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Found 6 results

  1. I'm looking for someone who has 40+ paving skill who can come to my deed and do a 2x3 (6) marble floor. As of this post I am still working on getting the marble itself, I need only someone who can do the floors. The deed is on Xanadu and in O21 / 5750,-5435 just north slightly east of "The Three Legged Troll" (My deed is not on the map yet, waiting on it being added.) Please contact me and make a bid for the work.
  2. Awesome updates on the different wall and floor textures so far. Can't wait for it to spread to bridges! Next step along those lines would be the different wood types for flooring. I loved the old applewood BSBs and would kill for an applewood floor that had the same look. A lovely cherry red floor would be amazing too! Polished or unpolished could be a great touch, giving off a bit of a shine for polished, but I suspect that could be a hit on performance. Art department is kicking some booty right now. Keep up the great work!
  3. Hmmmmm.. I have one settlement, and one house inside it's walls. I have planned the house and built all of the external walls no problem. When I try to plan the floor, I'm getting a message that the 'Guards kindly inform you that you are not allowed to do that here.' Also, carving knives aren't giving me the option to modify walls? Any ideas?
  4. We have flooring in houses what i am suggesting is expanding the flooring to include a bridge flooring. It works just like the flooring now but it is kind of like a rope bridge and has the graphics that look like a bridge and not just a floating floor. I am not sure how that all would work but it would give us more options inside a house. Edit: I guess you could just allow us to build bridges in houses that we own/are on the writ of too, lol
  5. I am suddenly unable to build any floors on the 4th height, I have 42 paving and 78 masonry, I have build hundereds of floors on the 4th and 5th levels on the same structure but recently it says I am unable to build any floors, I have tried building on the floor above, the 4th floor in a seperate building from the one in question and relogging, This has persisted since before the server had restarted for the bridge update so it was certainly not caused by that, I do not have any injuries or skill loss on paving from death. It's not just 1 building, i destroyed a floor on another building to try and rebuild and it still would not allow me.
  6. Just that, adding the new paving as an option to flooring, can use same materials and skill than brick floors.