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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, now I know a lot of you play this game without sounds on. I'm also part of that crowd. I choose to play without sounds cause the sounds in this game are frankly terrible and not up to the quality a subscription mmo should have. Those that have sounds on your a very brave person. It's been years now since sea creatures were introduced and they all sound like snakes when attacking them. They "hiss." Seals even hiss? Why. Not only do we have creatures with copy pasted snake attack sounds but we also lack actual a proper ambiance system. Depending on where you are, steppe, grass, water you'll get a sound loop for that biome. It doesn't change, after awhile you'll end up turning off sound. I hear ducks but there are none. Ducks are out to get us I swear. Work sounds are sloppy and old, they could use some improvements also. A lot of games these days have procedural sound, the tech is there you know. It's 2018 and while this is a indie game - I do fully understand things take time. However I feel like some areas of Wurm Online have been neglected far to long over the past years. This game lacks a proper sound lead developer, and I think it's time to spend some of our subscription money and hire a freelancer or ask the community for a volunteer. Thanks.
  2. So... here we go with some kind of rage thread... or more of a field trip on an old disbanded deed... with 88 skill and a 91QL trowel The failrate on that deed is atrocious... and the answer of picking an easier spot is ... silly at that skill and seeing there is only ONE disbanded deed (well on most of the surface). The fragments that got picked up range from all QLs, from 0.23 to 80+ meaning that even by finding some fragments, most of them didn't yeild any skills. So please. Can something be done about the difficulty ... and can we get some pity skill ticks from the 'can't seem to find anything of use.' nota : area searched was 23x23 - skill gain was around 0.13 (knowing i ditched the SB due to the failrate).
  3. Another unique, another humanoid and still no tome. Can we please have some love for the rare humanoids uniques we have and get back the old 100% tome drop on them. Freedom (including Chaos) represents the vast majority of the current Wurm population, the answer that they were meant for Epic and the drop rate should remain low is not really logic or appealing to the community. Having some proper drops would reduce the need to go looking on others servers (which only leads to drama) and would help people reach their goals (either personal ones or the 'personal goals' from the game) within a decent time frame (and not the dozen of years it currently takes). 4 humanoids - 5 dragons - 5 hatchlings. one spawn every 2 weeks (+X random days). 50% chances on humanoids, almost inexistant on drakes. Feel free to do the maths and see how badly it fits the current freedom population.