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Found 4 results

  1. (impalong) ~September 13th-19th~ (Postponed) A’hoy mates, My name be Cap’n Leander, and i be inviting ye to a parlay at me deed, savvy? e’ll be all manner of goins on. Everything from fighting, drinking, imping, prayin, drinking, and of course fightin, just to name a few things… What's an Impalong? It's a community event/festival that's hosted by someone on their deed, often times they have themes to match the season, holiday, or hold some special meaning to the host. (for me its international talk like a pirate day sept 19th.) The word impalong was created long before i became a wurmian, but it refers to the action of gathering and improving items for your fellow Wurmian, it is an event where crafters and priests from across Wurm join together to improve/enchant other players gear for free. Everyone is welcome to work on their skills at the event. In addition to the imping/enchanting, there are various other things such as games and events, prize giveaways, contests, and sometimes even GM's drop in to spawn a few mobs on unsuspecting Festival-goers. Location (where to find us) we are situated right on the coast in the almost direct south of Xanadu south of Lormere at S15 The Calendar Sept 12 8pm eastern(us)time imper and staff meeting Sept 13 Doors Open (Welcome All) Sept 14 Sept 15 Sept 16 The Grand Hedge opens Sept 17 sept 18 Sept 19 (International Talk Like a Pirate Day) final day doors close at midnight (us) Sept 20 Clean up Daily Event Schedule Discord Server https://discord.gg/5RQGPAY The Deed A very well designed deed built to make one feel as if they are in a modern medieval coastal village. All of the major activities are gonna be right in the bay area it features a small arena for some battles and other challenges such as the Champions Challenges. We have a grand three story community workshop filled with everything one would need to improve any item, including large items. be sure to mind the priests at the Monastery, some of them have been standing there for days and it shows. the token house is at the end of the main road north right at the shore there are pointing signs leading right to it. We have a wagoner on deed at the north gate along with a couple merchants and a trader. behind the merchants are my digable resource tiles. i have clay, peat, and moss, there. The Community Workshop (Imping facility) The Rules Events/Games Materials Provided (donations are also accepted) Festival Staff (PM one of the people listed below when they are online or in local for refueling forges, returning your items, getting you more imping material, and check in at the inn.) Impers Jolly Rogue Token a small token of my appreciation to everyone who attended. Prizes Donator List (a very special thank you to these people.) this is a work in progress so expect it to change a lot as i overcome problems and add new and more info be sure to follow this post to stay up to date as to whats new.
  2. THE FINAL EVENT - the IRON WURMIAN takes place tomorrow (Tuesday 2/7/13) at 22:00 GMT! Here's a countdown (ignore the "auction" bit lol): The prizes for first place will be a 70ql Steel Rare Great Helm, a 90ql Toobelt and 10s in coins! All you have to do is be the first person to get from the Guild of Artificers to a certain end destination, without dying, and you win! Pledged Prizes So far the following prizes have been pledged by players, with more to come! 1x Caravel, 1x Knarr, 1x Sailboat, 2x Rare Frying Pan,1x Rare Practice Doll, 1x 80ql Rare Fishing Rod, 1x 10 Silver Coins, 1x Merchant Contract, 1x 80ql Chain Armour Set, 1x 70ql Leather Armour Set, 1x 60ql Toolbelt, 1x 70ql Blacksmithing Tool Set, 5x 70ql Horseshoe Set, 2x 90ql pickaxe, 2x 90ql Hatchets, 2x 90ql Shovels, 1x Skiller Pickaxe, 1x Skiller Hatchet, 1x 75ql Longbow, 1x 75ql Bow, 1x 75ql Short Bow, 3x Quivers of 75ql War Arrows, 1x 65ql Studded Leather Armour Set, 2x 85ql Iron Shields, 3x 85ql Large Iron Shields, 3x 90ql Rope Tools, 2x 85ql Grooming Brush, 1x 75ql Grooming Brush, 1x 85ql Spindle
