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Found 49 results

  1. Hello! I am based in Pympes Landing, looking for these colours: Skewbald Pinto Chestnut I need both to be female. Any age except Venerable accepted. No traits neccessary but appreciated. please contact me on HAR @ Hattylaird or pop a post here. I am willing to travel to pickup, and have a wee sail boat if needed. Found what I needed! Thank you!
  2. Found: adolescent lamb Owner: [13:52:10] It is being taken care of by Goeroel. Current Location: Thule (I-18, ~~100 tiles west of Greymead), safely in the town stables on enchanted grass Goeroel, please come and reclaim your lost lamb. WuMing Deputy Mayor (King's 2nd) Thule
  3. Vote Reward Mod

    I've seen some servers that offer rewards for voting on but I cannot for the life of me seem to find a mod that makes this an automated system. Is there a mod out there that I just cannot seem to find, or would someone be willing to create one?
  4. Found Horses

    I awhile ago found these cared for horses on New Spring. I have a habit of bring them home and well cannot turn them loose I would perfer to see if their owners what them back.. or for them to uncare for them.. 1. one is a grey no real traits worth to mention. but It is being taken care of by Tristianthybault. 2. one is Kimpick , she is a golden good traits It is being taken care of by Darkoak. 3. It is being taken care of by Savronne. Plain grey 4. It is being taken care of by Dolomite. Old black, but very good traits If you are them or know of them please let them know, that I have their me for pick up or to uncare for them.
  5. Found a dead horsey with gear still on, at the site of the last rift. I gave the poor guy a decent burial. If you lost your horse at rift with gear on it, let Amath know in game or on the forum.
  6. I lost my boat

    This is incase someone has found it, but I died..... somewhere? and I can not seem to find my boat. If you have seen the SS Naked Sun in the waters around 23-25 x D-L I would love for you to tell me! I beleive it was died purple.
  7. Just found it swimming off coast of Riven. Brought it to Riven and dropped on deed as just passing through. In case you were missing it.
  8. Found horse while out exploring Exodus over the weekend No deed brand on it. Kallya please contact me to retrieve the horse. Thread will be removed after 1 week, if you know the toon owner please let them know. Thanks [10:58:17] It is being taken care of by Kallya. [10:58:17] He is very strong and has a good reserve of fat. [10:58:17] It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It has keen senses.
  9. Just seen yellow Strongcactus with a saddle in the water on Xana at P8 [23:13:00] It has been branded by and belongs to the settlement of Glasshollow Public Market And Harbors.
  10. Hello I was away for a bit, in the hospital and a deed I had went down. It was located inside Colossos Lake under the name Denderwindeke Point: The horses were named BearSad and EastSilver there were others but those are my two main horses that I got as a gift and EastSilver being the first horse I purcased in Wurm so I would like them back. They are both branded and I found the catapult belonging to a 'A.df'. If anyone has any idea who this player is and can get them message Marah on Wurm or leave me a message it would be greatly appreciated. I have reestablished the deed and have begun to do repairs on the property to have things up and running so he/she can find me in the same location where they left their catapult. Thanks Marah
  11. On north part of Xana i found white horse named Hardvanilla. It's cared by Nathegar. Can be picked on C14 (Nowe Wszczniesz).
  12. Found the following horses, close together, against the northern border (of Inde) out at sea (about central as to W<>E): Acepot: It is being taken care of by Ardella. Stronghoney: It is being taken care of by Masika. Rafflegolden: It is being taken care of by Nemain. Vanillastark: It is being taken care of by Masika. 3 are black, one grey, and one has cloth barding. Please PM on forums to arrange handing them back to owner(s).
  13. Hello everybody, While travelling across Xanadu, I found a key named Curral (Original) on the road. There are no settlements nearby and no harbors, so Iam assuming it might have been lost. Let me know if you want it back, as I picked it up for now. Please pass a Private Message and don't just reply here, as I will not be following this topic. This is simply to post information in case you lost this key or know who did lose it. I don't want to destroy it before knowing it doesn't belong to anybody who might still need it!
  14. A boat showed up in my port about 2 weeks ago and I have seen no life, being in the wild north of Xanadu. Name of the boat "Go Merry" Owner Karjiane It has no lock so possibly stolen.
  15. We have found during our travels the two horses in the title. Both are branded and one is cared. After some discussion the best option we could find is that we left them at Rome - east end of Hellhound Trail in an empty pen. This way the citizens of the owner can lead them - we are heading a 2 hours ride and don't want you to come there to pick them up. To the owner of Rome: Sorry for the ninja parking, we have seen no one online at your nice city
  16. Looking for Orago, Niki and Salbian. I have the horses they have lost. All are Venerable so please dont take long!
  17. If it is yours, please send me a PM with the name and color of the horse.
  18. I have found in north of Release without branding. PM EnnoFiliusDiaboli can be picked up at Bonduelle (x25 y4)
  19. It is not branded. PM "Rauthr" - can be picked up at WinterSpring x46 y37
  20. Have you lost any keys? Tell me where you think I found them and how many, or a label, pm here or in game
  21. If you traveled along the west side of bear lake, along the marble highway, and lost a horse... I believe I have it. Please PM or post here the name of the horse, OR color and gender!
  22. I found a horse near Ultimarus. It's name is Chasesilver. I am trying to find it's owner. EDIT: Owner not found, but I found a nice person who could take care of the horse.
  23. Found a grey horse called Osioace taken care of by someone whose name is Xadrox. You will have to be Xadrox to claim. Contact me here on forums.
  24. Today while boating around the western end of the map, found Aged Chaserally floating out in the middle of the ocean. Am leading it to my place, will deliver it to its owner if they can tell me the father's name for verification.
  25. Have a Horse named Goldenpot found in the Astoria area, PM Koroth or Awen to collect her if she is yours.