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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I'm a newbie looking to repay a debt with a friend, If you have any jobs I could do please tell me I do have premium so the quality of the products I make for you may increase logarithmically I live in the north eastern region of Xan but don't mind travelling far if you have a place for me to stay :3
  2. Hello, I am posting this for one of my citizens who would like to offer the following services: His offers: Generally building, mining, terraforming, or anything else that you need done in your settlement. Custom prices depending on what you need done can be discussed via PM ingame or via Xala on the forums. I do anything, but listing the most common requests here. Prices can be negotiated. Carpentry Items Quality always 80+ Brick: 2S / 1000 Mortar: 3S / 1000 Colossus Brick: 4S / 1000 Floor Boards: 30C Guard Tower: 10S Colossus: 30S Raw Materials Prices per 1000 Dirt: 1S Sand: 1S Clay: 1S Tar: 1S Rock Shards: 1S Boats Quality always 70+, as high as you wish on request. Rowboat: 1S Small Sailboat: 2S Corbita: 5S Cog: 10S Knarr: 15S Caravel: 20S His skills: Work Skills: Carpentry: 93 Fine Carpentry: 20 Ship Building: 50 Woodcutting: 71 Mining: 87 Digging: 91 Masonry: 76 Stone cutting: 50 Prospecting: 60 Smithing Skills: Smithing: 62 Weapon Smithing. 34 Chain Armor Smithing: 78 Blacksmithing: 93 Locksmithing: 32 If you are interested in any of the services above, please pass me a PM or message Birdwatcher ingame. Thanks for reading!
  3. Looking For Something? About Us We are seeking to make a bit of coin in-game and willing to do just about any job. We have a variety of skills available, making nearly any job possible. We are a team of 3/4 who enjoy a variety of tasks with our own specialties and perks. We work as a unit, so any available member could be tasked to work on your order to provide the best quality for the fastest time possible. We have an easily accessible mine for stone, and live right next to clay. Many of us are skilled Diggers and quite enjoy the task so any nearby digging jobs we may even be willing to come help you clear/level out your land. Available Ships Rowboat - 50c Sailboat - 1s Corbita - 5s Cog - 6.5s Knarr - 12s Caravel - 17s Available Bulk Bricks 1k - 1.5s Mortar 1k - 2.5s Planks 1k - 1s Clay 1k - 1s Large/Small Nails 1k - 1s Ribbons 1k - 1.5s [Inquire about other products] Available Blacksmith Items Weapons Tools: 50QL/15c Chain Armor Horse Shoe Set: 50QL/15c Available Leather Items Armor Backpack ToolBelt Saddle Available Livestock Coming soon! Delivery Charges Deliveries by boat are listed below. Any required travel by land will cost an additional fee. North-East Xanadu - 1s South-East Xanadu - 50c South-West Xanadu - 50c North-West Xanadu - 1s Inland Anywhere [Map Quadrant] + 50c [Other Map Delivery Charges Pending] We have an abundance of... Wood Clay Stone More Information? Our Server: Xanadu Our Village: Emberwynn Located: T19 Merchant: Yes Contacts Daecie Zimortei Other Shop Offers We Suggest! Mol-rehan Wagons!
  4. Currently fully staffed. If you would like to be contacted when I have more work, please feel free to post and I will reach out when appropriate. Looking to hire a digger at Samphire (S11). Job requirements Must be able to dig at least 120 slope (40 skill).Must be able to load crates 23 body strMultiple arrangements can be made regarding payments. Options includeDirect payment per thousandConsignment salesYou haulCrates, BSBs, mediocre food, and mob-free environment (c'mon, it's Xanadu) provided. Pick-up may be arranged. Should you choose to stick around for more than diggery, I have mining and farming tiles available. Not particularly looking for villagers, would reassess on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Hey guys, a friend and I are looking for anyone needed a building planned and constructed on the Independence server. We are two carpenters, one of us also with masonry skill ( 60 ) and will be able to plan and construct buildings charged on a per-action basis. We are able to supply our own materials if required at additional costs. We provide: Terra-forming Clear-cutting Construction of stone and wooden structures Construction of fencing Construction of containers and misc items Instant quote Our costs of labor for structures are 10 iron per action, a wall costing in total 2 copper ( 20 actions ) and a roof costing 1 copper ( 10 actions ). All additional constructions are charged this way ( Fences, gates, barrels ) Resources that we supply are charged as following per unit: Quality will vary. Clay: 10 iron Clay Bricks (Pottery bricks): 20 iron Mortar: 30 iron Plank: 10 iron Ribbon: 1 copper Pottery Shingles: 20 iron Wood Shingles: 15 iron Large Nails: 15 iron Small Nails: 10 iron Stone Brick: 20 iron Thatching: 10 iron Wire: 20 iron Dirt: 10 iron If you are able to supply materials, only labor will be charged. Terra-forming is charged on a per-action basis. Each action will cost 10 iron. Dug dirt will be the clients property. Clear-cutting is charged at 10 iron per tree irrespective of tree age Stump removal is charged at 10 iron per stump If the trees are required to be cut into logs, it is charged on a per action basis of 5 iron an action. The resources from the trees are left to the client. All payments will require a 50% payment upfront and 50% upon completion of the job. We are open to barter on charges. Some exclusions to the aforementioned prices occur and some objects are not supplied, these including: Large crate - Not available If you wish to contact us, please leave a response in this forum or PM Angharrad or Rossumond in game for details.