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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I'm having issues that I don't understand. ------------------------------------------------- First off, rough numbers, here is my system: Video Carts: 2x GeForce GTX 560 Ti Driver currently 353.62 Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit Java 8 64 bit AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor 3.2 GHz 16GB very fast RAM ------------------------------------------------- Up until a few months ago, I was able to run 4 windows of Wurm (using dual monitors, one on each video card) and all would run 30fps with the active one running 60fps. These days, I can't hardly manage to keep 4 windows running at all, usually even 2-3 windows fight to manage 10-15 fps. Any ideas what might have happened? It is very frustrating to know that somehow my system should be capable and it is just not working. -------------------------------------------------- Also, much stranger, recently I have found I can't start Wurm through any of the screen shortcuts that I was using, or even from the play button on the website. Fortunately, I accidently found out that if I went into Control Panel, Programs, Java, 'General Tab', if I clicked on 'View' under Temporary Internet Files, The only application listed is Wurm Online and if I double click on that, the game runs. There is an option to make a shortcut from that when you right click. If I do that, the shortcut does not work. I'm glad to have found a way around it, but this is really odd! I have tried uninstalling Java and reinstalling, I have re-downloaded the application. I have copied the Wurm folder to another computer and it is running fine there so my files shouldn't be bad... ---------------------------------------------------- One other question as long as I'm bugging people... I just purchased a new, very cool gaming laptop and it is doing very well, except for one thing. The people and critters look quite odd... it appears that on the models, the further from center the graphic is, the more it stretches out... For instance, when a horse wiggles it's ears, they stretch to look like mule ears. When another character in studded armor moves their head, it appears that the leather helmet stays stills, their head moves forward out of the helm like the are doing some exaggerated version of "Walks like an Egyptian". Any ideas? Oh, the laptop is running a 970m graphics card with (I think) 3gb of memory. System is running Windows 7 Pro with the latest 64-bit Java.
  2. So over the last few weeks, I've been noticing my usual 40-60 fps often dropping to 12-15 fps. I've tried meddling with graphics settings to see if it can be improved, and I've tried prodding at my pc with all sorts of programs, to resolve the issue, but nothing has worked. I have, however, started identifying certain conditions that causes this. I first caught onto it during Wurm daytime, when the fps spike seemed to leave completely. I was just starting to grin, when night came, and it all triggered off the poor fps again. So now I've been experimenting, and it feels to me like it's the flame animations on forges/ovens/lamps that is causing the issue. When they're snuffed out, things seem smoother. When I have my forge, oven and my 15+ lamps on at night, the fps can drop very, very badly. I haven't tested this theory in detail yet, but I'd really appreciate some support/feedback with this. I know several people who are having bad fps issues in their deeds too, and a fix would be really appreciated.
  3. Hi There has been some previous posts about this issue, long ago. A very known and widely accepted problem, where models loading in the distance has a freezing effect on the framerate. If you you walk forward, then every few seconds you get a glitch as stuff appears. However, now, it is insanely bad, and it is happening for three of us (the only three people I could confirm with) on different connections, different pc's and one in a different geographical location. The glitching is now 1-2 second freezes. We have tried many many things, from resolution drops, to lowering settings, to playuing around with the model loading threads and priorities, framelimiters, we have tried disabling indexing on windows pc's, clearing the java cache (with javaws) and much much more. But the problem remains. Myself, Meerkatjie and Xardus, without any change to our configs or usual manner of play, now experience it. 40fps..... 0fps for 2 seconds, back to 40 again. It is, dare I say, borderline unplayable and unacceptable to a point where quitting is the only bet (since restarting the client does not help). Something changed in the recent updates, please tell us what it is, and how to circumvent it. It is horrible. Some details from my rig, which is the lowest powered computer between the three of us: Java 7 Update 51 build 1.7.0_51-b13 (all of us) AMD 1090T (6 core, 3.5 ghz) on a Asus M4A785TD-M EVO DDR3 8192MB Dual channelled ATi Radeon 6770 1 GB Windows 7 (legit and updated all the way) Most background services disabled The other pc's are way more modern than mine. Thanks in advance. Marlon PS: I can't post "crash reports" since there is no crash.