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Found 19 results

  1. WTS rare ornate fountain 4s pick up at P 8 on xanadu or 5s delivered to coast. Post/pm here or pm drual in game.
  2. We had some updates in rapid succesion to replace the benefits of fountain-pans/backpacks (now called Source Rifts), but some compensations are still lacking, just wanted to give this topic a bump again, because Source Rifts are moving ever closer to their "death". The idea was to introduce other items in Wurm or tweak current items in Wurm to replace what the source rift was used for. To this current date we got replacements for the following: Painting large objects: we got small and large amphoras as a compensation, also the ability to pickup large barrels. Storing highql materials: we no longer have a 5% decay tick every month when our deed has enough upkeep, so we can now store those precious 99ql lumps in bulkbins without fear of loosing a bucnh each decay-tick Melting lots of ore: This got compensated by smelters that got added to the game What we are lacking so far: An increase of volume to the large magical chest space: This was mentioned as an update coming (but for the love of Magranon, I cant seem to find it in the topics that discussed soruce rifts). So that our large magical chests can go beyond the 100 loose-item limit or even store bigger items (skulls from slain uniques, some ship parts, large rare building materials/raw materials). Storing liquids without decay: Still as of today, my source rifts hold allot of small barrels filled with maple sap/syrup, milk, highql oil, apple/cherry/lemon/grape/... juice. Would be nice if this function was replaced by something ingame, Maybe add liquids to the "no-decay-rule-on-high-upkeep-deeds". I know you can fill a flask with the liquid and drop it back in the container to reset the decay-tick, but when you have a large amount of liquids stored then it gets a bit troublesome, also remembering to do it every now and then tends to slip out of ones mind when you have lots of wurm-projects going at once :p. ? This is not a suggestion, but just a reminder and a poke to get some news on the development side of these promised compensations. Also a small question to all of the source-rift-owners: Did I miss any "compensation" that we are still lacking ingame for when the source-rifts go *poof* in 200+days?
  3. This auction is part of a series of auctions for charity. Please read the following thread for more details: Up for auction is a Fountain Backpack Auction ends Wednesday, August 5th, at 14:00 Central US. Starting Bid: 50s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: Public Offers Considered No Reserve, No Private Bidding 1hr Sniper Protection Will be CoD'ed from Independence
  4. A Fountain inside of a Bucket. Buckets are smaller than backpacks and will even fit inside of them, however they burn in forges/ovens, etc. Most people know what these are but for those that don't; The fountain holds a much higher volume than the bucket, it allows you to put more into a single, smaller container. These are useful for painting Knarrs or Caravels, or for use as storage. I will accept silver or Euro via Paypal at 1:1 ratio. (Silver Preferred) Item will be sent COD by mail from Deliverance. Starting bid: 35s/€ Minimum Increment: 5s/€ Buyout: PM Offers No Reserve 30 Minute Sniper Protection
  5. They said it held the tears of a thousand Jenn Kellons.
  6. Legacy item, where there is a huge capacity fountain, in a tiny little saucepan. Fill it with satchels and store thousands of fish filets (or whatever you like) then drop in a magic chest to make it last even longer than an FSB would hold it, since you don't even lose the 5% per month. Pretty awesome. Also great for carrying huge amounts of dye. Anyway, I have 2 of them to sell. 70s each. I just don't have time these days to work on fishing/cooking, so no longer need these. I hope you enjoy them!
  7. This on NW Xanadu, delivery may be possible to coastal deeds. Silver only please Start bid 65s Min increment 1s No Reserve No Sniper Buyout 80s Private buyout accepted.
  8. Auctioning a fountain backpack, a great container for storage that you can no longer make! Starting bid: 50s Ends 24h from now Minimum increments of 1s Winner pays cod or can pickup on west deli 1h sniper protection Happy bidding
  9. Only Fountain Sauce pan left, great for smelting your ores looking for 70s, willing to negotiate Accepting Euros aswell, veryfied paypal
  10. This is the best storage option in wurm everything inside the fountain pan will not suffer decay Starting bid 70e Minmium increase 5e Buyout 100e sniper protection 1hour
  11. Selling it. Need to raise some silvers. Price: 69 silver. Can be picked up on Xanadu NE area, coastal deed, or a simple COD.
  12. So I am trying to move water from an rare ornate fountain to a water skin. First drag works, I poured the water on the ground, and the second time I get the message "You cannot carry that much." Activating the water skin and filling does work.
  13. title explain its self looking for a white drake set/spyglass for trade(sliver will be added either way) or other cool items you think is worth it also can sell in both euro and sliver
  14. I am not sure what these are worth so i am going to auction it off.. Starting Bid: 60s Increments: 5s Buyout: 80s No Reserve 1 hr sniper protection Note: I will accept payment in euro at a 1s to 1e ratio
  15. Pm me here or in game on phan. Thanks =) (Phantasy, Release)
  16. I woult like to see an easier way to destroy fountains,two peoples has tried to destroy an fountain in about over half an hour, and only damaged 5%.