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Found 24 results

  1. Buying bulk: Meat/Fish Any_QL and type 30c/1k Veggies: Corn/Onion/Potato/Garlic/Pumpkin/Carrot/Cabage/Tomato/Cucumber Any_QL 40c/1k
  2. I was very happy with my fishing spot today, got my fish sorted per type around me, a pile of catfish, one of smallmouth bass, herring, and a lonely salmon: When I got the 3rd salmon though, sadness: It seems "pile of salmon" doesn't have any graphics of its own... Can it have at least some generic fish model, the default pile is so ugly
  3. In wurm for food i mainly just eat fish to fill up the hunger bar mostly as it's cheap and easy to get the job done, anyways a day or 2 ago i was wondering why the catfish i had been eating hadn't been eaten all the way yet for the past few days (despite the fact catfishes are huge) so i took it out of my food storage bin, ate some of it while looking to see why it might not be losing weight and put it back in the food storage bin and that's when i noticed it weighed the same the second time i pulled it out as it did before i pulled it out the first time before i ate it, i know fish are cheap but we don't want it happening with dragon hides or silver coins for example. but that's all i know about the bug, thanks and have a good day!
  4. When I fillet a marlin above 15ql, I get 50 fillets of 0.5kg each, weighing 25kg total for all 50 fillets. I put them in my fsb with all my other marlin fillets, whose number increases by 50, then take out 50 marlin fillets. I get 50 fillets of 0.3kg each, weighting 15kg total for all the fillets. That's quite a bit of marlin I'm losing, and I need a lot of it to feed my animals. Please could we fix this?
  5. I've been fishing marlin to fillet and feed to my animals, but unfortunately if I get much over 15ql, they max out on 50 fillets, and I have quite a few over 15ql. I'm looking to buy some low quality marlin I can chuck in my fsb to average out the heavier ones so that I don't end up wasting most of the weight to the fillet limit. Preferably 10ql or less, though I'll take up to 12.
  6. I've always thought it rather unfair that you can fillet your meat without losing anything, but with fish you lose 50% of its mass. Not to mention that if you're fishing on a special tile, you'll end up losing a lot of weight to the 50 fillets per fish limit. Any marlin above 20ql, maybe less, will max out on fillets. I get that it's a problem with only being allowed 100 items in your inventory, so here's my suggestion. Get rid of the maximum fillets and stop eliminating half the fish when filleting. Make fillets 0.3 kg no matter what, don't decrease the size for fish with large number of fillets. If you don't have enough space in your inventory for all the fillets, make the fish automatically fillet as much as it can, then you have to empty your inventory and re-fillet to finish. For example, say you have space in your inventory for 61 items, and a 24kg fish. That's 80 fillets. When you click fillet, the fish will produce 60 fillets, and you'll have a 6kg catfish left, and a message saying your inventory is full. You'll have to drop the fillets and fillet again to finish filleting the fish.
  7. Ok so there is this mechanic in place: when u fillet fish and get more than 10 fillets, you will get no butchering skill for the action. This kinda makes sense because some fish give 50 fillets and the skillgain is measured per item produced, so it would be huge. However it feels very unintuitive when you have carp that gives 11 fillets and you get no skill for it, so you need to lower the quality somehow so that it gives 10 fillets instead. My proposition is that every fish should give skillgain for the first 10 fillets from the action. No matter if it gives 12 or 50, you will get skill for first 10. Since you are still butchering, why aren't you getting any better at it o.O
  8. Some servers have this, I thought I would find this mod here but nothing. Store raw meat, fish, filets into the fsb Thanks
  9. Could someone please clarify for me why the rare fish like marlin and ocotpus are better than the regular catfish and such? i'm not quite understanding this one since i catch better quality regular fish than the rare ones.
  10. G'day all I'm looking to sell my cog and rare fine fishing rod (both cedarwood) together for 8.5s I'm willing to sell the cog by itself for 3.5s, however the rod can only be bought with the cog. I'm currently in Kinoss bay (independence) and can deliver close by. If you want me to deliver it anywhere further you gotta give me a ride back to my place [10:38:30] A long pole with a string and a hook made of iron. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. [10:38:30] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Wa.d.n..r'. [10:38:58] A sturdy one-masted merchant ship with a flat bottom. It is locked with a lock of below average quality. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 32.420193, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Wardancer, has been etched in the stern. [10:38:58] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Wa.d.n..r'. Cog has a lock and an anchor edit: ****Lowered Prices****
  11. WTS Pendulums ( Rare Fish Locater / Finder ) Lurker in the Deep (99) Winds Of Ages (72) 50ql 4 Silver Lurker in the Deep (97) Winds Of Ages (73) 50ql 3.5 Silver 63 QL L. Sword (old school) 73FB/82W/67C/SHD ( Self Healers Demise ) 2.5s SOLD
  12. I had an idea while fishing and though its not complete or too in depth i thought it would be nice to make the suggestion. It would be nice if fishing was a little more complex. for example while fishing it would be neat to catch and release, though that serves no survival purpose besides getting a higher fishing skill i thought that another system could be implemented in order for it to be worth while. The other system was that there would be schools of fish and each school would contain X number of fish. over time each different fish would grow and become higher Ql or higher weight. and in combination with the catch and release system if you were to release a low Ql fish it could have the chance to recover and increase in ql and or weight. Also fish breeding or letting nature take its course could allow for a higher number of fish in the pool. And there is a third part to this fishing idea that wasn't mine but was really just something a village member thought would be nice. That would be that you could make a fish farm and be able to raise fish to eat or fish up. which i thought could become possible if you implemented the first 2 parts of the overall idea. suggestions or thoughts? I would love to see such a system implemented even if its in the distant future.
