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Found 29 results

  1. Hi, Some items i like to sell,: Wrapped Pizza HFC91+ full CCFP! I can make a 10hr+ first bite 10kg+ custom Affinity-pizza 40c/e! Normal Full House Pizza 30kg 30c/e! Pizza slice 6kg 5c. Horse shoe sets 2s 80ql with 70+ Enchants. Sprouts , Seedlings and Flowers --- Oak or Willow sprouts Grape/hops trellis 1k normal bricks 2s, (can use wagoneer in Xanadu) ------------------------------------------------- I also can make any pottery items ql50. Small amphora , Large amphora etc Libila Enchants 90 Channeling +bene. Dark messenger Botd RT BT ED Aosp Wa ,demises and more! Greetings Aroma, hope to hear from you soon. Pm ingame or leave a prived MSG with your offers.
  2. DRAGON'S MARKET Welcome to the Dragon's Market, we are located on Harmony at I-13. Prices may vary according to market and demand. Delivery on request for a small fee, there could be delay due to high demand. Cruise Liner All ships are custom made to your choice of wood including any archaeology wood. Free ship improvement to 50ql! Rowing Boat 2s Ready within 5 hours Small Sailing Boat 5s Ready within 7 hours Corbita 25s Ready within 2 days Cog 30s Ready within 3 days Knarr 40s Ready stock available Caravel 75s Ready within 4 days Don't like empty ships? Noone does! Get your ship ready to sail with crates, cages & wagon! Prices negotiable for bulk order with ship. Small Crate 10c Large crate 20c Creature Cage 80c Wagon 4s Redefined Woodworks If it's wood, you name it and we'll make it! Bulk Utilities Small Crate 10c Large crate 20c Floor Boards (100 pcs) 4s Large Planter 30c Support Beams (100 pcs) 7s Specified Containers Larder 1s Wardrobe 1s Animal Housing Bee Hive (50 ql) 1s Chicken Coop (50ql) 2s Custom furniture order also available! Exotic Home Décor Decorate you house with the most exotic decoration of the Wurm world Alchemist's Cupboard 1s Tapestry (Any) 50c Turret (Any) 1s Canopy Bed 2s Axe Display 50c Sword Display 50c Little Paradise Create your little paradise! Lumber Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Fruit Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Bush Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Oak/Willow Sprouts 5c Single Sprouts (100 pcs) 2.5s Mixed Flowers (100 pcs) 2s Post you orders or PM Wrumdragon, Froststorm or Libelle ingame.
  3. Hi there! I'm very new to Wurm but I'm having good fun so far with it with my friends! I like the flowers a lot but I wish there were more options to use the flowers as decoration. I think flower crowns would be nice, or even just being able to wear a flower over the ear as a head piece. Even a simple hat decorated with flowers! Wearing them in different colors or flower types (Roses, daisies, etc) would be nice as well! Maybe a dress option for clothing would be nice. I plan on becoming a baker and cook and would love to have a dress with apron to boot! I don't know how many people would truly enjoy these ideas but I think it would be nice to wear for some of us 😊 Thanks to anyone for taking the time to check this out!
  4. Typo: [16:22:02] You harvest rose flower from the Rose bush. Should be either: [16:22:02] You harvest rose flowers from the Rose bush. or [16:22:02] You harvest a rose flower from the Rose bush.
  5. Situation: Planting flowers and sprouts. Expected behavior: Stamina loss from planting doesn't mysteriously get worse at 90+ skill. Actual behavior: Stamina loss from planting mysteriously gets worse at 90+ skill. There is no stamina loss at less than 90 skill, but after reaching 90, there is some loss. Steps to reproduce: Plant flowers or sprouts with a character who has less than 90 gardening skill, and note stamina loss (none). Then, plant them with a character who you've gotten 90+ skill with because you're dead inside and this is all you have in life, and note stamina loss (some, about 1.5% stamina loss on a character with no body stamina). Cause of bug: The code responsible for the cute "plants thanking you" messages in put the stamina loss code in the wrong place. Example from decompiled WU code: if (gard > 60.0 && flower.getTemplate().isFlower()) { if (gard < 70.0) { tosend = "You plant the " + flower.getName() + ", and you can almost feel them start sucking nutrition from the earth."; } else if (gard < 80.0) { tosend = "You plant the " + flower.getName() + ", and you get a weird feeling that they thank you."; } else if (gard < 90.0) { tosend = "You plant the " + flower.getName() + ", and you see them perform an almost unnoticable bow. Or was it the wind?"; } else if (gard < 100.0) { tosend = "You plant the " + flower.getName() + ". As you see them bow you hear their thankful tiny voices in your head."; performer.getStatus().modifyStamina(-1000.0f); } } else { tosend = "You plant the " + flower.getName(); performer.getStatus().modifyStamina(-1000.0f); } In this case, you lose stamina if you have less than 60 skill and if you have greater than 90 skill, but not if your skill is anywhere in between. For some other cases, like planting flowerbeds, sprouts, or hedges, you only lose stamina if you have at least 90 skill, otherwise you lose no stamina. Solution: Move calls to modifyStamina() in's various planting-related functions to the appropriate spot, presumably after skill checks, depending on what the intended behavior is.
