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Found 29 results

  1. I've been back at this thing for a couple weeks now and I can't seem to get forums to work right. Every post I make won't refresh, until I manually refresh the browser. I hit the back button and it just loops me right back to where I was when I clicked the back button. I randomly seem to make double posts or PMs. Is this a Firefox issue or do we have a problem with the forums host? What happened to the server populations list? Thank you in advance for your advice/answers! -Wurmhole
  2. I wonder if you could implement a bump button into forum posts, having to reply to your own post, like village recruitment, to stay relevant doesnt seem fit you could perhaps a bump counter together with it, so people can see how active it could be just a little idea
  3. Who is our forum host? I need to contact them and report their abysmal failure to provide usable levels of service to us. Certainly nobody at Code Club is doing anything about it, so it is up to the players to make changes. If we can't get these working properly, I think we should start a user group forum separate from Wurmonline official forums.
  4. I appreciate that we can edit and that there's no time limit on doing so. I like editing my posts, the ability to do so allows me to improve my concision. The message never changes, the language simply improves. post then publish This won't be a popular suggestion. there are many reasons for and against. i just wanted to put it out there. I say hidedelete because im told even moderators can't delete. thoughts?
  5. Without publically getting too much into details of the ban on Klaa (and ruining any potential on review >.>), I discovered some time ago that I am completely blocked from composing PMs on the Klaa forum account, both via my inbox and by viewing other profiles. Attempts to compose new all result in: Options to reply on existing PMs are nonexistent. As one can imagine this makes matters rather difficult in merely requesting ban reviews... let alone working on other matters such as cheaters exploiting bugs to steal items stored on various deeds. Not to mention certain ongoing PayPal payment disputes. Seeked aide via IRC; however, Shrimpiie was unable to determine the problem, and suggested using an alt. Recently checked on Klaa and found the PM block still persists. Thank you for your time. EDIT: On a side note, to anyone I haven't been able to notify thru other means: If you wish to communicate via forums to Klaa, send to Karrde.
  6. The buttons to reply or quote are not working, just bumping the page to the top. The button for new post is working but the editor is not loading (i had to disable JS to post this). Seems broken on both Chrome and IE10, so i assume it's not browser-specific. In the console there are 2 JS errors: Uncaught TypeError: RegExp.prototype.sticky getter called on non-RegExp object (anonymous function) @ root_library.js.3b7c056d0b2f230c32fc05968190824f.js:36 (anonymous function) @ root_library.js.3b7c056d0b2f230c32fc05968190824f.js:36 Uncaught ReferenceError: prettyPrint is not defined ips.controller.register.setup @ root_front.js.a590e0bb85427ec4db37748c17141c81.js:79 ips.controller.register.initialize @ root_front.js.a590e0bb85427ec4db37748c17141c81.js:75 initControllerOnElem @ root_framework.js.af53eda3d002e885b7fbede2216bb7d8.js:24 initializeControllers @ root_framework.js.af53eda3d002e885b7fbede2216bb7d8.js:6 init @ root_framework.js.af53eda3d002e885b7fbede2216bb7d8.js:4 (anonymous function) @ root_library.js.3b7c056d0b2f230c32fc05968190824f.js:26 j @ root_library.js.3b7c056d0b2f230c32fc05968190824f.js:2 k.fireWith @ root_library.js.3b7c056d0b2f230c32fc05968190824f.js:2 m.extend.ready @ root_library.js.3b7c056d0b2f230c32fc05968190824f.js:2 J @ root_library.js.3b7c056d0b2f230c32fc05968190824f.js:2
  7. As the title said. We need a dislike button on the forums so people do not have to reply and de-rail a forum post, they can simply press dislike instead of the "like" button.
  8. We just hit 25,000 forum members today, hooray! Truth be told some accounts are duplicates and such, but still! It's nice to see the forum community growing. Rejoice!
  9. The old forum had a button in the editor that allowed us to directly edit the bbcode, this new one doesn't have that and we are stuck with whatever the WYSIWYG spits out. Is it possible to get that feature back? It would be much appreciated, thanks!
  10. I am not sure on how much the staff can do with the forums but i wanted to make a topic on some of the things that i miss and some of the things that i want as a suggestion post. There is no longer any indication that you have posted in a topic (there use to be a star by the topic listing) I would like to have a way to mark individual posts as read from the stream/activity page There is no way to save a draft to send out later (if there is i have not figure out how it works) I am not a fan of the pop out style of the compose new messages thing at all I know that you guys probably don't have any control over a lot of the basic function of things but i thought i would give it a try maybe you can send them an email asking for changes. Also if anyone else has any issues or wants feel free to post yours here too.
  11. Just out of curiosity. Who wants the old forum back? I am really ......
  12. I tried to upload an image to my profile - to no avail (nothing appears). I also created a Gravatar account and added the image there. Chosing the Gravatar option here in my forum profile does display the image in my profile, but the image still doesn't appear in my posts. What am I missing?
  13. Anyone have experience with forum hosts that have worked really well? Speedy, easy to manage and high uptime %? Wondering if we should get our own forums up and running for WU, or will Code Club host it all and give us space for managing our own private server forums? How about twitter? Will we be able to tweet events from our own servers?
