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Found 45 results

  1. Hi, i've been thinking about adding a new special attack that will affect multiple entities. Something like swing over player's head with a weapon or wide slash. To make it a bit difficult, possibility to use that special attack will pop up only after reaching certain level of fighting, weapon skill and body strength(?). Also only with 2 handed weapons excluding scythe. Effects: - Wide slash - you cut within a cone dealing each enemy within weapon range 150%(?) damage of basic (left/right) attack - Great spin - you spin around you dealing each enemy within weapon range 150%(?) damage of basic (left/right) attack Penalty: - 1-2sec "stun" to user Skill levels required: - Fighting: 90+ - Weapon skill: 90+ - Body strength: 50+(?) Weapon required: - Huge Axe - Large Maul - 2-Handed Sword - Halberd - Long Spear - Staff - Huge club Since some fighting changes might be difficult to accept for PvP players maybe it would be good to not make that special attack available on PvP.
  2. While fighting mobs after the update and trying to use focus, the following happens: - Pre-patch, when I engage in combat with one creature, then target another creature, I could continue to focus against the second creature (this mainly worked when you had 2 focus and after switching targets you would lose 1 level of focus ending up on level 1 focus and then you could keep focusing from that point), that is no longer working (focus on 2nd target after switching doesn't work) - My focus level is locking at 3 and will not go any higher, my fight skill is 50 (focus lock at 3) - and by locking i mean the "eye" closes and is unclickable. I made sure to check my stamina and it was fine, i even did 2 special moves after this occurred. Either this is intentional and was left out of patch notes, or its a serious (combat breaking even) bug.
  3. Please consider special moves for weaponless fighting, i´d love it!
  4. And again we Will be social on twitch, with me nachtiti aka Andrea on steam version, follow US in our progress in The Village, be social, hang out and chill out a bit. AND THIS Time, we Will try to dig in to The smithing and Cooking stuff.. And maybe som other stuff, see you in there
  5. Ok, a couple ideas about fighting. Hopefully nothing radical. 1. Fighting at low skill: It seems to me that even poor leather armor and a sharpened stick would allow me at least even odds to take on a wildcat or mountain lion. If I've got plate or chain and a halfway decent sword, any normal animal should be a piece of cake (giant scorpions and spiders should be harder, and to a new player they look harder). I suggest a rebalance of fighting in general, making the starting point in skill much more effective and maybe the skill improvements less important. 2. Fighting in general: As fight skill and weapon skill improve, I should gain additional skills usable during battle. Maybe not having shield bash until skill 10, and gaining additional skills to use as my skill goes up. I don't really have much incentive or notice much difference from the skill increase as it is, except that eventually bears aren't a problem. JS
  6. I need help valuating axes in pvp! please share your knowledge from experiance! For a long time now mauls have been the meta in pvp due to their bonus against plate, sometime ago sickles were also a very common sight before the nerf. Longswords/shortswords get their love when its about going defensive as the shortsword/large metal shield combo is really hard to penetrate. But what about Axes, Huge axe is still something that can be seen in pvp but when it comes to single hand weapons I rarely see axes ever used anymore. Is the maul meta just way to good to give any room for another single weapon or is there still a pros using an axe over a medium maul in a pvp fight? In this picture you can see the raw numbers of the two weps and how they differ, maul being blue and axe in purple to make it easier to compare. Medium Maul Bonuses: Mauling damage is good vs armor units. (Anyone knows the extra dmg they get?) Great at demolition as they are akin to what we know in real-life as a sledge hammer. Damage Type: Mauling Large Axe Bonuses: Cutting damage is good vs leather? (is this still a thing, cant find anything about it?) Very effective in bashing down wooden house walls, wooden fence types, wooden mine doors, and any wood furniture. Damage Type: Cutting Thanks for reading
  7. A player recently asked a question on the WU server I play on. The question being does Fighting Skill help with Archery combat? My initial response was yes it does, however I cannot find anything to support my answer. So I decided to ask the question here and have players with a LOT more experience in the game figure out the answer. Does the Fighting Skill increase the effectiveness of Archery Combat?
