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Found 10 results

  1. Got a fountain pan for auction, still unsure if i'm saying goodbye to it, depends if it meets my reserve. Starting Bid: 50s Bid Increments: 5s Reserve: hidden Sniper Protection: 2h Buyout: 85s (or near offers) Happy Bidding 60ql pan 52ql stone fountain 0 damage on both. SOLD FOR BUYOUT. CLOSE PLEASE
  2. A Fountain inside of a Bucket. Buckets are smaller than backpacks and will even fit inside of them, however they burn in forges/ovens, etc. Most people know what these are but for those that don't; The fountain holds a much higher volume than the bucket, it allows you to put more into a single, smaller container. These are useful for painting Knarrs or Caravels, or for use as storage. I will accept silver or Euro via Paypal at 1:1 ratio. (Silver Preferred) Item will be sent COD by mail from Deliverance. Starting bid: 35s/€ Minimum Increment: 5s/€ Buyout: PM Offers No Reserve 30 Minute Sniper Protection
  3. I'm in the market for a fountain pan. PM me if you have one for sale. (I prefer higher than 20QL on both items but not required)
  4. As the description says, I am auctioning 1 small steel magic chest AND 2 fountain pans The pans come with whatever items are inside them you can choose to keep them or throw them out The small steel magic chest comes with the items inside it (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE FOUNTAIN PANS OR ITEMS IN THE PANS) Private PM bids are accepted for buyout only 1. Steel magic chest (place a 1 at the start of the value to indicate you are bidding for this item): Start bid - 50s Buyout - 75s No reserve 12 hr snipe protection 2. Fountain pan (place a 2 at the start of the value to indicate you are bidding for this item): Start bid - 50s Buyout - 90s Hidden reserve 12 hr snipe protection 3. Fountain pan (place a 3 at the start of the value to indicate you are bidding for this item): Start bid - 50s Buyout - 90s Hidden reserve 12 hr snipe protection
  5. Starting bid: 50s/e Buyout: 70s/e No reserve Will cod to the winner
  6. Hi, Looking to buy a Fountain Pan. Can pick up anywhere Old Cluster. Paying 60 Euro (paypal) or 60 silvers in game.
  7. Auction off this fountain pan, this is a fountain inside a sauce pan. It holds large amounts of items and can be put in a burning forge without taking dmg! Great for putting in a small magical chest to guards loads of items from decay or simply for more space in your forge! This is a must buy for any dedicated wurmian! Starting bid: 50s/50e Reserve: Nope Buyout: 70s/70e Min Inc: 5s No Snipe protection I welcome other item trades so willing to accept sleeping powders at 1.5s each, spyglass at 30s or BoK for 70s.
  8. Looking to sell a fountain pan, this is the best kind of container fountain as it allows you to put it in the forge without burning. It is also low mass so it fits into a lot of containers (including magic chests etc...) Starting bid: 30s No reserve! No buyout Pickup on deli