  6. Everything is of undefined low QL[1]. Delivery to coast anywhere except inner seas/lakes up to 2s per route (full knarr). Pick up possible for no cost at specified location on Xanadu coast. Bring up your own crates/containers for swap. Containers are available to purchase at an additonal cost specified in this list down below placed towards the end of the post. You can use ctrl+f (find feature of your browser) with 'containers:' keyword to navigate to it. Contact me only through forum private message system (available through my profile). Do not leave replies in this thread (I might not read it) nor try to message me in game. Private forum message only. If you want something a noob can craft and it's not listed drop me a PM. UPDATE: I am currently quite busy so for now this offer is on hold, I leave it here so you can still review it and get idea about what I offer and my prices. One time 10% discount. Be third [content] person to buy anything and to leave a positive feedback and get 10% off. Please include disclaimer that you were actually incentivized/tricked/paid to do this. Failing to comply with this requirement will result in revoking of said discount. To avoid disagreement and confusion I strongly advise to write down a feedback comment beforehand for mutual additonal. If you are not interested in said discount just ignore it and do nothing afterwards. If you bought something and are dissatisfied naturally feel free to post a negative feedback. I think it is fair to not provide any additional incentive in this case as I think your negative emotions and desire of justice are enough to make you come out and encourage you to post. Format: Item name - price [number in stock currently] Additional symbols: -If something has two plus sings (++) behind square brackets it means you can order even if I don't have stuff in stock currently allowing me additional time to complete the order. -If something has single plus sign (+) behind square brakets it means I can provide you more even if it's not in stock currently but some conditions apply (like higher price, long delay, limited amount, etc., there is too many to mention them all here so just drop me an inquiry about the item in question and I will fill you with details). -If there is not any plus sign behind square brackets it means I sell only what I currently have in stock and nothing above that. -If something is rough estimate it is prepended with tilde (~) symbol. -Strikethrough example marks recent change. Dig: Dirt - 70c/k 50c/k [currenty 0, ask for restock]++ Clay - 70c/k 50c/k [currently 0, ask for restock]++ Sand - 70c/k 50c/k [0]++ Moss - 70c/k 50c/k [1k]++ Peat - 70c/k 50c/k [1k]++ Tar - 70c/k 50c/k [1k]++ Building materials: Bricks - 99c/1k 1,1s/k [0] Planks - 80c/1k [~200] Mortar - 1,15s/1k[200]+ Clay bricks - 4s/1k[0]+ Mine: Iron - 70c/1k [0]+ Iron 70QL - 1s/k [1k] Lead - 70c/1k [0]+ Copper - 70c/1k [0]+ Tin - 70c/1k [0]+ Zinc - 70c/1k [0]+ Stone shards - 70c/1k [0]+ Marble shards - 70c/1k [0]+ ~1QL Logs: Linden logs - 50c/k [700] Sprouts and seedlings: Linden sprouts - 50c/100 [327]++ Apple sprouts - 50c/100 [0]+ Maple sprouts - 50c/100 [0] Blueberry sprouts - 50c/100 [56] Raspeberry sprouts - 50c/100 [42] Hazlenut sprouts - 50c/100 [34] Walnut sprouts - 50c/100 [19] Camelia sprouts - 50c/100 [43]+ Ivy seedling - 50c/100 [53] Hop seedling - 50c/100 [59] Oak sprouts - >50c/100 (not sure about price yet) [22]++ Willow sprouts - >50c/100 (not sure about price yet) [4]+ Thorn sprouts - >50c/100 (not sure about price yet but bit cheaper than oak/will I guess) [26]++ Ask if you need different sprouts at 50c/100. Mixed grass: Mixed grass - 30c/k [0]++ ~10QL Flowers: Yellow flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [98]++ Orange-yellow flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [46]++ Purple flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [18]++ White flowers - 70i/1 50i/1 [17]++ Blue flowers - 70i/1 [20]+ Greenish-yellow flowers - 70i/1 [8]+ White-dotted flowers - 10c/1 [2]+ Meat: Meat - 20c/k [~11k]+ (around 30QL, not sure) Animal parts: Eyes - 20c/k [530] *new* Paws - 20c/k [136] Hooves - 20c/k [434] Tails - 20c/k [413] Fat - 20c/k [557] Bladders - 20c/k [333] Teeth - 20c/k [170] Glands - 20c/k [84] Also currently got one wagon for 50c, a bunch (>10) of rare and supreme stone and marble shards, few rare marble bricks and rare colossus bricks. I am also interested in providing seasonal harvestable items (fruits/nuts/etc). The problem is I never seem to be able to gather more than 500 per season even having huge plantation nearby which means it would take me a lot of time to gather any significant amount to intrest bulk buyers and make my first sale. Also I am not even sure if anyone would like to buy it in the first place and I lose motivation very quickly. So let me know if interested. Containers: Small crate - 3c/1 or 20 planks/1 [~ 1 crate rack] (They can only be ordered to hold other stuff bought in this offer. Possibility to swap/barter for 20 planks ea. I can sell them at 5c/1 if you want them empty.) Large crate - 8c/1 BSB - 10c/1 [0] FSB - 10c/1 [0] Small raft - 5c/1 [0] Pottery bowl - 20i /1[100] If you are unsure how many items will fit in a given container give me a message. Disclaimers: [1] >99% of this stuff is low QL until otherwise specified but don't assume it will come in "SPECIFIED" QL. If you want "SPECIFIED" QL ask beforehand.
  7. I'm trying to create some flower beds. They aren't under any of the create options with the GM wands, just flower pots and planters. None of the flowers are under the create option, either, or under the change terrain option. My entire server is sand; there are no naturally growing flowers. Does anyone know how I'd go about getting flowers or flower planters?
  8. I would like it if we could pick seeds from flowers like other plant and veggies .. please and thank you oh and the rose and camellia bushes ...... they could use some work
  9. I would like to buy 2k each of any meat, veggie & spice to grind cooking. A couple of hundred of any flower would be excellent as well. Delivery to my coastal deed near Glasshollow would be greatly appreciated as well. Contact in-game is preferred but I will check back here as well. In-game character name is Mithrian.
  10. With the introduction of bees and the fact that they need flowers to produce honey, I have noticed that the countryside is becoming devoid of flowers. I suggest that you make them spawn faster so we still have some to collect. After all, once you make a field of flowers around your hive, trees start to spawn and you have to cut them down and replant flowers .
  11. Found out today that I have 27 days left on upkeep and also that I'm broke. Everything must go! Flowers 1k assorted colors. 5s Sprouts Grape - 550, 5s Olive - 289, 2.75s Lemon - 294, 3s Apple - 246, 2.2s Rose - 397, 4s Maple - 273, 2.5s Cherry - 234, 2.2s 96ql Strawberries 5k, 5s Picnic Basket, 3s Left Elaborate Shoulderpad (studded leather armor glance bonus vs 2h), 75ql, 1.5s Boar Shoulderpad (Area Spell Damage increase when casting), 75ql, 1.5s All items that can't be mailed are for pickup only, at M17 Release, and you will need your own crates as I have very few. Contact Saintdouglas in game!
  12. Recent notes states: Flowers can now be used in some recipes, and therefore will now only go into a food storage bin. This also applies to rose petals, oleander, lavender and camellia. However on live flowers give message when attempting to place in FSB as flowers would be destroyed.
  13. I think a cool idea would be some flowers that glow at night and stay on the tile with the enchant ability. Glow in the dark stuff is cool!