  8. account sold please close .
  9. Hello people of Xanadu. I have travelled far and wide, from coast to coast, yet a Greenish Troll or any other greenish creature still evades me. Where are they ? Please input greenish sightings here!
  10. Hey, I am looking to sell this account 'Maizie' The account has premium, a Knarr, various high-quality tools (80-90 QL Plus) with enchants, armor (ASOP), weapon, etc and a small magical chest. [17:25:17] You now have premier playing time until 21 Jun 2017 16:25:21 GMT. The account also owns a deed on Xanadu, deed is bit of a mess, but has masses of mats, lights, etc... Many tools, items, a veritable loot box with a large magic chest. [18:01:23] This statue is the prize of a Hota tournament. The hota statue (lit) has been firmly secured to the ground by Maizie. Colors: R=112, G=0, B=0. Ql: 95.0, Dam: 0.0. Skills dumped at 22-May-2017 ----- Skills: 0.0 Religion: 2.6792252 Prayer: 6.280625 Channeling: 1.0 Preaching: 2.0 Exorcism: 1.0 Artifacts: 1.0 Hammers: 1.0 Warhammer: 1.0 Healing: 21.622345 First aid: 41.113506 Clubs: 1.0 Huge club: 1.0 Archery: 1.0 Short bow: 1.0 Medium bow: 1.0 Long bow: 1.0 Thievery: 2.180296 Stealing: 1.0 Lock picking: 2.6609187 Traps: 1.0 War machines: 1.1682507 Catapults: 1.4206268 Trebuchets: 1.0 Turrets: 1.0 Ballistae: 1.0 Polearms: 1.0 Staff: 1.0 Long spear: 1.0 Halberd: 1.0 Prospecting: 26.921402 Coal-making: 9.607028 Milling: 11.6985235 Tracking: 6.8491774 Paving: 46.38723 Climbing: 15.630459 Thatching: 1.0 Firemaking: 20.775084 Pottery: 25.1214 Mining: 69.33089 Digging: 79.993286 Ropemaking: 11.688395 Smithing: 36.45412 Blacksmithing: 79.35472 Locksmithing: 8.466081 Jewelry smithing: 39.273403 Metallurgy: 9.126779 Weapon smithing: 8.246856 Blades smithing: 6.7040863 Weapon heads smithing: 1.7566117 Armour smithing: 1.0 Shield smithing: 1.0 Chain armour smithing: 1.189239 Plate armour smithing: 1.0 Tailoring: 32.370567 Cloth tailoring: 28.463324 Leatherworking: 82.68811 Masonry: 74.93201 Stone cutting: 43.73553 Cooking: 23.632793 Hot food cooking: 43.2867 Baking: 10.109933 Dairy food making: 16.633951 Butchering: 29.663725 Beverages: 5.650181 Nature: 43.411266 Fishing: 12.517476 Gardening: 48.602238 Foraging: 19.625595 Botanizing: 25.598885 Animal taming: 21.440853 Forestry: 41.06966 Farming: 47.68402 Milking: 17.17015 Meditating: 21.770756 Animal husbandry: 39.111317 Papyrusmaking: 1.0 Toys: 1.6343169 Yoyo: 1.0 Puppeteering: 2.8647668 Fighting: 73.429276 Defensive fighting: 4.5637603 Normal fighting: 60.462517 Weaponless fighting: 2.7488017 Aggressive fighting: 2.9798656 Shield bashing: 1.256521 Taunting: 1.5673594 Miscellaneous items: 68.283 Shovel: 64.23936 Rake: 35.093796 Saw: 21.590288 Pickaxe: 72.75571 Repairing: 45.457703 Sickle: 43.412235 Scythe: 11.240511 Hammer: 67.5697 Stone chisel: 31.71358 Alchemy: 8.487656 Natural substances: 22.041212 Shields: 20.99358 Medium metal shield: 31.443455 Small wooden shield: 1.099 Small metal shield: 1.0 Large metal shield: 1.0 Medium wooden shield: 1.1995794 Large wooden shield: 1.0 Axes: 25.618288 Hatchet: 31.495123 Small Axe: 1.0 Large axe: 1.0 Huge