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Found 12 results

  1. tl;dr pls I remember first venturing out and becoming a follower and priest my first time. It was a special journey. A milestone. I met people along the way and was warned of the possibilities that I'd be sought after by those who'd wish me harm. There aren't many other games, if any, that I can relate this experience to. That being said, you could make that first journey as a new player, so long as you still had to visit the (un)holiest of (un)holies on Elevation to become a priest. I sure would love to be able to become a follower of a god, just by using a player-made altar on a home server.
  2. I am back early from my RL thing and was able to get the newest god just before i left.... If anyone needs a convert to any god available to freedom or to become priest then you need only come to Release. If you have a ship you can literally sail to my front door otherwise you can drop a tent on a shore and take the red tunnel to Slopping Sands and then back to your tent (feel free to leave your body on my doorstep, i will dispose of it...don't ask). I will dedicate a priest to any new god that arises. The priests will be at Castle von Cleric (center of Release) or Castle von Gunem (southwest edge of Release) PM in advance and will tell you where to go or ask in this thread Basic to become follower (Note Pandalet's method below for getting the Body skill required for all priests) Tosiek/Nathan - Need negative alignment (if you are converting a WL priest ot otherwise have high alignment, e.g. 100, it is better to go to the Black Light to convert) Fo - need positive alignment Priest recommendations * i will ask you twice if you meet these requirements and advise that you do. I will not ask a third time before making you a priest and if you do not meet them then it is your problem that you have a paperweight (mostly useless) character, these minimums will allow you to use your priest for menial tasks in support of a main Body Control 21, riding a horse (20-21 = 5 hours making and shooting hours before priesting, after priesting is 23+ hours shooting arrows)...if you want want to ride hell horses natural (no taming/charming required) as a Fo/Nathan priest it is 31 BC, which is ~80 in carp and 70 in two carp subskills Body Strength 23, loading a wagon/ship/cart (20-23 is chopping ~200 felled trees with Sleep bonus, iirc) Mind Logic 21, driving a wagon (100-200 cooks, *needs verifying) ;if you want your priest to pilot Knarr so your main can grind on sailing adventures (what i do) you need 23 ML, which is maybe 2000 meals. Sac items (that can be made by priest), all related skills can be grinded after being a priest, but some will suck All - Cordage rope, Ropemaking best to grind before priest Mag, Paaweelr - Metal items (Door Looks are best), Locksmith can grind while a priest Vynora, Paaweelr - Wooden items (YoYos are best), Toymaking best grinding before priesting Nathan,Tosiek, Fo - Cloth items (square pieces of cloth are best), Cloth Tailoring best grinding before priesting Nahjo - Alchemy items (corn, onions, garlic are best), Farming can grind after priesting ~12 days consistent praying (faster if always start as soon as cooldown is over) Priest True Gods White Light Lesser Gods Black Light Lesser Gods --- Please PM on forums me if i do not see you post. Also, people welcome to park on my docks and let me know and i will let you know when i will be on to convert/priest you. I do not plan to do any public sermons or traveling for conversions at this time.
  3. Hello, it seems the wiki doesn't have plenty of informations about Tosiek? ALL other gods have informations about bonus and passives, but not Tosiek. In case if someone knows and doesn't want to keep it a secret, could you share it? I would like to perhaps make my Tosiek follower-char a Tosiek priest, but i don't know about the passives for priest, nor follower bonus. Afaik spell list on wiki is complete. thanksalot for shared info!
  4. Assuming the number of player gods ever does become an issue... personally its not there yet, if it ever will be. I'm sure gamers will leave some gods pretty much forgotten, depending on the benefits. Anyways... there could be a hard-coded mechanic for this with soft dynamic limits. If a god's follower/priest collective faith count drops below a certain limit (with a grace period after godhood), then that god no longer can manifest themselves on Valrei and/or have an impact on the player world. Perhaps even varying levels of the god being energetic and able to manifest. Players may need to perform certain rituals to re-awaken them: orgies and certain sacrifices included. Yup, stealing liberally from ye 'old fantasy literature. EDIT: Might even forget the grace period, and require followers to let the new god get up and mobile.
  5. Novastrov Church of Tosiek On Release. Location: Novastrov, X38 Y37 Temporary at Sand Asylum, X9, Y23, The Church of Tosiek is now open to converting players to Wurm’s New Religion And now we are able to Priest followers. Open hours are 19:00 to 22:00 PST. i would like to leave it 30mins between conversions, so that i can get the alignment ticks. Only requirements is that you must have Negative Alignment As a follower of Tosiek I have found out that: Converting another gives you a decrease of 1.0 Alignment. Burying a Human Corpse gives you a decrease of 2.0 Alignment. Desecrating and WL Altar gives you decrease of 2.0 Alignment. Listening to a Tosiek Priests Sermons gives you a decrease of 4.0 Alignment. Tosiek spell list is HERE.
