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Found 17 results

  1. Transmutation liquid Prices per tile for transmutation on your own deed (tiles not on your deed require ~50% more of liquid): Prices: To buy from stock To order from your solids Clay tile creation 4s 2,5s Clay tile removal 4s 2,5s Peat tile creation 5s 2,5s Peat tile removal 4s 2,5s Tar tile creation 4s 2,5s Tar tile removal 4s 2,5s Tundra tile creation - 2,5s Usually people order creation from their own solids, just keep in mind it could take 100-300 solids per tile. If i do not get required amount/quality of transmutation liquid - i will continue with my own solids/juices at no additional cost. So you are kinda protected from wasting thousands of solids for single tile. If i do make enough liquid from single try (100 solids) - i will return leftovers of your solids or can take it as part of payment. Discounts for amount ordered are available, and could be up to 20% for 4 tiles. Trading for some materials is available too. /tell Coppachoppa ingame to talk about availability/discounts/other terms. Materials used to make transmutation liquid: Liquid type Solids used Juice used Used on Clay tile creation Tin lumps Apple Sand tile Clay tile removal Zinc lumps Lemon Peat tile creation Charcoal Lemon Grass tile Peat tile removal Moss Cherry Tar tile creation Iron lumps Cheery Steppe tile Tar tile removal Lead lumps Apple Tundra tile creation Copper lumps Orange Moss tile Fruits/Nuts /tell Coppachoppa ingame to talk about availability/price. Quality groups: q70+ q80+ q90+ q100 Price per 100: 0.9s 1.2s 1.5s 1.8s Oranges q72 q83 - q100 Green apples q76 q86 - q100 Lemons q73 q85 - q100 Red cherries q79 q81 - q100 Chestnuts q74 q84 - q100 Walnuts - q86 - q100 Pinenuts q78 q80 q96 q100 raspberries q75 q86 - q100 Price per 100: 2s 2.3s 2.6s 3s Blue grapes q71 q83 - q100 Hazelnuts - q87 - q100 Different price: Sap q79 is 1s per small barrel, or 70c if you provide your own small barrel. Beverage service I also offer Juices/Oils creation (except olive oil). Q80 Olive oil is 2s per 1kg (enough for 5 compasses).
  2. The Burning Market We are situated in Harmony (L23) Contact me in-game for any questions. My name is AncientWaves We specialize in: Compasses Fruits, nuts, olives etc. (75ql+) Active bee hives Compass list (ordered from lowest to highest quality) Settle time = the time it takes for the compass to go from unreadable to readable. When you hover over the compass it will say "2 seconds until readable". Tiles steady = the number of tiles that the compass stays readable when walking (at 17km/h). e.g. You can move 8 tiles and not have the compass unsettle. For settle times and tiles steady please see this excel document: Cost:: #10 - 36.8ql - 2.40s #20 - 40.7ql - 2.69s #30 - 43.2ql - 2.85s #40 - 45.7ql - 3.02s #50 - 46.0ql - 3.10s #60 - 46.5ql - 3.24s #70 - 47.5ql - 3.31s #80 - 47.7ql - 3.32s #90 - 49.4ql - 3.44s #100 - 50.3ql - WoA62 - 4.87s #110 - 51.8ql - 3.63s #120 - 56.9ql - 4.07s #130 - 57.2ql - 1.6dmg - 3.90s #140 - 57.6ql - 4.17s #150 - 57.8ql - 4.21s #160 - 58.8ql - 4.38s #170 - 60.8ql - 4.70s #180 - 62.2ql - 4.96s #190 - 63.1ql - 5.16s #200 - 67.0ql - 5.50s #210 - 67.1ql - 5.51s #220 - 67.5ql - 5.65s Forestry Goods & Services (75ql+) Goods will be produced when in season if stocks are not available Lemons, apples, oranges, cherries, olives, walnuts - 4s per 1000 Red grapes, Raspberries - 6s per 1000 Woodworking Active Bee Hives - 3s We are happy to deliver for bulk/large items for a negotiable fee. If needed, we can offer the crates the items are delivered in (20c).