  13. With more uses for fish like feeding seals i suggest a new tool to be made craftable the drying rack. This can be used to hang fish on to dry them creating a fish meat that can be stored in a fsb. This drying rack can also server for more things as time goes on like maybe with the new sheep it can be incorporated to be used with the wool somehow. Maybe wool+dye dried on a rack creates a colored wool for making clothes or something..idk Anyway i would like to see it added and give us a way to keep fish and store them in a fsb.
  14. Hello forums, I'm looking to acquire a willow fishing pole of around 40 quality. but the kicker is it must have 90+ coc If you have this and are interested in selling me it post with a general price you are looking for. thank you and i look forward to doing business.
  15. Lurker in the Deep Pendulum for Auction Details: Quality: 59.99 Damage: 0 Cast: Lurker in the Deep (74) Delivery: Only SW of Xanadu Pickup: Xanadu (R10 - East) Can be send COD Auction: Starting Bid: 1 Silver Increment: 1 Silver Buyout: None No private/PM bids 30 Minutes Snipe Protection Regular Auction Time:
  16. Auctioning off a very nice fishing pole. 54ql - coc 72 Start Bid: 5s Minimum Increments: 1s Reserve: Met Buyout: Offer Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Duration: 3 days, 5 hours. Unfortunately this item cannot be mailed but I will deliver for a small fee.
  17. Rare fishing rod 11ql [14:23:07] A long pole with a string and a hook made of wood and a small stone as a sink. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from birchwood. It could be improved with a log. starting bid: 2s minimum increase: 50c buyout: 5s must be picked up at kalayaan 37y, 17x Independence or i deliver if its close
  18. Currently fish cannot currently be stored long term, meat however can if you cook it and put it in an FSB. Smoking fish was one of the earliest ways of preserving meat aside from salt curing. Therefore, I suggest a structure, much like a coalpile, that would allow you to create a store-able fish product. The structure would take 12 logs, 4 peat, and 1 kindling to create (of course another kindling to light just like coal piles). Creating these structures would increase your "meat smoking" skill, the QL of these structures would be dependent on the meat smoking skill. After creation you would be able to open the structure and put X number of "fillet of fishtype" inside and after about 24 hours real time a percentage of the fillets would all become a generic "smoked fish". The rest of the fillets would become some generally worthless item such as "pig food" or "charred meat" and the structure would burn out leaving behind tar and ash. The percentage chance of becoming smoked fish versus charred fish would be dependent on pile QL or fillet QL, whichever is lower. The only difference between smoked fish and non-smoked fish fillets is smoked fish could be stored in FSB's (possibly smoked fish take 1/2 damage in inventory as well). This would allow storing of fish, but the increase in stored meat on the market should be limited by the difficulty to create large quantities. Not to mention it would take 3k "smoked fish" to equal 1k "cooked meat" as fish fillet (and thus the smoked fish) weighs 0.3 kg and cooked meat from an FSB weighs 0.9 kg and fillets in to 3 meat fillet. This could be expanded in the future to smoke meat and allow meat fillets to be put in an FSB, or instead maybe smoke meat fillets into "jerky" which is not storeable, but has an 1/10 decay rate (in inventory only) and a low nutritional value. Upon further thought this part is not all that useful, and merely makes the idea more cumbersome.
  19. I will have at least 500 weight of fresh fish free to pickup at Crystal Canal on Indy later today. Contact me in game if you are interested in them please.
  20. I'm a very new player. 5 days old, I've leveled my plot, planted some crops and started to build out my house near a body of water. I'm curious, what kind of viability is there for someone who is considering building themselves a medium sized ship and setting out to become an angler? Can someone viably make decent income doing this? Is it an overly done profession? Is there any demand whatsoever? Would just like a little insight is all. For anyone curious I'm on a Pristine, a freedom server.
  21. The idea is simple. 1: add the ability to cook fish like meat, and store it in Fsb. 2: allow people to dry fish when cooking with salt. to create Dry Fish Jerky and Fish Oil that can be used in Lanterns. compasses ect... 3: gives a viable food source for weaker people who can't always hunt. 4: Adds a new way for people to make money... selling bulk fish to people 5: possibly add fishing nets under rope making that can be used with larger boats like Corb, Cog, Knarr, and Caravel. 6: add honey.. for mead.
  22. Heya! I'm looking to buy cooked meat at 2s per 1k delivered to NE Exo. White Sharks and Marlin I'm offering 1S for 10, delivered as well. If you are interested or need more details, please PM here. Thanks! Xiled
  23. Hi, I am currently on celebration looking to buy meat and Fish. PM if interested in selling. Thanks, Edvin
  24. Okami's fishing services I will find special fishing spots iron package 25c will bring you to location and leave you there suggest you bring a boat copper package 30c will allow you to fish on my rowboat with me will allow storage of fish inside the boat the use of a back pack and satchels inside will separate your catch from the others silver package 50c use of boat +5 replacement rods and meals gold package 75c use of boat 10 replacement rod and meals also will get 50% of what I catch the packages expect for iron are the cost for the first 1 hour after the first 1 hours the cost will be 10c per hour(Price may change after talking with customer) price is based on digging time how much money i would earn digging in that same amount of time fishing so its actually worth it for me to bring you fishing i did actually make it cheaper after the initial cost Warning just because its a fishing spot does not mean you will catch a special fish that depends on the QL of rod, your skill, time fishing, and luck but fishing spots are the only locations that special fish can be caught. and they change locations every season so old ones wont work