  3. The Celebration Summer Festival (Wurmstock 2013) As some of you may already be aware, for some time we've been planning to have a festival during the summer over here at Tap Dance Harbour (Next to the market) and now its come the time to announce it. So this coming June during a weekend (Current date is set for the 8th of june) we will be hosting a Festival and Impalong all Weekend. Events currently planned are as follows: A Boat Race Prizes currently under construction A Raffle Prizes will be announced on the day Scavenger hunt There are multiple prize chests each filled with various high ql items and enchanted tools Fishing competition (Rods will be provided) 1st prize ql90 Rare Fishing rod and LITD Pendulum 2nd Prize ql80 Fishing rod and LITD pendulum 3rd Prize ql70 Fishing rod and LITD pendulum A horse race 1st prize ql80 set of enchanted horse shoes 2nd prize ql82 enchanted saddle 3rd prize enchanted skiller grooming brush Battle of the Noobs 1st prize ql 80 Aura of Shared Pain enchanted Chain Armour set 2nd prize To be Decided 3rd price To be Decided A search for a needle in a haystack (wemp field) 1st prize ql80 enchanted needle Other various ql needles some with chants some without will be hidden as well (creating piles is not allowed) Impalong The Impalong will last 3 days or at least till interest in it dies out The contests will be held as breaks during the first day (the 8th of June) Other small contests may be held on the following days and lesser prizes will likely be awarded for them Workshops are provided for Smiths, Carpenters and Tailors There is also an altar to each god so feel free to bring your priest and we'll have some sermons There will be prizes for each contest most of which will comprise of donations and of course high quality enchanted weapons and tools from my own stock (ill likely provide more information on these in the near future, also if you'd like to make a donation or lend a hand please feel free to contact me) Ive got a few surprises planned as well but my lips are sealed The festival will be held at Tap Dance Harbour which is located at the center of the map at X33 Y24 Which has been built for the specific purpose of holding events. Updates will be posted within this topic as they become available Regards Dyf / Split Donated prizes: Ql 80 gold chain Armour set - Stacia Equal horses for the main horse race - Gypsy Ql 82 woa59 saddle, ql 69.80 woa49 coc28 pickaxe, ql 17 steel coc63 pickaxe and a ql 59 coc59 grooming brush - Zephariel A Ql 80 high Aosp enchanted chain armour set - Embolism A chest of enchanted Tools and Weapons - Dyf and Rhazul Imping Logs and many high ql carp items - Tpikol Bulk Ore - Embolism LITD Pendulums - Thorakkanath Update number 1# Horse race Details The horse race will comprise of two races one will be a fair race with horses provided by us. The second race will be a best in show race and will be chance for those of you who wish to show off your fastest horse e.g. enchanted horse gear ect is allowed. A big thank you to Gypsy for offering to provide horses that are all equal for the 2nd race Update number 2# Current date now set for the 8th of the June onwards Battle of the Noobs The Battle of the Noobs will involve making a new character during the festival (names will be provided for you to use when you make it to ensure it is a totally new character) this challenge will consist of a tournament of noob characters fighting to prove they are the greatest noob of all. The prize will be a ql 80 gold set of chain armor for 1st prize, 2nd prize will be high ql enchanted carving knife, 3rd an enchanted skilling hatchet. Update number 3# Event prizes added Final Update The contests will Be on the 9th however from 7pm GMT onwards on the 8th the festival will begin Sorry for the short notice RL has been hectic P.S. if you have a sailboat please bring it, if you intend to take part in the boat race, itll mean we're able for more people to race at once as our boat builder has recently gone inactive along with half the festival sailboats due to rl issues :/ However everything will continue to as planned
  4. I was wondering whether it could be added into the game: Create string of cloth out of cotton, then use cotton spindle again to create some ribbon which can be worn, e.g. in hair, or on chest. We can dye this in different colours, e.g. for festivals, to give as presents, or to show allegiance. We could also wear it as decoration. The option to create different kids of ribbons could be added e.g. for your hair, for your chest, for your horse's mane, for your horse's tail, etc. Thanks