  14. One of my favourite things to do in wurm is hunt flowers and mushrooms, white dotted flowers and QL90 black mushrooms are especially prized. But what if there was more out there? The idea here are for some new items that use existing spawn mechanics (the flower and placed shroom mechs) to reward explorers with something useful. Give them a high rarity on spawns (same as white dotted flowers or even a little less?) If one attempts to take these items to a PvP server some items (marked in bold italics) will convert to an inert form (instantly) that cannot be used on the PvP server (for balance reasons). All items can be crafted on PvP servers but those with an inert form are created inert. These items will restore to normal function once taken off a PvP server (takes 1 hour to prevent abuse). Just to restate these items cannot be found by forage/botanize, they can only be found spawned naturally on tiles (flowers) or placed on tiles (mushrooms), so they are not farmable in any way or form. Fo's Balm - Flower, weight 0.05 Healing cover Ingredient Str 5. When mixed with high QL wine (natural substances difficulty 60, QL50 wine minimum) provides a potion of "cure light wounds". When mixed with a healing cover gives an "infection drawing poultice" (natural substances difficulty 40, speeds up disease recovery when applied to body). Standing on a patch of these flowers gives a minor (same as a str1 healing cover) recovery bonus. Magranon's Treasure - Mushroom, weight 1 QL goes up over time left unpicked, once picked QL will not go up but this shroom does not decay in an inventory or container High nutrition food (= meal of same QL). When mixed with high QL wine (natural substances difficulty 70, QL50 minimum) gives a potion of "mole sense". When used on flint (natural substances difficulty 30) gives a lightstone. Emits a small amount of blue light when underground. Vynora's Breath - Flower , weight 0.01 When used on a gem (natural substances difficulty 80, QL50 minimum) gives a "stone of winds" (apply to a boat to give stone QL mins of gale wind travel in any direction, enchant dispels instantly if one enters a PvP server). When mixed with high QL wine (natural substances difficulty 50, QL50 wine minimum) gives a potion of "Vynora's Wisdom". Flower always animates as if a gale were present. Grants a small (non-stackable) movement speed while carried Libila's Shroud - Mushroom, weight 0.1 QL goes up over time left unpicked, once picked QL will not go up but this shroom does not decay in an inventory or container If eaten inflicts a poison wound on the consumer's torso (severity based on QL, higher QL = higher damage) and grants a reasonable amount of sleep bonus based on the size of the wound. When mixed with any high QL wine (natural substances difficulty 70, QL50 wine minimum) produces a "potion of hell strength". When mixed with high QL lye (natural substances difficulty 90, QL70 lye minimum) gives an "elixir of rebirth" (acts like the rebirth spell when used on a corpse). Emits a small amount of purple light when on mycellium. Optional Extra : Being a follower of the god the plant is named for gives a slight bonus (-5 difficulty) to crafting, that bonus is increased (-10 difficulty) for priests.
  15. Not a huge deal, but seems to me if a meal lasts months in the SMC, some flowers ought to as well. Flowers are taking decay hits within a day.
  16. Pretty simple. We ought to be able to plant flowers on grass, like we can with sprouts. Mostly a convenience thing, especially for Fo priests; they get alignment from planting flowers, but can't pack the grass first to turn it back into dirt.
  17. This is really just a few ideas bundled in together for deed owners who want a more "natural" deed look. These are terraforming options only available in PvE (to prevent PvP exploits), though the devs might add some of the harmless ones into PvP. Grass Mechanic Change Steppe tiles, when harvested, how give "steppe grass". It functions identically save that it cannot be combined with regular grass and behaves differently when planted. Tundra grass may now be harvested from tundra tiles. It grows very slowly (1 produced per week per tile) and has no visible impact on the tile like steppe. It functions identically save that it cannot be combined with regular grass and behaves differently when planted. It requires 30 gardening to collect. Marsh grass may now be harvested from marsh tiles. It grows slowly (1 produced per 3 days) and has no visible impact on the tile like steppe. It functions identically save that it cannot be combined with regular grass and behaves differently when planted. It requires 50 gardening to collect, Flower Mechanic Change If a tree, or bush, spreads onto a tile containing flowers those flowers are preserved on the tile and appear at the tree/bush base. Flowers may now be planted straight onto grass. Flowers still will NOT spawn randomly on tree tiles. Tile Creation I adore reed and kelp tiles, they make a wonderful decoration for coastal deeds. Reed tiles are easier to look after than reed fields but offer lower and less certain yields. Kelp is a high difficulty level ingredient that not many gather. At 50 gardening a player can use a reed on a tile that is in water