  14. I do not know what it would be called i guess we can let the forum guys figure that out but i am suggesting a new section be created in the forums so the mods can move threads like ..rants, personal attacking threads(name and shame), complaints about the game or why Rolf is not doing this or that kind of threads) All of this is in the town square and just does not belong there in my opinion but the mods do not have anywhere to move them too and they are not really against any forum rules. They can not be locked really until they become so bad that the damage is already done at that point anyway so lets move it out of the main section so we all don't have to deal with it all the time.
  15. I am not sure if you have seen them yet but some of the forum badges are being changed and i wanted to put up my thoughts on the deal... I am all for making things look nicer but i am not sure how i feel about these new badges yet. They seem a little big to me and kind of overshadow the Wurm logo. I am one of those people that hate change so it might just be my first reaction to the change and need time to live with it a bit but wanted to see what everyone else thought... Do you like them?
  16. Soo long story short, My account notifications is bugged out, As you can see here: I can still view all my notifications in the past by right clicking and view link in a new tab, openning all past notifications, But i no longer have the ability to view just from clicking on it. On windows vista 32 bit, Using google chrome(Auto update enabled), Java 32bit, up to date adobe as-well. Desktop PC Anyone else got this issue with the forums?
  17. I hope I am posting this in the right place I was away from Wurm for a while and now although I can post on the forum I cannot Quote, link, add image, or cut and paste onto my entries. Whenever I try to add an Image it literally locks up until I refresh the page.
  18. I just seen that they took away the like count on our avatars. How long has that been in place and what was the thought behind that? (I have been on a little break so not sure when this was done) Not that it is a big deal or anything just wondering why it was taken out seemed like an innocent thing to me so not sure why it was removed. I liked RedBaron's news post and it got me thinking that he must have a large like count by now but when i looked to see the number it was gone, lol
  19. A Dev Tracker. It will keep track of all Dev posts in the forums. First Unread link. Use at the top of a thread, it will take you to the first unread post in the thread. +/-1 Like Buttons. The result would display like 5/7 (-2). At a glance it gives an overall indication of subject trending. A lot more forums need this one. It is easy to count likes. It's not as easy to count dislikes.
  20. Close

    I play on different time zone and don't know which time zone is the forum on. It will be awesome if we can get a clock on forums. So all can track the bids, latest launch, Unique hunts and casts like ROS. Just the time of the forums clock, up somewhere.
  21. Not sure what is causing this but for the last few days the "mark community read" and "change theme" are not listing the options up anymore causing me to have to scroll down to select the response for that menu. In the past it use to open the menu up where you could then select the option. I am not sure when this changed but i have just noticed it in the last few days and i use this all the time so must be recent. If this is posted in the wrong section feel free to move it but was not sure where to post it. Edit: guess i should list that this is on google chrome that it happens. Also anyone else seeing this too? just to make sure it is not something on my end but i don't think it would be as i have not changed anything.
  22. The suggestion pretty much says it all, a new option on the forums. It links character information (updated once per 12-24 hours?) to a forum profile (must enter username and password correctly). This information includes character name, title used, skills, priest/champion status, faith, meditation path/level and equipped (only) items. A new tab manages privacy (you can hide characters or make them public) and when someone views your profile they can click a public character's name to view their sheet. A link to a character sheet can be placed in a signature. Why do this? Bragging rights, better advertising options for merchants, organisation for villages, aid for RPers and many other little reasons.
  23. I was going to post notice in the classified ads of the Freedom Market and found that the page wouldn't load at all. I only got a blank page.
  24. So, I lurked the forum for a while before I started to give opinions, and this is the first thread I actually create, and it is regarding the forum Rules. The forum rules are fine as they are now, they are nice yet flexible. However I would make a couple of additions, as the playerbase increases, or as more players turn to the forums to give ideas, look for information, trade, etc. Some rules to make the forum more readable, beyond search engine mechanics (wich I see fail in every forum I have been). I may sound a bit too strict maybe, but I have been part of very large forums, and when forums get some speed, some filters need to be made. Things I would add to the rules, maybe not set in stone, but as code of conduct. 1- No self Bump of your thread, if the community is not interested in the subject, let it sink and give room for topics wich are of interest. 2- No creating multiple threads in the same or diferent forum regarding the same topic. 3- Some limit to X ammount of ongoing threads in the Suggestions & Ideas sub-forum per-user. Where X is a number that people agree its fair. (to avoid clutter, and to make forumers think and develope their ideas before posting the first thing that crosses their mind.) The way I see it, cluttering is not an issue in the most inmediate future, but it could become an issue quick if unchecked. Changes on this kind of "rules", wich actually border on simple forum etiquette also take some time to settle in the natural flow and minds of the forumers. So, those are my two cents.
  25. For some reason when i edit or post a thread sometimes it adds this in front of my sentence(s): It also sometimes randomly puts my cursor back at the start of a sentence, which results in this: "ing your villageI am interested in jo" As you can imagine this is very annoying, does anyone know a possible solution for this? This happens on my desktop computer as well as on my notebook.