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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have some transmutation liquid for sale. Made a large batch and I'm willing to sell it for 2.5s 1.5s per tile. And don't be afraid of mailing fees - it's on me! Currently in stock: 0/20. 65kg (two barrels) of this liquid is enough to turn sand tile to clay. If you have any discounts with Sarmatians (for example for being on Losik friends list) - please let me know before ordering, cause I will use different account for sending. It's still 10% off for loyal customers! Quick Instructions: Double click liquid inside of the first barrel (45kg or 20kg - doesn't matter). Right click on sand tile. Choose Alchemy -> Transmutate. Repeat with second barrel. Tile is now transmutated and you can dig clay from NW corner. Do not transmutate tiles next to fences / trees / houses or anything else that would stop you from digging there. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Odds n' Ends: 80.40QL Fine Fishing Rod Willow - 71CoC - 40c 80.73QL Oak Mallet - 79CoC 77W - 75c 3.81QL Chisel - 79 CoC - 60c 3.82QL Chisel - 73 CoC - 55c Whetstones: 84.43QL - 67CoC - 25c 87.62QL - 68 CoC - 25c 87.62QL - 80 CoC - 40c 87.37QL - 63 CoC - 20c 87.37QL - 78 CoC - 30c
  3. Tired of wearing that heavy chain or plate? Patience wearing thin because you get dressed and go out to your horse, only to see him look at you in disgust because you have that klunky, shiny, HEAVY stuff on again... Angry because every 10 feet you have to rest and make camp and the next day you wake up and all the mobs were killed by people wearing lighter armor? Now is your chance to get the good stuff! Studded Leather Armor 50ql 1s 60ql 1.5s 70ql 2.5s 80ql 4s 85ql 5s 90ql Available upon request but it aint cheap Tired of rumaging through your backpack in frustration because you can't find a tool? Tool Belts 10c per 10ql (up to 80ql) ex. 60ql for 60c Anything 70ql and above, we pay the shipping or we deliver to any freedom server All other leather items available upon request. We can also provide low level AoSP for an additional silver Leave me a PM here for all orders