to turn it into a reed tile, at 70 gardening they may do the same for kelp and kelp tiles. Reed tiles may also be planted on water source tiles in this manner. Some people might want tundra on their deeds. This tiles are hard to create (requires a fair bit of magic) so I propose that, at 30 gardening, players may plant tundra grass to create a tundra tile. Some, very odd, people might want marsh tiles on their deeds. These tiles are a nuisance tile mostly which are hard to remove for other players, however they do serve as a good high level forage/botanise spot and some people are very strange. Marsh grass may only be planted on a deed that has existed longer than 3 months to prevent griefing using short term deeds and requires 50 gardening (anyone who reaches 50 gardening is not likely to be a complete novice) to do so. Planting Changes A skilled gardener can make plants thrive in environments that would, normally, be hostile to them using special techniques. At 40 gardening players can plant trees/bushes on steppe, at 50 gardening deserts, at 60 gardening on tundra, at 70 gardening on marsh and 80 gardening on rocks. These will not spread, and have a 50% chance not to regrow if they shrivel. Only the most skilled gardeners would consider attempting to plant fungus patches, knowing how quickly they can spread. At 60 gardening players can use a mushroom on a shrivelled tree to create a "mushroom patch" tile with a texture of several mushrooms of the type planted on it and a dirt base, this base can be turned into grass of the players choice (tundra, steppe, marsh or regular) by using the appropriate kind of grass on it. They may also create fungal flower boxes (and plant mushrooms in plantpots). Planting flowers by a tree is tricky, at 30 gardening a player may plant flowers on a tree tile. The ancient art of bonsai is a popular one, at 60 gardening players may plant trees and bushes in plantpots (both marble and pottery) which display a minature version of that tree/bush. Finally, at 40 gardening (with +1 gardening required per total slope) they may use peat on a flower tile to make a "flowerbed" tile which has a triple density flower texture with a dirt base, this base can be turned into grass of the players choice (tundra, steppe, marsh or regular) by using the appropriate kind of grass on it. Trees/bushes will not grow over these. Closing Note These changes require no additional graphical assets, they can all be created through modifying existing ones and some, namely the terraforming, require no asset changes at all. These option are all purely aesthetic save for the reed and kelp options and would add a lot of creativity options for players with more natural inclinations.
  18. Deliverable to any coastal area on freedom isles. (although it may take me a while to get there.) willing to trade for gems @ 1ql=1c (rounded up. 10.1ql = 11c) 150+ support beams 4c/beam(incomplete) 5c/beam(complete) * reserved (partially complete with separate ribbon, or completed while you wait, at location) 30 concrete 1c/each 1kg 100ql iron lump 10c (OBO) 7kg 98ql iron lump 50c 1kg 96ql iron lump 5c 30 30ql cheese 50i/each (OBO) 20 30ql sprouts 50i/each (no oak, thorn, or cedar) 10 30ql flowers 50i/each (orange-red, purple, yellow, white) 19 20ql woad 50i/each 12 40ql woad 1c/each 1 60ql woad 2c
  19. [13:17:13] <Sandyar> Hello, CM responding to your support call 53753. [13:18:12] <Baloo> yes hi [13:18:38] <Sandyar> just pack the tile and cultivate then you can plant new flower [13:19:01] <Baloo> the mycelium has gone from my deed, but so have all my flower tiles, which has destroyed my 2 path of love tiles + 1 tile of rare white dotted [13:19:35] <Sandyar> once you have replanted it with flowers then love tile will return [13:19:39] <Baloo> no - this should not have happened in the first place - i am so cross about this - devs should have tested properly and not felt so pressured to bring out new things all the time [13:20:14] <Baloo> that is not the point - i should not have to fix mess created by an error on the devs part [13:20:55] <Sandyar> please use forum for feedback about game mechanics, myselium cannot contain flowers thats why they gone [13:21:06] <Baloo> not acceptable [13:21:51] <Sandyar> devs read forum but not support tickets [13:22:50] <Sandyar> the spell that caused this has been fixed so it no longer can be cast on pve servers [13:22:59] <Baloo> ok - but my flower tiles should be replaced - and not by me ! [13:24:33] <Sandyar> i am sorry for your loss but it will not happen, none is going to come and plant the flowers for you [13:30:19] <Baloo> typical - player loses out as usual [13:31:22] <Baloo> thx anyway - now posting this entire thread on server bugs as you suggested
  20. A rather vexing chore for me is constantly replanting flowers on my deed because a rogue tree turned up. If a rare flower gets grown over its never a nice feeling. A simple tickbox on deed settings saying "protect flower tiles" would be a nice touch. When ticked trees will not spread onto a tile if there are flowers on it on that deed, when unticked spread functions as per normal. Nice, simple, clean. Optional Extra : Allow enchanted grass to keep its flowers so they can be protected off deed too.
