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Found 5 results

  1. want to sell blue scale set before mclovin finds it and loses another one pm Propheteer ingame/forums with offers please be fast mclovin is on the hunt its only a matter of time
  2. Please help me to find my corpse! I need or priest or source for Karma ! I died in olive forest today near Eden Harbour tunnel ( that connects Summerholt and Whitefay highways ) at side of highway going to Whitefay . Xanadu, H-23. I had lag and coudln't see anything , not sure where I was when spider attacked me. My corpse has important town stuff like all keys and such. I am willing to pay or trade, just help me please to find Rheascope corpse ! PM here or reply to this post or PM in game to Rheascope. Thank you!
  3. Lurker in the Streets would be a spell that ONLY works on PvE servers. It can function 3 different ways: 1. When cast on a pendulum, it gives you messages that indicate how far away from any settlements you are. This is the idea use for those wanting to find a place far away from anyone else. 2. When cast on the ground, it reveals names of settlements within the nearby area (~100 tile radius). 3. When cast on one of the celestial bodies, you get a pop-up text box, where you can enter a settlement name, then a small dark cloud appears over that settlement (think Legend of the Seeker). Cloud lasts for 1 hour and is only visible to you. Don't want hundreds of little clouds everywhere... Yep yep, I know - we may not want our secrecy revealed! I have seen the requests to have all deeds on the map and agree. We have a right to our privacy, so in deed settings, we get a new option to ENABLE our deed to be found. This option is off by default, so anyone that is on vacation when this new spell is added won't get mad. However, For spell use #1 (pendulum), the deed option makes no difference. Your pendulum doesn't reveal deed names, only if there is one near. I think it should be a simple spell to cast and not require a ton of favor. Also think it would be nice for all priests. Does this make travel too easy? I am inclined to say no. I think it just offers a nice assist, when traveling to see our friends, or to help make trades go a little smoother. Or simply because you are lost and have absolutely no idea where to go it happens to us all, right?
  4. Sorcery. We all jumped up excited when we heard about it. Then... Then we realised the only way to earn it was on epic. So the majority of the game's population is not going to be seeing this wonderful feature? Seems a bit unfair. How to run it on freedom though? Magic skills on freedom could be taught by relics. One relic per server, once found another one will generate after a week. Maybe give chaos 3 because of the extra challenge involved So how do relics work? They are randomly placed on monsters or on a tile. If on a monster, then it will appear in that monster's loot. If on a tile then they work akin to source fountains, only visible from close by. They will not despawn unless buried underground by a cave in. Relics are tradable and single use (one use teaches one person a spell, single use spells do not show up). This will in no way impact epic gameplay.
  5. Well first off, sorry if this is the wrong thread. I couldn't figure out which one was the best to use. Now to the question.. Is it possible to build villages / homes inside of a cave that is hidden with a Rock door?