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Found 58 results

  1. Hello Everyone, We're organising an event on the 02/02/2019 at 15:00 UTC: Server: Xanadu J11 Deed: Rockwall In the Rockwall Arena, champion animals are prepared to fight each other to the death! Bring your Champion pet. The last one standing will get the Prize! Entry fee: 10c Prize: half of amount collected from the total of entry fee NO CHAMPION TROLL ALLOWED!!! Pm Lunadew for details, or me. See you soon to have fun!
  2. There's been a lot of talk about wanting to fix the fighting system, but I have yet to see an in-depth explanation of how exactly to implement a "better" fighting system, other than a few suggestions, with a lot of them gearing towards reverting the nearly decade-old "fight fix" altogether. In an effort to bring some life into the huge assortment of armours, weapons, and fighting capabilities that we have in Wurm, I am proposing a complete revamp of armours, weapons, and many of the features of the fighting system. Please note, this suggestion tries to be as "Wogical" as possible, with an in-depth reasoning behind why things are the way they are. It's not about giving one or two armours in the entire game the best possible competitive edge, but rather, bringing in a sense of balance, while at the same time keeping powerful armours better for multiple different reasons. Keep in mind, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS, and things will most likely change as the majority sees fit. The numbers are probably not exact, but they should give a good idea of what I'm leaning towards and trying to accomplish. Here's a link to the spreadsheet where things are a bit more colorful and easier on the eye, I suggest reading it alongside the below wall of text: #1 - Base Armour Adjustments #2 - Armour Glance Rate Adjustments #3 - Armour Damage Modifications #4 - Damage Enchant Modifications #5 - Archery & Casting Difficulty Modifications #5 - Shield Modifications #6 - Fighting Stance & Weapon Modifications #7 - Dual Wielding #8 - Aiming/Protecting #9 - Body Part Damage Effects THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION ON PRIESTS/GODS, SO PLEASE KEEP THE DISCUSSION ON PLAYER GODS/ETC OUT OF THE TOPIC. THIS IS PURELY ABOUT FIGHTING AND THE MECHANICS BEHIND IT. Also, there is no poll because I want this to be a discussion, not a simple vote for or against without any explanation. So, with that, please keep the discussion open-minded, and please try to refrain from thinking too biased. If I missed anything, please feel free to point it out, and give an opinion on it if you have. Thanks, and comment/suggest away!
  3. We are back at it again, this time to begin to build their underground dwelling as they discuss all things Wurm! A lot has been done in the village over the past few weeks and we take you on a tour of the place. As we build our underground dwelling, we discuss the upcoming cooking system, what we like about it and where we see it going.
  4. As we prepare the mine under Brian's house for the underground cellar dwelling, we chat about all things Wurm. What will the new cooking system look like? How did Adam enjoy his first Rift encounter? What has been worked on in the village? All these questions, and more! Enjoy
  5. If you missed it, we held our first live stream in a long while! There was a lot to catch up on and a lot to say, too much to cover in one episode. So instead of trying to cram in everything in today, we focused on a couple of our burning topics! In this episode, we discuss our experiences returning to the game and throw around some ideas on how this experience could be changed to improve player retention. We also discuss the new incoming rendering system that is currently on the unstable client!We are glad to be back! Keep on Wurming!
  6. Now that the devs have revealed their long range plans for the game, we are excited to talk about all of the changes, both current and upcoming! While completing our first house on our WU server, we converse about our renewed passion and vigor for the game that the recent dev Q&A has brought us. As well, we have uploaded our Wurm Unlimited trailer to our channel so that you may link to it on your social media and share it with your friends. You can find it here:
  7. A lot has happened since our last episode and we have much to talk about. We chat about recent additions to the game such as sitting and burying, but most prominent is Rolf's forum post "Plan of a Plan". We can't wait to see what will be said during the dev's IRC event tomorrow.
  8. This week, we set out to build a guard tower on our private WU server while we chat about all things Wurm! This is our one time a week we get to sit down and chat about these things with each other while playing the game we love. We talk about BSB decay removal, smelters, WU modding and custom servers and (my favorite) Nudging among other Wurmly things. A big thanks to Drakeling, who made all the mats for the tower and to Deathwind, without whom we would never have finished the guard tower in 1 episode! >
  9. Faeran and I had a lot of fun recording this week's video! We discuss recent news about Wurm while we construct our enclosure to keep us safe from all the vicious monsters surrounding us. Hope you enjoy! >
  10. A surprise announcement by Rolf has the Wurm online community on edge as the future of Wurm Online is uncertain. Will the Steam release of Wurm Unlimited affect the game we love so much in a positive or negative way? Will we see Wurm Online grow to be the game we always hoped it would? The brothers are all riled up and ready to discuss what they think of this turn of events! >
  11. The brothers have joined a new alliance and decide to take a journey to visit. With some deliveries to make, the journey begins and the brothers will encounter many obstacles along the way. Over hills and under mountains they ride, passing the time by chatting about rumors of the strange new monsters that have arrived. As well, they anticipate that the village viewer and new permissions system will be well received by the community.
