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Found 11 results

  1. The moons of Wurm are a beautiful sight suring the night, many is the time I've looked up to see what the position of the moons are just for the hell of it. Still, it would be nice for some kind of moon linked feature so... Moondrops. They come in 7 colours. Red : Can be applied to a weapon\tool to cause an infected wound on strikes for the next 10 mins (0.05 used), if drunk poisons the user (inflicting a random light but infected wound) (Jackal) Green : Can be drunk to grant +0.01 in a random stat (Body, Mind, Soul) (per 0.01 drunk), can be applied to a tool for +5% skillgain on the next hour (0.05 used) (Valrei) Pale : Can be applied to a serious wound (0.02 used) or a bad wound (0.01 used) to turn it into a medium wound. If drunk reduces a random wound 1 level per 0.01 drunk. (Seris) Yellow : Can be applied to a weapon for +5% skillgain on the next hour (0.05 used), if drunk gives 0.01 in a random weapon skill (per 0.01 drunk) at the cost of sustaining a light wound. (Jackal + Valrei) Pink : Can be drunk to restore 10 karma, can be applied to a wound and will either remove it or make it worse by one stage (50% chance), a serious wound will become infected if it fails (0.01 used). (Jackal + Seris) Emerald : Can be drunk to increase healing by 0.01 (per 0.01 drunk) or applied to a wound to reduce it one level (0.01 used per action) (Seris + Valrei) Scintilating : When drunk gives +0.02 in a random skill (per 0.01 drunk), when applied to a weapon/tool grants +5% skillgain on the next 2 hours (0.05 used), when applied to a wound removes it (bad or less costs 0.01, serious 0.02). (All three) Moondrops are randomly dropped during wurm nights for events involving outdoor activities and plants. That is harvesting crops, cutting saplings, foraging, botanising, picking flowers/reeds, cutting grass (and any other people can think of). The chance is low (see below) of getting a moondrop. The moondrop given depends on the stage the moons are in. All 3 moons are not full and all are below half. Moondrops generated are Red, Green, Pale. If a moon is new its moondrop is not generated. (1/10000 find rate) One moon is above half but not full, the others are not : Generates the moondrop of that moon only ( 1/5000 find rate) 2 moons are above half but not full, the other is not : Generates Yellow, Pink or Emerald (So if valrei and jackal are half and seris crescent we would get yellow moonderops) (1/5000 find rate) All 3 moon are half or above but none are full: Generates Yellow, Pink and Emerald moondrops (1/5000 find rate) One moon is full : Generates the moondrop of that moon only (1/1000 find rate) Two moons are full : Generates Yellow, Pink or Emerald (So if valrei and jackal are half and seris crescent we would get yellow moonderops) (1/1000 find rate) 3 Moons are full : Generates Scintilating moondrops (1/1000 find rate) When a moondrop is found a container must be empty for it to be collected. Only 0.01 is collected at a time (so it takes a while to get!). Quality is always 100. This item does not decay, but requires a container (which does!), These liquids give minor bonuses, are findable by all players regardless of skill level and are a reasonable item to trade. Edit : Corrected the spelling of ``Jackal''
  2. Here we are again with another one of the Odynn's post. This time about the economy, free coins and the now useless and utterly broken traders. Wurm economy in it's current state is actually suffering, the pyramidal scheme need fresh players to keep it alive and provide work opportunity for the olders established players. I won't go into the details but it's easy to see how and why that system is not really viable. We all know that Rolf following a few of our most vocal community members nerfed the traders into the ground. Indeed the cash they received on Pristine / Release was insane due to the lack of people owning them, but the average on the olders servers when from 5/7s per month to nothing. On the other hand the newly added mechanisms like forage/botanise - selling to the token - killing creatures - burying them are not balanced properly. Someone botanising daily can reach a gold per month easilly without investing a cents in Wurm. Traders then, what is their point anymore if you only gain 20c per month and pay 35s. Well, none, and that's the issue, instead of investing on Wurm future and spending money, you are better off foraging and botanising all day long, draining the coffers (specially since there is no traders reserved funds - which was something Rolf was supposed to implement). Why give again large amount of money to traders owners, they are stealing from everyone else some will say. Well, investing into Wurm and being a part of the economy thanks to the traders always seemed a good point to me. I mean, they won't judge your 50ql spindle and ease your money spent on the deed upkeep afterall. And this is exactly the idea. Limit the traders income to 80 to 150% of their deed upkeep. This would mark the end of the trader deeds (80c to 1s50 for a 1s deed monthly deed upkeep) but would help the larger deeds to pay for their upkeep and make wurm less costly. Keeping in the long run people pay large amount of premium. Reducing the distance cap between them, maybe their price and limiting their incomes to 5s per traders (can have multiple on a deed though - deed upkeep divided by traders amount and with a random variable on it - capped to 5s per to prevent abuses) would make it worth investing in them again. This new system would make them worth to have on Xanadu as well (no more abuses) and if there is still no reserved money for them, get their payout at the start of the month (instead of all over the 28 days) leaving the rest of the funds available for all the others money distribution ways. For the others distribution ways to work properly though it will require a large balancing on the different ratio (and a nerf on the forage / botanise coins).