axe: 1.0 Swords: 27.975084 Longsword: 71.26975 Shortsword: 1.8457005 Two handed sword: 1.0 Knives: 24.395372 Carving knife: 21.834635 Butchering knife: 33.336117 Woodcutting: 46.214752 Mauls: 1.2029924 Medium maul: 2.9460564 Small maul: 1.0 Large maul: 1.0 Carpentry: 75.16353 Bowyery: 8.211592 Fletching: 3.396298 Fine carpentry: 52.039185 Toy making: 1.179058 Ship building: 27.767551 Characteristics: 0.0 Mind: 38.201733 Mind logic: 44.15409 Mind speed: 22.161179 Soul: 29.09959 Soul depth: 26.482206 Soul strength: 30.439716 Body: 43.906284 Body strength: 40.76975 Body stamina: 34.254116 Body control: 30.385916 Religion: 0.0 Faith: 25.614546 Favor: 25.614546 Alignment: 100.0 PM, or reply if interested Looking for payment via paypal, ideally verified
  11. I was hunting tonight and noticed I was gaining some Offensive fighting skill when in Defensive stance. ---- Some ticks seemed to coincide with shield bashes, using a longsword and shield. Some did not coincide with shield bashes at all. Some happened with a steel spear equipped. Defensive fighting skill gain looked normal. I was unable to ascertain which action(s) were getting Offensive gain (parry/strike/block etc.) I was never in Offensive stance, not even once. ---- I haven't used a shield for a while, but I used to for a long time and I do not recall this happening before. Is it a bug?
  12. I had an idea that maybe the more you are fighting in a row, the less focus you loose between fights. and kinda like the alcoholic meter, it wont be visible but you just know by how much focus you loose per fight. This could be linked to Fighting skill, so you don't get it til 70FS (non prems and newbies won't have it) It would help to not have to refocus so much between fights.
  13. So, we have a cooking overhaul (pretty sure we can freely call it a total overhaul) coming soon and it made me think. The devs apparently are still interested in making Wurm greater than it already is and they're doing a good job, so why not try and come up with ideas for a fighting overhaul as well? Fighting is one of the most important things in the game and a rather big dealbreaker for some new people. First of all it would have to be a little bit more interesting than "stand-click-wait". Make it rely more on a person's skill and reflexes rather than the character's skill (don't make it too big of a difference or fighting skill grinds will step back into the past). Give each weapon type a special move or a special unique ability, like tripping someone over with a shaft or a spear, knocking someone uncouncious with blunt weapons etc. I believe there are a lot of ideas out there. Our main goals in this should be: 1) change the fighting system to make it a bit more dynamic and player-dependent 2) at the same time hold on to the wurmish feeling of the fighting system Pros: 1) new players won't get disencouraged by a boring fighting system 2) pvp may be more interesting 3) troll hunting can become a beautiful adventure rather than troll-meat-meal-ingredients-gathering Cons: 1) people that don't like changes will hate What do you guys think?