  12. Welcome to our shop. We are Back in business and are taking custom orders for highly quality items. NEW: We can now imp weapons to 95ql and cast Mind Stealer with a guarantee of 80+ power minimum. In Stock: *Please give your best offer, I consider all offers/trades Small Maul - 87N 85LT 100C 100MS - SOLD Large Maul - 98N 88LT 80C 88MS - 10s Large Maul - 87N 97LT 85C 83MS - 10s Axe 86N 82LT 76C 94MS - 9s Rare Small Maul 94N 84LT 85C 80MS - 18s Rare Longsword 92N 91LT 98C 97MS - SOLD Custom Orders: We specialize in custom orders of high quality tools, weapons (new) and high ql enchantments. We can guarantee 90+ power casts for Nim, Woa and CoC on all orders (some exceptions may apply). We also provide Mind Stealer and can guarantee 80+ power minimum. We can cast on and imp your tools/weapons or create brand new items for you. Check below for our prices. If you don't see something you need, please ask. *Disclaimer: If we are casting on your tools, then we accept no liability for a shattered item. The chances are very very small that this will occur, however, it is not zero. Mailing: All items are mailed from Xanadu at the buyer's expense. Some items will need to be place in a container to be mailed which adds an additional mailing charge. Some items may not be mailed and must be picked up. Crafting: We can make Weapons (New), Blacksmithing, Carpentry and Fine Carpentry items (All of which can be made to 95ql). Ask about other crafting skills and pricing. < 70ql - free (must come with an enchant) 70ql - 30c 80ql - 60c 90ql - 90c 92ql - 1.3s 93ql - 2s 94ql - 3s 95ql - 4s Enchants: We can guarantee a minimum of 90+ power on Nim, Woa or CoC casts. You pay for the power that lands. Prices for enchants scale linearly between the listed powers. For example, a 87 power Woa will cost 1.7s and a 92 power Woa will cost 2.8s. WoA and CoC 80 power - 1c 85 power - 1.5s 90 power - 2s 95 power - 4s 100 power - 6.5s Nimbleness 80 power - 1s 85 power - 1.5s 90 power - 2s 95 power - 4s 100 power - 6.5s Mind Stealer (*Can only guarantee minimum of 80+ power) 80 power - 2s 85 power - 2.5s 90 power - 3s 95 power - 5s 100 power - 7.5s *LT coming soon
  13. The Factional Fight brothers spend time together planning the layout of the Puzzle City portion of the Labyrinth. We mostly speak off the cuff about random elements of Wurm and expand on our dream updates to the game. Topics include Lumbermills/Automation, Deed progression system, Valuable items such as drake/scale, and of course, the Labyrinth. Hope you enjoy.
  14. We have invited Wurm Online's volunteer dev Budda to visit the labyrinth and try his hand at solving it. While we stalk him during his efforts, we get to know him and pick his brain about all things Wurm. >
  15. The final touches of the first half of the labyrinth are needed and we begin with the lighting. We wonder which of the types of lights available to us will fit in each area of the labyrinth. We also look at metallurgy for the first time ever on our show. Makes me wonder if we missed any other topics... >
  16. The construction of the first area of the labyrinth is almost complete. Faeran has had some test runs through and found a few glitches that need some attention. The brothers get to work to fix the issues while discussing the upcoming Xanadu impalong among other recent forum topics. Enjoy! >
  17. We are finally ready to start building the walls!! After a long a gruelling few weeks stuck in the mines of the labyrinth, the Factional Fight brothers emerge to start construction above ground. They chat about the newbie experience and the next big dream update to the game. Enjoy!
  18. Hi Everyone, We made a last minute decision to do a live stream last night after a long hiatus due to Faeran's deathly illness. We show the progress on the Labyrinth which, while has been a lot of labour in the mines, doesn't really show from above. In fact, it appears we have digressed by removing buildings and bashing down some walls. Even so, we are happy to announce that the mine system has been completed. We discuss the summer of bug fixes and a couple of the hot topics of late. We hope to continue next week as we have a lot of catching up to do with regards to discussing news in Wurm Online. Hope you enjoy the video! >
  19. Hey all! If you missed last night's stream, here it is. Bridges have been released and we are stoked to get underway with the construction of our very first bridge. We discuss the new update to the game while we wrap our minds around the implications of bridges for our labyrinth. Enjoy &gt;
  20. Bridges were upon us and we are excited. We are not even close to starting the bridges for the Labyrinth so we proceed from where we left off last week. As we build, we follow up with the discussion regarding last week's theft as well as our thoughts on the direction that Wurm's marketing strategy should progress. Hope you enjoy the banter! >
  21. Hey all! If you missed yesterday's live stream on Twitch, here it is. This week, the Factional Fight Brothers are back at the Labyrinth, ready to construct the first of many buildings for the grand maze. Aside from the regular weekly banter, the brothers discuss a theft from the labyrinth deed and its wider ramifications to the Wurm Community as a whole. >
  22. Hey all, if you missed our live stream last night, here it is for your viewing pleasure. While planning the deed, Brian made one of the most classic blunders in Wurm. He did not count out the tiles correctly! The options are to change the plans in Deed Planner, or to fix the Labyrinth in the game. While we do not agree on which to do, the rational solution wins out... >
  23. I am observing this for some weeks: In my vicinity there is a guard tower with 5 guards. When I call for help only one of the three groups (i.e. one or two guards) respond - regardless how often I repeat the call for help. The others can be seen standing around (sometimes close to the fight scene, as seen in this screenshot): You see that I called the guards repeatedly, and they responded in local chat. However, instead of fighting they just stand and watch! (Lazy guys, probably on strike... ) Most other guard towers work as expected - I only remember having seen this behaviour once or twice before. It is perfectly reproducable with this one, though.
  24. Hey all! If you missed this week's Twitch live stream, here it is. Back at Winter's Night, Brian and I take a break from the Labyrinth Project to discuss priestly things while we demonstrate enchanting with my Vynoran priest. Enjoy! >
  25. Another week has passed and Brian and I are back to the Labyrinth deed digging away. This time we discuss and start working on the grand entrance to the labyrinth! Enjoy. >