  3. Hey all, I'm returning to wurm and have an idea for a little enterprise No time to forage, too many people willing to chisel you out of your hard earned silver? well hire me! for 40 copper an hour i'll forage the hell out of the nearby forests and deliver to you the spoils and i even have a satisfaction guarantee... though if you don't like what i collect and chose not to pay i will retain what i've foraged for personal use. Note i need rides to where you want me to forage and prefferably back to where i came i'm also available for other jobs just message me for more details COINS DO NOT COUNT AS FORAGED ITEMS Current job and pending job list :
  4. So i've been doing some foraging/botanizing with my two accounts and noticed something with the timers. Testing was done with 99% nutrition, 90+% food, 90+% water, 100% stamina, no injuries or penalties, confirmed climbing off, flat terrain, on different days, in different locations, and so forth. And there are no tools involved in either action. Char 1 Char 2 Botanzie Skill 32.46 18.66 Botanize Timer 15.6 8.9 Forage Skill 34.8 19.58 Forage Timer 15.2 8.8 On the Wiki : Botanize = "Higher skill reduces the action timer, increases the average quality of the items found, increases the likelihood of finding more than a single item on one tile, and enables you to botanize on more tile types." Foraging = "Higher skill reduces the action timer, increase the average QL of the items found, and increase the likelihood of finding more than a single resources in a single tile." The char 1 does frequently get more than one item, so that part it working. But why does the account with the higher skill have the higher timers?
  5. Currently we can rummage, forage and botanise. It would be a nice touch if we could also beachcomb, essentially only usable on sand that is also a water tile. Linked to the forage skill. It would allow newer players some non-destructive access to logs and the like. Finds : Driftwood (a 4 weight low QL log) (Common) (30/100) Mussels (lightweight meat) (Common) (30/100) Kelp (Common) (299/1000) Seashells (possibly of use in jeweling, otherwise just something that always has a high QL to sell at a token?) (Uncommon) (1/20) Bladderwrack (A new healing cover ingredient, weighs 0.3, str 3) (Uncommon) (1/20) Bottle with a random note in it (bottle is lightweight jar alternative, weighs only 0.05) (Rare) (1/1000) Rare Roll : Sea Chest (Random low QL small chest with some coins in it (instead of one 5 copper coin it gives 5 1 copper coins etc)) (Normal rare roll rates)
  6. Title for 70 foraging You have just received the title 'Plant Gatherer'!
  7. Hello Wurmians! Today I was search for some woad to color my wool caps and after a ~40 min botanising I found this: [07:54:32] A small round silver coin. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. I was wanted to thank you for Rolf and the dev team to put this system into the game.
  8. While foraging (I believe on grass) in the Freedom Islands on Pristine I got an ivy seedling. I have never seen a seedling of any sort only sprouts, and I searched online everywhere and can find nothing about seedlings or ivy at all. A friend who has played much longer than me took a look at it, and she's never seen one either. She set it on the ground and said it looks just like a sprout does, but when we tried to plant it on dirt, grass, and even shallow water (as you do with reed), there was no plant option available. Does anyone have any idea what an ivy seedling is? Its purpose or use? When I examined the ivy seedling: [11:29:21] A tiny ivy seedling. It is made from unknown. It can not be improved. When I examined a cherrywood sprout: [11:34:16] A delicate tree sprout with a few tender leaves. It is made from cherrywood. It can not be improved. Here is a screenshot of the ivy seedling on the ground, on the left the Cherrywood Sprout and on the right the Ivy Seedling. Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone else found one? Were you also foraging when you found it? My friend just found 3 more of them while foraging.
  9. When I was a child, my father was an avid boater. I can remember with huge amounts of laughter him toiling to pull his anchors up with a forest of plant life wrapped around them. So, my suggestion. To "forage" kelp, activate and anchor and "trawl."
  10. As tradition dictates, got to post a suggestion as my first forum post so... Skill level affect which tiles can be foraged from and botanized. Current forage/botanize is preserved, so no screaming nerf at me Forage 20 - Can forage in steppe 50 - Can forage in marsh/reeds 80 - Can forage in tundra Botanize 20 - Can botanize in marsh/reeds 50 - Can botanize in moss/kelp 80 - Can botanize in peat Optional Extra : The harder a tile is to forage/botanize the high quality the items that can be found there (maybe even some unique items for different tile types). Edit : Revisited this with a few extra thoughts. Forage/botanise timer based on skill level (timer = base - skill/10). Item quality is effected by skill (quality found = (base+skill)/2) so high forage/botanise skills will help find higher quality items and lower level skills will drag item quality down a bit. Rose, lavender, cammellia, oleander are added to the botanise pool when in season. Cherry, olive, grape, lemon are added to the forage pool when in season. Forage/botanis ability displayed from 1 tile away at 30, 2 at 60 and 3 at 90 Forage/botanise skill gives a chance to find more items (% chance to find 2 items is your skill level?)
  11. Currently the marsh is a menace people would rather remove, terrain like this does add something to the game (something to hate) but other than that it adds little. This proposed overhaul adds a few odd properties to the marsh tile. 1. can only spread up to 5 tiles away from water (limits growth) 2. spawns mushrooms (slightly higher rate than forests) 3. can be foraged (even if underwater) for lingonberries (uncommon) and red mushrooms (common) 4. can be botanised (even if underwater) for any herb (common) and brown (uncommon) and yellow mushrooms (rare). 5. can be planted in water using mixed grass 6. has a unique tree (mangrove) 7. removable using rock shards (weight 40) to "firm up the ground", uses paving skill to do so. Turns unto a dirt tile 8. any grass tile that sinks below water level turns into a marsh within 1 day Mangrove tree : Planted in a marsh, wood has the same properties as pine (none), tree grows normally up to mature. At old tree spawns roots on marsh tiles in a 3x3 area centered on the tree. These roots can be cut down (regrowing within 1-2 days real time) for an 8 weight mangrove log. The tree itself gives the same amount of logs as a pine. If the tree is cut down (or reaches the withered stage) the roots decay away within 2 hours. Slow growing (same speed as oak). Notes : Properties 3 and 4 could be linked to