  14. With the introduction to some nifty new loot with stats and disposability... I was thinking an addition of randomly spawning named mobs for solo fighting would be interesting. Everquest did this alot. Ordinary models with a unique name like 'Gash the Troll Chief' and would have a random item on it (most of the time something crappy). *No, alert that they spawned or anything... just find them randomly while hunting, travelling, or exploring. *It doesnt HAVE to drop loot everytime, but it could have a higher chance than normal mobs for rare coins too. *It should be noticably harder than normal un-named mobs and give more fight skill when defeated. *There is no need for extra work on models, just use normal models and change statistics. *Adds an element of surprise when fighting and possibly a unique 'pet' to bring around. -Doctorangus
  15. Wurm could use for a good dose of something a little new. A flying creature added to the game as a typical mob would be quite unique for Wurm. I'm suggesting either a Giant Wasp or a Giant Eagle, or both. Since Wurm is viewed as a 3D environment on a 2D plane I wouldn't expect such a creature to actually fly in the game, but rather hover at a certain height over the ground. Here are a few of the ideal specifications I've come up with, but by no means is this set in stone, but merely suggested: Giant Wasp: Aggressive: Yes Tameable: No Can be Dominated: Yes Groomable: No Butchered: ??? Breedable: No Rideable: No Swimmer: No (with the exception that it should be able to hover over water like it does land) Lair: Hive (near trees) Combat Level: Similar to a scorpion in strength, but with added parry statistic and speed due to it being airborne as well as a poisoned effect with their attacks. Does stinging and poison damage. Counter: Archery Giant Eagle: Aggressive: No Tameable: Yes Can be Dominated: Yes Groomable: Yes Butchered: ??? Breedable: Yes Rideable: No Swimmer: No (with the exception that it should be able to hover over water like it does land) Lair: Nests (near trees and cliffs) Combat Level: Similar to the strength of a wild boar, but with added parry statistic and speed due to it being airborne. Does clawing, cutting and pecking damage. Counter: Archery Overall these two creatures shouldn't be game breaking or terribly unbalanced. Neither is excessively strong, but they also aren't easily struck by melee attacks. This would require more skill in archery to combat such animals with less risk. I didn't put anything down for butchering products as I figure I'd leave that up for others to comment on or make suggestions. What do you all think? Terrible ideas or interesting concepts?
  16. There are only vague information about it, and vague is a generous term, at least for what I managed to google. Anybody that might be willing to have a look on the source code to teach us exactly how dual-wield scale? At low level it's know that it's really bad, certainly worse than a 2-hand axe, but what about at high levels?
  17. Approx 50 cows/bulls Winner will have the rights to slaughter all the bovine and take away bodies & animal products and butchering products Good opportunity to skill gain butchering Location R14 Village of Udgaard, Xanadu (lots of room for boat parking Recent screenshot Check the video Starting bid 3s. (Please place bid in this forum post. Am assuming it's time is constant and does not automatically default to users time zone) Auction ends 22 Nov mid day If 3s not reached auction is cancelled and I will 'inhume' the beasts myself Any questions please use in game chat and pm me Wingfoot or Zetzu my village leader Predicted Faq's Why approx 50 and not an accurate count? I can only count to nine (lost a finger in a bar fight. You so thought I was going to say cow bite This is a terrible event how can I stop it ? Vegetarians are allowed to bid to save the cows and give them their freedom, thus allowing the cows to roam on Wurm free to be eaten by lions, clawed by bears and snacked on by trolls.
  18. Okay, so on Epic cluster, I had a good Two-Handed Swords skill, as well as a good Long Swords skill, with Normal Fighting and Aggressive Fighting styles leveled equally up there as well. Now I have moved to Freedom Isles => Xanadu (Loving it !!!!) And I am wondering, which path to take. Obviously, the Long Sword + Large Metal Shield is the most Viable for PvP ... But what about PvE ? A high QL 2hdr would destroy Lava Spiders with my previous mentioned skills. PvP instantly meant using a LS + LMS, unless someone else tanked while you weapon switched. I have 2FS so I am very much new, and only the starter Short Sword and Small Wooden Shield. Again, the question is, which path should I start on for PvE. Thank you in advance.