  21. *This shop is on pause* Willow Point Trading is a port on Inde south coast and from here we offer FREE DELIVERY* to all Freedom servers (where our ships can sail to). All our items listed are already on our piers, guaranteeing fast delivery. (* Minimum order is 1s on Inde/Deli, 2s on Exo/Cele/Xanadu-West, 3s Xanadu-East/P & R.) Prices and current stock Crops etc Cotton QL61 - 2s per 1000 (stock 2000) Building materials etc. Ash QL26 - 2s per 1000 (stock 2000) Charcoal QL37 - 4s per 1000 (stock 400) Tar QL20 - 70c per 1000 (stock 1900) Logs QL80 logs - 1c each QL85 logs - 2c each QL90 logs - 4c each QL92 logs - 6c each Random QL cedar and willow - 1c, oak - 2c 200 sprouts for 1 silver Grapes QL44 (stock 1500) 150 sprouts for 1 silver Apple QL44 (stock 150) Birch QL51 (stock 150) Cherry QL50 (stock 300) Lemon QL50 (stock 300) Olive QL50 (stock 300) Pine QL52 (stock 300) 100 sprouts for 1 silver Apple QL82 (stock 100) Chestnut QL35 (stock 150) Linden QL50 (stock 300) Oleander QL45 (stock 150) 50 sprouts for 1 silver Camelia QL82 (stock 150) Thorn QL51 (stock 50) Walnut QL50 (stock 150) (flowers below!)
  22. 1. Enchanting flowers cause we won't have worry about trees growing out of there(where we don't want them) 2. Different clothing for priests, maybe different colors for each kind of priest, would make them recognizable 3. Also, planting trees in the middle of the tile not in the corners, like a permanent fix or maybe just available at higher level gardening 4. And, uh oh, more types of flowers ! (pink for example )
  23. Location ~x 26 y 32~ Jacobs Ladder, Release Contact Pokasittinghorse or Nev either on forum or ingame Vegies: 900 pumpkins (56 QL) 900 garlic (52 QL) 450 wheat (53 QL ) 500 corn (51 QL ) 900 onions (53 QL ) 900 potatos (53 QL ) 1k strawberries (53 QL ) 2k cotton (58 QL) 1k wemp (62 QL) price: 1silver per 1k Sprouts: 1k grape 900 pinewood 600 birchwood 70 lindenwood 100 oakenwood (5c per sprout) 20 willow (5c per srpout) 30 apple 100 chestnut 250 maple 150 firwood 250 oleanderwood 300 cherrywood 150 olivewood 50 walnut 100 rosewood 300 lemonwood Flowers: 240 purple flowers 440 orange red flowers 850 yellow flowers 10 greenish yellow 10 blue flowers 100 white flowers 2 white dotted flowers (1 s each) Price: 1c per sprout unless noted differently Horses: Rosegolden (white/ F / 5 speed) Piewart (white/ M / 5 speed) Flashstrong (white/ F / 5 speed) Rosenorth (brown/ F / 5 speed) Raidsouth (white/F/5 speed) Walkingrun (brown/F/5 speed) Oblivionsouth (brown/M/5 speed) Heartflea(black/M/ 5 speed) Sweetkiss (white/F/5 speed) price: 1.5 s each Armour: 2 sets of studded leather (70QL) price: 1.4 silver each Enchants: steel pickaxe 20QL (67coc)-1.5 s steel pickaxe 20QL (69coc)-1.5 s steel pickaxe 20 QL (75coc)- 2 s steel huge axe 20QL (89 frost brand)- 3 s oak spindle 40QL (66coc)- 1 s oak spindle 40QL (75coc)- 1.5 s iron needle 35 QL (74coc)- 2s set of horseshoes 88QL(62/55/51/57woa)- 6s steel hatchet 1QL (66coc)-1s steel huge axe 22 QL(63coc,77 nimbleness)-3.5s steel huge axe 23 QL(93nimbleness,41coc,51 frostbrand)-5s iron butchering knife 16QL(87coc)-3.5 s birchwood fishing rod 12QL (69coc)-1.5 s gold ore: 30QL- 50 c per 100 40QL- 1 s per 100 50QL-1.5 s per 100 60QL-2 s per 100 large gold brazier bowls: 20QL for 30 c Possible orders on cooked meat and sprouts/flowers