of the deed, but PLEASE try to park in a fashion that is easy for the impers to get you boats. and please enable everyone may be passenger to make it easier for them to imp, so they dont have to swim. I fully expect them to skip boats that cant do these simple things. When: July 27th-30th Midnight AKST 2018 Where: Pristine, T16, Friendship Bay deed. Map: - In game Map location. Map: - Map from latest dumps. You can also plot to Friendship Bay from the highway network nearly anywhere on pristine. What to bring: Anything you want Imped, Casted, bloods mixed, your imbues applied, Mendings, etc, if it can be improved we can prob handle it here. Friendship Inn: The inn is capable of bedding 80 characters in 70 secure rooms with storage options. If you need a secure room for your stay please make a post requesting a room, be sure to include your character(s) names in the post. There is also a large peice of land set aside for "Tent City" Just up the hill from the Friendship Bay Deed. The Deed: The imping hall itself it a 5 floor pottery building with slate/marble decor. with 3 floors dedicated to various tasks. The First floor is the Smithing area, with 24x forges nestled together in a large group in the center, in the corners you will find some relaxing area's to afk/get out of the way in along with stairwells to the other floors. The second floor is for Non smithing related imps, broken into 4 main area's depending on the skill used. The 3rd floor is the Casting/sermon floor. At previous impalongs I've always found the lack of altars frustrating. I've designed this floor around solving that problem. I've broken all the spells into 4 main groups, based on the spell/priests that cast it. each group has at least 2-4 dedicated altars PER priest for that category, the more common priest like vyn/nahjo have at least 15 altars each on that floor! All organized into corners, In the center of it all is another ring of altars, surrounding a rare altar for the sermon goers, and the building is designed in such a way, that everyone below you should be counted as listeners for HUGE faith ticks! We also took full advantage of the new containers, almost eliminating the need for coffins for item storage and overflow. At this time we have about 190,000 Veggies available for saccing, 28k of witch still needs chopping. So if you have a 35+ cooking and feel like donating some time chopping, PM me! Some photo's: Goals: Imping 70+ Casts 70+ What is expected of you as a patron: Be polite and be respectful Dont forget to NAME ALL YOUR ITEMS! Cant stress this enough. Anything not properly named is likely to be lost or stuffed in an overflow bin, and once moved with no name, there is no way to identify it as yours. You do NOT need to label them with what cast you want, just your name. Just make sure you place them in the correct container. Do NOT abuse people's generosity! Dont bring 10 or even 5 of the same item for imping/casting. The only real exception to this might be horse shoes. Anyone caught taking advantage will forfeit there items and be asked to leave. Do NOT sell items that were done for you at the impalong. Its about helping people out, not taking advantage of someone else's work to put coin in your pocket. Getting items casted is at your own risk! Thoe the priest will be required to have at least 80 channeling and demonstrate so with there 70+ title. Shatters can and will happen at an event like this. Item quality plays a big in this so if your going to get something casted, consider imping it first. If you need a secured room for your stay, be sure to reserve one in advance, otherwise follow the signs up the hill to the location set aside for "Tent City" there is a guard tower nearby for when a GM tries to kill you. You should not need to pick any items up that are not your (nor will you be able to) If your items are moved to overflow please contact a "Wurm Lord" Also feel free to help imp items even if you don't have that skill to 70. The only real restriction is channeling. Everyone is welcome to help out! What is expected as an Imper or Caster at the Friend-A-Long: All of the above + Please name your lumps/materials if you have to put them back in the forge etc 70+ in your imping skills of choice is recommended but feel free to chip in with whatever skills you have for imping. -OR- 80+ Channeling skill is required to be permitted to cast on other people's items. You should be sure to wear your 70+ channeling title Materials Provided: Material Donations: Prizes Donated: List of Staff Members: List of Registered Impers: List of Registered Priests: Event Lists/Signup Lists: Gratz:
  2. Hello my good wurmiains! I am offering for a limited time (until i get to Plate armor smithing 90, currently 89.15) free dragon scale armor imps to at least 80q, higher as my skill continues to develop. No catch, no cost other the COD, no materials required for imping. No i cant pay you a load of collateral, you can send me 1 piece at a time of you don't trust me, but many of you know me . Also no cost if it rares during imping! Turn around time should be pretty quick, my lowest creation chance for scale armor is the jacket at 84%, and 99% on other pieces. I will also craft and imp your plate armor for you up to 80q if you provide the Steel. I'm crazy your saying right?!? Well maybe, but its a good crazy, so benefit from it! Also if you have a priest, check out my sermon group! PM me @ VirusMD in game with questions. Armor should also be sent to VirusMD. Please include your name! Satisfied Customers Reached my goal, please close