  6. A few friends and I have been noticing Magranon followers getting alignment ticks from cutting down old (or older) trees. The wiki lists this as only applying to Vynora followers. I've updated the Wki entry here: with a note about this specific inaccuracy. Are there any other off-deity ticks people have been noticing? Or perhaps this could even be a bug as Magranon priests aren't allowed to cut trees.
  7. On the wiki page it says "* The foodbar of followers of Libila will slowly be restored while standing on Mycelium. (Using Mycelium as your sole food source will leave you with a nutrition level of 100%)" After some testing, nutrition actually drops from the 99%(after using a rare), to 98% after quite awhile of standing on a mycelium tile. I haven't seen it drop below 98%, so i believe 98% is the actual cap. Edit+info: it seems to be going back and forth between 98 and 99.
  8. --- Edited for being too dry and detailed, original post follows after --- In summary: New silkworm tree, new silk fine clothing, all dyable. Cloth of gold and other precious metals. Silk bowstrings for fine bows and silk rope for finishing. New farmable botanisable flax, harvest for fibre or 1 stage later for seedbolls for linseed oil New linen clothes, all dyable. New sackcloth Odds and ends in leather: bracers, sheaths, baldrics etc. New eye-protection armour in the form of masks, and carnival masks New bell types and uses, jester hat, bridle bells and cowbells New animal collars with inscribable tags Wearable carved pumpkins for fun. New follower tabard, cowl and priest robes with suggested colour schemes. New mediation capes for those high level stages, with suggested colour schemes and level-cued border colour. --- Original post --- Silk (White) Mulberry Tree. (Morus alba) [1] The leaves are covered with moth eggs [2] It is infested with moth larvae. [3] The moth larvae are spinning cocoons. [4] The tree is laden with moth cocoons. (Harvestable) [5] Moths are emerging from the cocoons. ('Infectious' up to # tiles) You hang some moth cocoons from the tree. [4a] The tree has some moth cocoons. (Not harvestable) [5a] A few moths are emerging from the cocoons. (Not 'infectious') You prune the mulberry tree; at stage [#]. 1 - The egg infested leaves have been removed. 2 - A lot of infected branches are removed, a few moth larvae remain to eat the leaves. [2a] Examine shows: A few moth larvae feast here. 3 - A lot of infected branches are removed, some larvae are still spinning cocoons. [3a] Examine shows: A few moth larvae are spinning cocoons. 4 - A lot of infected branches are removed, a few moth cocoons remain. [4a] Examine shows: The tree has some moth cocoons. 5 - A lot of infected branches are removed, a few moths are still emerging. [5a] Examine shows: A few moths are emerging from the cocoons You prune the mulberry tree; at stage [#a] - The infected branches are removed. Harvest: You collect some moth cocoons from the tree. [Examine shows: The tree has some moth cocoons.] You start to work on the moth cocoons with the spindle. You produce a string of cloth, silk. Combining with any other cloth type at any stage of cloth tailoring drops material affix from description. Can be used to make normal cloth items with same values as for cotton. Use square of cloth, silk, to make fine cloth clothing instead of cloth armour. Fine cloth shirt, silk - dyable, default white. Fine cloth cap, silk - dyable, default white. Fine cloth jacket, silk - dyable, default white. Fine cloth sleeve, silk - dyable, default white. Fine cloth glove, silk - dyable, default white. Fine cloth hose, silk - dyable, default white. (legs slot) Fine cloth slipper, silk - dyable, default white. (foot slot) Fine cloth long-skirt, silk - dyable, default white. (legs slot) *ankle-length Fine cloth summer dress, silk - dyable, default white. (legs and torso slots) *as long-skirt length Fine cloth winter dress, silk - dyable, default white. (legs, torso and sleeves slots) *as long-skirt length Fine cloth scarf, silk - dyable, default white. (neck slot) Fine cloth cloak, silk - dyable, default white. (cape slot) Fine cloth mask, silk - dyable, default white. (face slot) *masquerade mask Fine cloth coin-pouch, silk - dyable, default white. (hip slot) Fine cloth caparison, silk - dyable, default white. (barding slot) Fine cloth Kingdom caparison, silk. (barding slot) Activate wires, gold with string of cloth, silk in your inventory, to weave square of cloth, gold. Create cloth of gold, cloth of silver, and cloth of copper fine-cloth items by this method, non-dyable. Use a ropemaking tool on string of cloth, silk to make fine ropemaking items: Fine bow string - string changes status of bow to 'fine'. (as adding a fine fishing-line makes a fine fishing-rod) Fine rope - use a needle on fine rope to make silk braid, used to finish fine cloth cap, jacket, hose, and dresses. - combine with wires to make fine gold, silver or copper rope. - use to finish cloth of gold, silver, and copper; fine cloth