  3. ? Sovngarde is selling bulk-goods ? Hello fellow wurmians. I'd like to offer you some of my awesome bulk goods to buy. Currently producing carpentry and forestry bulk, will include blacksmithing soon. *Lemonade Days: get 1.000 lemons for just 2s* Stock & Prices: Carpentry Forestry Blacksmithing Misc Get it before the Trash Heap does Prices are pick-up prices Delivery will cost a fee of 50c Delivery of orders >=4s are free of delivery fees Will only deliver to non-PvP coasts Pickup @ Blossom, Pristine or Sovngarde, Pristine (whatever you prefer) If you 're low on cash, pm me to arrange trade-ins
  4. Hedge Growth

    I would love a mod that can stop hedges growing at a certain height. I would like camelia hedges to not grow past low. I know there are lavender plantation but those are not really hedge looking. Want them for a formal garden look. Thanks
  5. Plan your trades and trade your plans... Free Haven is offering leather working, tailoring and forestry services! Leatherworking: - Saddles: 40QL - 15c 50QL - 20c 60QL - 30c - Toolbelts: 30QL - 5c 40QL - 15c 50QL - 20c 60QL - 30c - Backpacks and water skins Creation QL - 2c - Leather studded armour: 30QL - 5c / piece 40QL - 8c / piece 50QL - 10c / piece 60QL - 15c / piece - Plain leather armour: 30QL - 4c / piece 40QL - 6c / piece 50QL - 8c / piece 60QL - 12c / piece Tailoring: - Satchels: Creation QL - 2c - Small square sails: Creation QL - 2c - Square sails: Creation quality - 4c - Triangular sails: Creation QL - 3c - Kingdom Tabards: Creation QL - 1c Sprouts & Fruits:
  6. selling full almanacs with 99.5+ reports, only 2s each until midnight (yep, my premium runs out today )
  7. [23:11:48] An annual calendar containing information about fruit, nuts, flowers and other harvestables. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a leather. 5 day auction starting price is 15s I have reports for all the trees /bushes so far and will send ya the updated ones. adding 2 hour snipe protection.
  8. With the recent addition of tile alchemy, I found myself grinding Forestry for more efficient fruit harvesting. Peeking at the decompiled source, I was disheartened to see that picking fruit from trees has a difficulty that scales with your skill--likely a remnant from before pruning existed, which also scales with skill and is generally far better for grinding Forestry. While scaling difficulty isn't inherently a bad thing, it limits how good you can get at an action. In the case of Forestry, higher skill actually makes you worse. A few quick trials in a simulator showed an ugly trend: even with a QL95 sickle, your average fruit QL actually goes down as your Forestry skill passes 80. I had hoped that I was just missing something with the skillchecks and this wouldn't happen in the live game, but the simulator was right on the money, and indeed my average fruit QL has gone down after grinding from 70 to 90 Forestry. The increased skill does speed up harvest time, but that is cold comfort when I'm actually worse at producing fruit. The problem is all in the difficulty for harvesting fruit, which is (Forestry skill / 2). This means that, beyond 80.0 skill, picking fruit actually has a higher difficulty than mining gold, and the difficulty keeps climbing while your sickle QL can only go so high before it becomes impractical to maintain. My solution would be to set fruit harvesting to a fairly low difficulty, somewhere around 20; it should be harder than picking sprouts, but not by a great deal. Since the simulation was correct about my experience with Forestry, I'll also use its results to show the difference in live versus proposed QLs: Live fruit QLs, with Forestry/2 difficulty: 70 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL58.7 average 80 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL59.4 average 90 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL57.9 average 95 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL56.27 average Proposed fruit QLs, with 20 difficulty: 70 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL70 average 80 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL73 average 90 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL74.5 average 95 skill, QL95 sickle: ~QL74.7 average The fun thing about 20 difficulty is that, even at 99.999992 skill, harvesting fruit with a QL1 sickle would still have a ~50.4% gain rate. Players could still grind Forestry by going out and harvesting fruit, while there would still be the expected incentives, and rewards, for very high skill.
  9. Rare sprouts, rare flowers and rare crops are hardly much use at the moment. They make good sacrifice fodder, that is about it. So here is an idea for alternative uses. Rare Crops :- When planted creates a "fertile field" that gives double yield and always gives the max yield a player's skill allows (no need to weed). Rare Sprouts :- When planted creates a "giant tree/bush" (possibly a slightly larger model of the normal tree, or just a different name) that give double wood when cut down and also gives double harvestable yields (2 grapes instead of one etc). If used to plant hedges the hedges will simply grow at double speed. Rare Flowers :- When planted creates "luminous flowers" that give off a faint light at night (works for plantpots and flower beds if rare) the same colour as the flowers. These flowers will not vanish unless removed by a player (trees cannot grow over them). These changes require no extra graphics to be implemented and are not too invasive or overpowered.
  10. Either at the stage they are at, or at some preset stage before re-sprouting. This would make decorative trees so much easier to keep looking nice.
