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Found 22 results

  1. Hi All, So this one has been on my mind for a while more so now especially since I've been repaving my deed. Since you can almost build a diagonal road by filling the paving to the nearest corner, I thought how awesome if walls and fences we could align to this same type of method which in turn I'm sure will open a magnitude of new deed design layouts for many to play around with. See below the visual to understand more of the proposed layout option: I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
  2. Adding angled walls and fences would be a great addition to Wurm. I'd love to see a change like this implemented!
  3. Alright, so a while back I thought it'd be really neat if we had more options for the low chain fence, in terms of other metal options, and with the news of metal shaders, like the already implemented wood shaders, were going to be added, I figured now would be the time to suggest adding options for making both walls and fences that use metal bars, and chains to be able to be made out of other metals now too. Walls would include the barred walls, and portcullises, fences would be anything you need fence bars for or the large chains for. Just think how glorious marble low chain fences with golden chains could look
  4. These two images explain it all: About the dye + fence issue. The more desirable end result is what we see in the walls. So if fences should follow the values of walls, not the other way around.
  5. A wooden fence gate QL=28.66492, dam=65.705605 repaired with a plank q 55.57 results in QL=28.620863, dam=57.518467. So wood fence repair only gets 8 damage removed per plank? It only took 2 planks and 2 shafts to make it! I don't remember a change notice about this so it must be a bug.
  6. With a recent update, wooden fences now repair as a percentage per plank and not 40 damage per plank as listed in the wiki. Skye Mayor Albia Estates
  7. I want to build a barn or stables. I am wondering if this works or if I should re think it before I go ahead with building. Thanks, Brutis.
  8. If you have a fenced area and build a bridge along side the fence, animals will be able to walk through the bridge and ignore the fence.
  9. Right now, hedges allow us to essentially plant permanent fences that never decay. This seems a little inconsistent with how the rest of Wurm works, and is a total pain when clearing up formerly-deeded areas, since they are just as hard to destroy as other fence types. So, I suggest one or both of the following: Let hedges decay (probably rather slowly), and make them easy to repair by watering them like you do with flowerpots and similar objects. Allow hedges to be easily removed with a shovel or similar implement, in one action, assuming the player has permissions (of course).
  10. Please, let fences and gates be contructed up to 8 dirts below water level. The purpose is pretty obvious: this would allow us to build lockable harbours, canals, ports, rice fields without dirt walls around them and, among other matters, would greatly improve the decoration possibities. This could also help PvP players' fortresses, probably.
  11. We need a stone, wood, and marble fence that matches the rails on the bridges. Floors that match the paving on the bridges would be nice also to "pave" where a bridge crosses a "pylon" writ.
  12. Warning, I ramble and my different thoughts came as I was writing this...sorry so long!! The most enjoyable aspect of Wurm for me is my horses, and building, creating, planting! Now that we have those wonderful new walls to work with; especially the Stone O's with ivy;... I would so love to embellish my porches with a delicate, wrought iron railing/fence. For that matter in creating a formal garden with more fine detailed fences and rails would be awesome. Also, when building the existing wooden fence, (when it is in the unfinished mode) I would like to be able to flip the direction of the fence leaning downwards, as to corner a walk with a plant inside the tile. Overall, things to design and create new looks is always welcome, as well as new furniture pieces. Because I don't know what goes into the graphic files, how complex it is...not sure if they would consider going back to the finished pieces looking like the wood we want it made out of. I love when the fsb had that dark cherry finish, type thing. It would be nice to see this with any piece of fine the wood bench reflecting the type wood it is made of. Paving choices: if they could have a curved finish added like the "pave nearest corner" only be able to flip clockwise/counterclockwise to manipulate where it to allow the meandering path to be created..... And.....please make the clothing, fabric items etc.. enabled to dye the color we want..and actually have it show up that way? ^.^ I get tired of wearing my leather attire and would like to slip into some cool comfortable cotton wear..but oh I hate yellow! the sleeves are cute but I hate the colors...if I could just dye them my favorite colors I would be so happy thank you for reading the rambling thoughts of a crazed Wurm fan.....I hope maybe they will consider giving some of these options a try ^.~
  13. I would love to see a diagonal fence but I don't really know how it would work as fences use the border tiles and there is no tile spot in corners or along diagonals. If it would not be a massive coding nightmare, they would be very nice to have.