cap, jacket, hose and dresses. Flax Plants and seeds found by botanising. Planting seeds creates farm tile. Harvest by hand not with a tool as flax is pulled up to ensure greatest fiber length. Harvest before the seed pods ripen to get flax plants Harvest when the seed pods have ripened to get seed pods which can be picked for seeds or crushed for linseed oil. You start to work on the flax plant with the water. You produce retted flax. You start to work on the retted flax with the hackles. (short board implanted with clusters of vertical pins or 'tines' through which the flax fibres are drawn) You produce linen fiber. You produce tow fiber. (i.e. as spinning cotton used to produce string and rags at the same time, but linen fibre and tow fiber should be same quality) You start to work on the linen fiber with the press. You produce a paper sheet. Use tow fiber as wemp fiber, with a rope tool to produce ropemaking items. You start to work on the linen fiber with the spindle. You produce string of cloth, linen. Combining with other cloth types removes affix and can then be used to make standard cloth armour. Use square of cloth, linen, to produce clothing and non-cotton cloth armour. Cloth tunic, linen - dyable, default beige. (torso slot) Cloth skirt, linen - dyable, default beige. (legs slot) *calf-length to just cover default clothing Cloth summer dress, linen - dyable, default beige. (legs and torso slots) *as skirt length Cloth winter dress, linen - dyable, default beige. (legs, torso and sleeves slots) *as skirt length Cloth hose, linen - dyable, default beige. (legs slot) Cloth slipper, linen - dyable, default beige. (foot slot) Cloth winter boot, linen - dyable, default beige. (foot slot) *knee-height to meet skirt-length Cloth cap, linen - dyable, default beige. Cloth scroll-tube, linen - dyable, default beige. (hip slot) *for writs and papyrus sheets Cloth horse-blanket, linen - dyable, default beige. (saddle slot) *cannot be worn with saddle, cannot be ridden whilst wearing. You start to work on the tow fibre with the spindle. You produce string of sackcloth. (not combinable with other cloth strings) Use square of sackcloth to produce non-clothing items Cloth satchel, sackcloth Small sack Large sack Scrip (cloth shield bag) *wear like backpack, capacity to hold shield of any type. Unfinished pad - stuff with tow fibre to create pad - attach to chair to create padded chair. Additional equipables for existing materials leather bracer (sleeve slot) for archers *wrist-to-elbow graphic leather shoe (foot slot) leather sheath (hip slot) used to hold knives/sacrificial dagger leather baldric (hip slot) but displayed as diagonal shoulder strap. *will not hold huge/two-handed weapons or polearms leather coin-pouch (hip slot) cloth mask (face slot) bandit mask, eye-protection armour mask of <deity>, cotton (face slot) full-face pre-coloured carnival masks leather mask (face slot) half-face mask, eye-protection armour metal mask (face slot) half-face mask, eye-protection armour fine metal mask (face slot) full-face mask, eye-protection armour, copper/silver/gold, uses jewelry smithing, finish with gems. harness bell, bronze - add to bridle to make belled-bridle *bells sound when equipped animal moves - use to finish jester's hat, cotton *bells sound when player moves cow bell, brass - make from cow bell resonator and small clapper collar leather - equip on animal (head slot) cannot be worn at same time as bridle - add cow bell to make cow bell collar (head slot) *bell sounds when animal moves metal tag - inscribe with letters, 1 letter per QL - add to leather collar to make tagged collar (head slot) *equipped animal examine reads tag inscription. carved pumpkin, equipable (head slot) player avatars only. Smashes messily if struck in combat. Fun for duelling. Restricted-equip clothing Follower tabard - reflects colour scheme and decoration of followed deity. Can only be equipped by followers. Possible deity schemes: Fo: green with boar Vynora: white with anaconda Magranon: red with mountain gorilla Libila: black with hyena Priest robes (tabard slot) - reflects colour scheme and decoration of deity *elbow-length, calf-length. Can only be equipped by priests. Fine priest robes - wrist-length, ankle-length. Follower cowl - as cloth cap but reflecting followed deity colour. Equipable by follower and priest. Meditation capes - reflects colour scheme of path followed and level attained Equipable at level 11, no-border level 12, cape has black border level 13, cape has copper border level 14, cape has silver border level 15, cape has gold border Possible path schemes: main colour + vertical, cental, 1/3-width stripe. Enough to be distinguishable from dyed single-colour capes at any rate. Knowledge: Royal-blue & white. Insanity: something glow-in-the-dark, hurt-your-eyes-fluorescent & clashing colour (lime green & orange?) Power: Regal-purple & white Love: Scarlet & white Hate: Mid-grey & black. Something that won't clash with HoTS Kingdom colours in particular.