  19. Change weaponless fighting, with hand to hand fighting or just some hand style gear to do some extra dmg. A small list of hand to hand fighting year for hands. Brass knuckles Gloves weapons for hand to hand combat not to be confused with armour. Thorned gloves Bear clawed gloves Barbed chitin hand wraps Other types of hand wraps, iron,cloth,steel wraps etc Random claws, Crooks Ulaks Tonfas Spiked ringed gloves or rings Bear tooth spiked gloves Chuck Noris red drake hide wraps. Lol
  20. Would like to see some new mobs added to the game across all servers. It gets boring lookng for trolls,lava fiends, hell scorpion, or anything else that offers a decebt amount of fight skill per kill, vs the lesser easy mobs such a bears and stuff one with over 75 can kill in 1 hit. Trolls are tetting to easy and im noticing the populations thinning out. Too fast I can get 15 trolls in 1 hunting trip and then have to come back in 3 weeks for respawns. That being said some other monster and animals that would fit with what we already have. Categorie 1 Orcs (we have goblins and trolls why not) Gnolls Will-o-wisp maybe rare? Drops a light source I could list a zillion things Elephants, Tigers, Rhinos, hippopotamus, anything like that the list can go forever. Just some other type of critters that would promote hunting with partners Or someone skilled enough and with the right gear wouold have a challenge. Maybe normal spawbs for bew critters abd for the tough ones limited to tybdra spawns. Much like the sea wurm it only spawns in the ocean.
  21. Hey, I've had this bug at least twice this week and thought I'd share some details since this is guaranteed to get someone killed unless it gets fixed. Problem Randomly stopping to attack creatures you have targetted. Parrying still works, but no attempts to retaliate are made. Information - I had the creatures targetted when it happened (100% sure) -- I think, though I'm not sure, that in both cases the creatures "came onto me first", ie. I had nothing targetted and they aggroed first -- The distance to the creature was listed as perfect in the fighting options - I was wearing cloth armour - I was using the normal fighting stance -- 79 fighting skill -- 71 normal fighting skill - I was using a large maul: -- 61 large maul skill -- QL65 large maul -- No noteworthy damage on the large maul - So far it has happened with at least one mountain lion and one wild cat - It happened on Xanadu (shouldn't matter, but you never know with all the Xanadu-specific bugs) Fight log from the latest limpfight: [22:12:51] Aged wild cat moves in to attack you.[22:12:57] You safely parry with your large maul.[22:13:01] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:13:11] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:13:16] You barely evade the blow to the stomach.[22:13:22] The attack to the left thigh glances off your armour.[22:13:25] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:13:37] Aged wild cat claws you lightly in the stomach and slaps it.[22:13:42] You skillfully parry with your large maul.[22:13:42] Aged wild cat claws you lightly in the stomach and slaps it.[22:13:51] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:13:51] The attack to the stomach glances off your armour.[22:14:02] You safely parry with your large maul.[22:14:06] The attack to the left thigh glances off your armour.[22:14:11] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:14:11] Aged wild cat makes a bad move and is an easy target![22:14:14] Aged wild cat regains her bearings.[22:14:21] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:14:36] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:14:41] Aged wild cat makes a bad move and is an easy target![22:14:44] Aged wild cat regains her bearings.[22:14:52] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:14:56] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:15:01] You barely evade the blow to the stomach.[22:15:07] You safely parry with your large maul.[22:15:22] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:15:26] Aged wild cat claws you very lightly in the stomach and slaps it.[22:15:29] Aged wild cat claws you very lightly in the right thigh and slaps it.[22:15:32] You safely parry with your large maul.[22:15:41] You skillfully evade the blow to the chest.[22:15:46] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:15:54] Aged wild cat bites you pretty hard in the left hand and irritates it.[22:15:56] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:16:01] The attack to the stomach glances off your armour.[22:16:11] You skillfully parry with your large maul.[22:16:18] You take no real damage from the blow to the right hand.[22:16:21] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:16:26] Aged wild cat claws you lightly in the right underarm and slaps it.[22:16:31] Aged wild cat claws you very lightly in the left underarm and slaps it.[22:16:36] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:16:38] Aged wild cat seems to target your left parts.[22:16:39] Aged wild cat targets your left parts.[22:16:41] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:16:41] You take no real damage from the blow to the left thigh.