  11. I apologize if this has been suggested before, but might perhaps we have alder trees introduced to the game? They would be a unique tree with special abilities, similar to the cedar and how it resists decay. In the same family as the Birch, traditionally Alder has been renowned as a Faery tree, one to use as a portal to the Fae realm. Flutes carved from the Alder were said to be more efficient in attracting the attention of Air Elementals. It would be interesting to work some of these aspects into the game through the use of Alder logs and/or planks. Furthermore, on a practical level the alder is used in underwater construction. Something to do with the way it hardens up and "steels" itself when in contact with water. The majority of the city of Venice is built upon pilings of alder wood for this very reason. In game Alder would be most beneficial for underwater constructions. I.e. docks of some sort, bridges, and more I'm sure. Just posting my thoughts as they come up. Maybe they are random or maybe they would be beneficial to others as well. Let me know your thoughts and how you might improve/expand on the idea!
  12. Object Name : Blackberry Bramble Type : Bush Thorns : True Season : Autumn months Fruit : Blackberry Item Name : Blackberry Information : Strawberry clone Item Name : Blackberry Trellis Information : A different kind of trellis using blackberry sprouts Optional Extra : Thorns effect (only one triggers per tile) Simples
  13. Tree & Plant Traits Trees have several variables each Size, Bounty, Quality, Foliage. These range from 1-5. Default is 2 (as in 3,3,3,3 would give the current trees) Size affects the size of the trunk (50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, 150%) and also the amount of lumber each stage gives (25/50% more or 25/50% less) Foliage is a visual effect (leaf cover) and determines growth speed (50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, 150%). Bounty determines how quickly harvest item regen during season (0%, 50%, 100%, 150%, 200%) Quality determines the maximum QL for the wood in the trees (20,40,60,80,100) Since both growth and foliage affects appearance each tree type will have 25 models per growth stage rather than just 1. A lot more assets, but some might well just be enlarged kinds of others. Rare saplings automatically have a random stat set to 5, supreme and superior scale accordingly. Forestry Changes : When harvesting a sapling the maximum sum of the values is ((forestry+14)/3 rounded down). The values are inherited from the tree the saplings are harvested from (with slight randomisation (+/-1 range). A forester examining a sapling/tree can see the size (skill 20), quality (skill 30), bounty (skill 40) and foliage (skill 50). A forester can combine 2 saplings for the same type with the aim of improving one value type (improve for size for example). The % chance this works is based on the consumed sapling's (the one activated to combine) value for the stat targetted and the QL of both saplings. The MAXIMUM a value can be improved to is (forestry/20) + 1. So to make a 5,5,5,5 tree using this you would need forestry 80. To maintain such a tree and collect saplings of a similar quality you'd need a forestry of about 42 and a bit of luck. This should add depth and variety to forests, even if they only use a couple of kinds of tree. Edit : I just realised something would need to be in place for BSBed sprouts. A rather contraversial option is for sprouts in a BSB to just have random values between 1 and 2. This means that if you want to keep the QL of your trees up, plant em!
  14. Reposted in the correct section (netbook lagged on me or something!) Essentially it adds an option with a shovel at 60 gardening/forestry (both). It allows a stage 1 growth tree (freshly planted sapling) to be dug up, giving the holder a sapling and turning the tile to dirt. No experience is gained for this action.
  15. Currently each apple tree gives one apple (using apples as my example here). Doesn't seem right considering that they're seasonal items. Then again we don't want to flood the world with them. So, without further ado : Fruit bearing trees/bushes now work differently. They have a fruit "pool" that fills when they ripen. This pool contains 5 fruit. The harvest of fruit gives EITHER gardening experience or forestry (random) If the pool number is 5 then anyone can pick a fruit. (so for people who do not invest in these skills things stay the same) If the pool number is 4 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 20 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take 2 fruit before they have to stop) If the pool number is 3 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 40 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take 3 fruit before they have to stop) If the pool number is 2 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 60 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take 4 fruit before they have to stop) If the pool number is 1 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 80 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take all 5 fruit) Thoughts?
  16. Give some real value to wood essences. An item as to be made with 50%+(or more) of an essence otherwise it is only a wood item without type and doesnt have the bonus from any essence. It can give a real boost to a valuable forest diversification, an incentive to manage forests on deed and open a REAL market for woods. May be we need more bonus on wood types. Actually I just need to have 4 or 5 cedar trees on my deed and I can make all my stuff in cedar....Tomorrow if I want to make my stuff in cedar I have to really manage my timberland or buy more cedar from a logger.
  17. Okay so after coming to this part of the forums, and getting side tracked by many other posts, I finally made it to my own. What I wanted to suggest would be a way to plant trees in buckets using a bucket, dirt, water and sprouts. They should be limited on how big they can get while growing in the pot. They should also be place-able in side buildings just like a normal bucket and picked up with enough body strength, but not too much. This would be nice as you could pot a bunch of trees ahead of time and be able to replant them with little to no failures versus attempts. The potting failure should be the same when planting normal sprouts on a normal dirt tile. I apologize if this has been suggested before and appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thanks everyone!