  9. Either wiki is wrong or something has changed as i was happy to have found a way to "unfollow" a god on the following page: Also i wanted to remove an altar as i can not move the golden one, and it does not work: "If you desecrate an altar of your deity you stop following that god and have your faith and favor reset to 0. Exorcism xp is gained. The altar is removed from the game." After 4 tries desecrating with a Vynora follower i gave up after getting 4 poison wounds and no damage or removal of the altar itself, nor does faith/favor decrease, the only thing that happened was i got more wounds and damage to myself. "Before desecrating, it should be noted that mayors and everyone with 'destroy' permission are able to equip a maul and right click an altar to select the destroy option." This did not work either as i do not get the option to destroy the altar trying with huge club and huge maul, tried this on 3 characters all with allied status and all but diplomat checked in roles. 1 of these chars is a friend of mine that has all permissions according to the settings. So either i'm doing something wrong or the wiki isn't correct and i still cant leave as follower or destroy the freaking altar. I do not dare to try this with the mayor which is a priest as i do not want to destroy anything on him.
  10. I have run several searches on this forum, but if I missed a similar suggestion elsewhere, please link. Player-made sleep powder; Alchemy skill New item: Mortar and pestle, marble - can have other materials if desired (stone or clay) but marble would give best chance to create. Pound mushrooms into mushroom powder, *colour* - dev's discression as to whether this, or any other stage, is FSB/BSB-able. Mix together alchemy mushroom powders of each colour (not red) to create base, mushroom. e.g Mix 'mushroom powder, black' and 'mushroom powder, brown' to make unfinished base, mushroom - this item requires 1 mushroom powder yellow, 1 mushroom powder, green, and 1 mushroom powder, blue to be finished. Mix base, mushroom and barley to create powder, barley. As a follower/priest of 20 faith or more, activate powder, barley, right-click on altar, Imbue. Action drains favor and minimum 1hr of sleep-bonus on success. Creates sleep powder, barley. Quality capped by Alchemy skill. 1 minute of sleep-bonus per QL. For more than 60 skill in alchemy, you must have 'Minutes of sleep-bonus = Alchemy skill' available to Imbue. Eat like normal sleep powder to gain sleep-bonus. Notes: I'd like this to be a Follower craft, not just for Priests. If the process is deemed to need more complexity, other items, e.g. unicorn horn or olive oil, could be mixed into the base before adding barley. Standard rules of quality=chance to create/finished quality, to be applied at each stage. Quality of 'powder, barley' should only affect 'chance to imbue', not finished quality. Mortar and pestle available, to create other powders for future alchemy uses. Could require barley to be in the form of flour before mixing.
  11. As the title says I'm looking to become a follower of Magranon and eventually become a priest. So anyone out there able to convert me, I am willing to come to you to be converted.
  12. I decided to start this thread since Celebration was the only one missing; I will try and follow Sincor's design of all the other threads. For Independence Conversion please Refer to: http://forum.wurmonl...ou-thread-inde/ For Deliverance Conversions please Refer to: For Exodus Conversions please Refer to: For Celebration Conversions please Refer to: http://forum.wurmonl...ou-thread-cele/ This Thread is a list of who is willing to convert you and in which area they are located. To be Converted you need Body of 1.5+ (fastest way to get Body up is mining) and 1 Alignment (Bury a corpse of a guard or player). You also must not have changed God in the last 7 days. AND ALL TOWN PLEASE NOTE: 1 follower can convert all players in your town to a god if they have a statuette of the god and belong to that god. -Note- Don't pm the character's name, they probably won't respond, pm the /tell name. Format: God: X Loc: Y Loc: Follower: Priest: Character Name: Town Name: Location: Time Zone: /tell: Info: Map: (Use one of these maps when naming location) Map 1: http://forum.wurmonl...elebration-map/ Map 2: http://forum.wurmonl...salpha-edition/ /tell Roggeh in game, pm me on forums, or post here to be added to the list. I will try and update this every Friday. List of Converters