[22:16:41] The attack to the left thigh glances off your armour.[22:16:46] You skillfully evade the blow to the left upper arm.[22:16:51] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:17:04] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:17:05] Aged wild cat claws you lightly in the left underarm and slaps it.[22:17:09] The attack to the lower back glances off your armour.[22:17:21] The attack to the left underarm glances off your armour.[22:17:25] You safely parry with your large maul.[22:17:36] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:17:41] Aged wild cat claws you lightly in the left thigh and slaps it.[22:17:46] Aged wild cat claws you very lightly in the lower back and slaps it.[22:17:50] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:17:50] Aged wild cat claws you very lightly in the lower back and slaps it.[22:18:05] You easily parry with your large maul.[22:18:12] Aged wild cat claws you very lightly in the stomach and slaps it.[22:18:15] You easily parry with your large maul.Then I became overcome with my uselessness and walked away
  22. Following discussions about how the current combat system is bad but lag issues don't allow twitch fighting... Some ideas about spicing up our fights without changing the core. Also some annoying details that would be nice to see fixed. Combat Feedback - A way to see where your combat target is aiming, his focus level and any action or combat ability he is currently doing, either at the target window or at the bottom of the combat tab - Paint informative combat lines including your target's name in a special way, eg. with purple Protecting an area - Buff the current defensive bonus, reduce incoming damage to that area - Areas opposite to what you are protecting get a minor defensive debuff - Add a working visual timer when trying to protect, similar to aiming at an area Shield Bashing - Reduce maximum stun duration to four seconds - Add a combat message for when someone starts bashing you - Add an animation Focusing - Remove the initial delay before it is made available - Add a cooldown of ten seconds - Add an animation Special moves - Remove the initial delay before they are made available - Add a proper animation for them, instead of just holding whatever item you have activated - Add a combat message for when someone starts using a special move on you - Stop randomizing the order in which they are listed - Fix the keybinds so that they actually work for all special moves - Order them so that special moves of different aiming positions but with similar effects have the same keybind - Add a ten-second group cooldown for all special moves of the same aiming position Interrupting - New move similar to shield bashing, available for all weapons and stances - One second timer, ten second cooldown, five stamina cost - Just aiming at the same direction as your opponent no longer blocks special moves, you have to use this ability instead - If you succeed and you were aiming at the same position as your target, immediately interrupt any action he is doing; if it was a combat ability or spell, send it into cooldown - If your fail, your aim is off or the target wasn't in the middle of an action, you make a bad move, stunning yourself for one second Resting (catching your breath) - A toggle button similar to ranged mode - Toggling it on prevents you from attacking - Let's you replenish stamina even in mid fight but at a slower rate - Getting hit resets the time you have to wait before gaining stamina Dynamic cooldowns - Smaller shields have a shorter cooldown for bashing - Larger shields block arrows better - Smaller weapons have a shorter cooldown for interrupting - Larger weapons have special moves that are harder to stop and with buffed special effects - Lighter armours have a shorter cooldown for special moves - High mind speed reduces focusing cooldown NPC AI - Give creatures their own special attacks in a more structured manner than the current triple-hit moves - Add a combat message for when they start using a special move - Make it possible to interrupt them Thanks for reading
  23. This is a Light of Fo issue to the best of my knowledge, though there may be other casts affected. Please encourage people to use Team functionality for fighting/hunting parties, rather than forcing them to change their alliance settings. People get left out because they are not in Alliance, and it is not good for security settings for people to suddenly be in a hunting alliance when they are not in the hunt. Please tweak default team setting to allow added members to add new members to support this. Edit: Light of Fo now works for Kingdom rather than Alliance !
  24. I have an auction going with a drake set with AoSP on it and there was a guy wanting the AoSP removed and claimed it was a skill stealer. Is there any truth to that? I see on the wiki that is says.."Skill is generally only gained on the death of an opponent" so does that mean the armor gets some of your skills? I just find this to be odd thinking that my armor is taking skill away from me and if that is truly the case seems more like a bug and needs fixed. What do you think/know about this?