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Found 10 results

  1. No idea if there's a thread for this already, tried looking once before with no luck. If you reconnect, and then add a skill to the tracker, it just doesn't update at all. It goes green, but no number changes bout it, assuming this is client bug, move to where applicable etc
  2. Simple suggestion, while waiting for the day we're given actual kingdom gear models, why not just give the temporary crown model (only given to JK kingdoms) to every king/chief? I'm no coder but I can't imagine assigning it to MR/BL would be hard, and would help the naked look with something on the head while the tabard covers most of the chest
  3. This full, elaborate high definition video should clearly express why piles of leather items requires a change >
  4. pretty sure there was a thread already in suggestions, but search fails me it's dumb, remove it
  5. Simple change really, for some reason home server missions were mostly changed to sacrificing animals when it comes to domestic animals (horses, cows, dogs, bulls, etc) from the normal just kill them missions. What this means is, go run out and grab 4 animals (unless it's something like dogs, then its tame and run back over and over), then run back to an altar, sit there for 2 minutes sacrificing, then repeat this as many times as animals available allows, for a total of over 400 sometimes. It's not really fun to do and isn't very encouraging much less including the fact that sacrificial knives aren't exactly easy to make for newer players looking to get involved with Valrei
  6. As the title says. Currently under this new system, PvE people on home servers get to do constant easy and risk free missions back to back - just shortly before this post on MRH for example 4 entire missions were done within 3 hours, and a 5th is being worked on currently. Meanwhile on Elevation for Mag in this case, we've been alternating between two very risky missions that aren't even worth attempting that last for days each. Yes, we can go visit/live on our own home server and reap the benefits too, but if we wanted to do this, we wouldn't be living on Elevation to begin with. We've taken the risk to do missions on Elevation and enemy home servers to win; I personally won my own tome while still on BLH on our return from doing a mission there. With this system, anyone on Elevation can pretty much kiss getting a reward goodbye. Sorcery is a PvP reward, the buff/debuffs are PvP bonuses, the spells are PvP bonuses/defenses. It wouldn't be fair to entirely remove missions from home servers, they can still influence their god to win, they can still get karma to do so, they can get their sleep bonus, all incentives to join Elevation or go to enemy home servers to do missions to get the real reward. Point rewards from guiding your god should remain however as this comes with a cost.
  7. Libila just walked right though Jackal's Sanctuary without being attacked by the Jackal, or attacking it. I had thought that the Jackal was supposed to be allied with Magranon.
  8. Somehow Fo has managed to find a Beautiful Quill somewhere. The current scenario items are Holy Quills. He appears to have received it after he defeated the Dirtmaw Giant and moved, as it popped in out of nowhere. The Dirtmaw Giant might have had it in its inventory somewhere?
  9. I don't really see why they need to be there. The missions disappear anyway when your god moves, unless they bug out and don't give new missions, in which case you are left with the old ones that you can't complete. If Rolf cant fix missions bugging out, this would give people who have their god bug out some missions at least.
  10. When Libila moves, she is consistently not gaining new missions. Move before the current one she did, she just moved back to where she came from, no new missions The last 3 moves she did before that were also done without gaining missions. This really is something that needs to be fixed, the scenario could easily have ended by now if Libila Missions actually showed up.