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Found 6 results

  1. Typo: [16:22:02] You harvest rose flower from the Rose bush. Should be either: [16:22:02] You harvest rose flowers from the Rose bush. or [16:22:02] You harvest a rose flower from the Rose bush.
  2. I've been noticing something missing from rose trellises lately: flowers! So my suggestion is to make them bloom more often, or at least have flowers persistently like the rose bushes in game. One way to do this might be to make them like herb/spice planters where they bloom during certain times of the year, such as late spring through early fall, and can be harvested more often, maybe weekly or monthly. Or perhaps players can choose not to harvest them. In either case, after a certain time interval the flowers would disappear, and then reappear at the next time interval simulating the flowers dying or being picked and then re-blooming. Another cool idea might be to make different rose colors available.
  3. Can we get a new flower bed that is large like tile size and can go inside or out and be movable? Something like the one below but full of nice flowers with a medieval look to it. I guess you can even make it functioning too like plant flowers or herbs and then you can harvest them for flowers or more herbs but i am wanting it more for indoor decorating.
  4. I love the Spring time in Wurm as all my apple trees are out in blossom however it would be much better if there were some wild flowers growing in the apple tree tiles at the same time as the apple tree was in blossom, would look much better. And bees as well as butterflies. Small things I know and not priority but a nice enhancement to consider, thankyou.
  5. Now i have not messed with the new flower beds/pots but i have seen in an SnFF video about having to water them or they die/decay. What i am proposing here in that the watering of the flowers on the deed be handled by the guards when they are out making their rounds. (same 30 day rule as the house/wall decay)
  6. Has anybody had any experience with getting flowers to disperse to nearby tiles? I have been testing for some days now if my flowers will spread to a neighbour tile. The wiki says "Flowers may spread to nearby dirt tiles."... but my flowers seem unwilling to do so. What my flowers will do is they will create grass on the neighbour dirt tile, which is fine but not what I was hoping for. So I am curious as to what results others have, since the wording on the wiki implies the flowers themselves can multiply and disperse into dirt tiles. I have also been testing if they will spread to a neighbour grass tile, but my flowers don't seem to want that either. In nature it seems to me that rare flowers often appear in "populations" in grassy areas, and therefore it looks as if they can indeed multiply after an initial (random) spawn... but perhaps I am imagining things.