  14. Hi, times ago there was no skill requirement for walls or fences directly surrounding a mine entry. Walling-/ fencing-in mine entries, as soon as you closed the mine with a gate or a gate house, was even required by the rules back then - to prohibit death traps where the unsuspecting newbie could easily fall in, but never escape anymore. Obviously this has changed, now walls at the sides of mine entries require the same masonry/ carpentry skills as any other walls/ fences. So walling in mine entries isn't possible anymore quite often, because rarely there isn't at least one slope above 39 (max slope for walls/ fences according to wiki). See this (from there): Often there's need to secure a mine. Mine doors are a way to go, but they decay quickly and don't show signs of decay. Fences and gatehouses are a ways better idea, even if "kingdom enter" is planned. But this seems to be obsolete now, due to normal skill requirement in mine-side walls and fences. Since avoiding to have death traps was a requirement not this long ago, I cannot but think that this is an undesired side-effect of another change, and thus a bug. Have fun! Edit: Added Wiki Link + Quote
  15. So, I read in patch notes that the invisible fences should be fixed. Version 3.23-5108 ------2013-06-28------- * Fix for invisible stuff Well that's not true, at least not for me anyways. As you can see below I still have invisible fences and bugged doors. When riding a cart the outline for the doors rotate. (same happens for a catapult)
  16. I have a small building project planned but because of RL work commitments I have no time to do it. If you are interested in this, PM me or post below with your price. ---------- To supply all materials and construct the following (ql not important): 26 x High Iron fence/gate sections 33 x Stone House wall sections 7 x Wooden House wall sections 4 x Stone parapet sections 10 x marble slab floors ---------- The site is on Deli, about 80 tiles inland. I can supply horses and carts for transferring materials from the nearby deepwater dock. No terraforming or demolition is needed. There is water, BSBs and a guard tower on site, but no food. PM or post if you need more details. I'm on GMT and most likely to be on weekdays in the daytime.
  17. So, farming not all good... deed quite dark at night, BUT 1.1 is definatly not all bad. I am loving some of the new additions. The new fences and the flowerpots are great. Here are a couple of things I have created. A graveyard with high iron fences, flowerpots and gravestones. A vinyard with the roundpole fences as trellis for the grapes to grow up, flowerpots, flower beds. Post your links if you want to share your creations, I would love to see other peoples ideas!
  18. Dear Devs before..sorry for my bad english, i hope i can explain the problem i found. i tested the new rope fences, the low and the high one. For the low you need 2 shafts and 2 ropes, when you have the mats in your inventory you can continue your work without problems.....but... building high rope fences are terrible, after continueing with the shaft and you beginn with the ropes, often event wrote...the mat contains to little material.... The high rope fence needs 2 shafts and 4 ropes with 0.50kg thats ok, but i had this mats in my inventory and the message comea though. now i combined the 4 ropes and it works again without problems. the next fence ...same problem, i comined some ropes but the message comes again, now i drop the 10kg ropes..take one 0.50 kg in my inventory and i can continue. so now i make the third know....message: the rope contains to little material....i combined -try -combined up to 34 kg.....nothing works, i drop it and take one single rope in my inventory....same message. Now i blocked, i cant continue my third fence, Eject
  19. first make wall types have different decay ticks, wooden walls/fences should get twice maybe 3 times more dmg as stone walls/fences,and also between types of fences involving same or common material, less dmg/tick to=> higher dmg/tick Tall wall>iron fence>low stone wall>Palisade>wooden fence>crude wooden fence>woven fence. higher dmg/tick the dmg received by bashing/catapulting them should have other order tough: less dmg/tick to=> higher dmg/tick Tall wall>palisade>iron fence>low stone wall>wooden fence>crude wooden fence>woven fence all this should get a steeper curve on dmg received at a certain ql, a 20 ql wall should be gone in 1 month no mater what type, a 90 ql tall wall should reach 30 dmg in 1 year(see below why just 30) all of them should get a boost in decay once they pass 30 dmg, should be gone in 3-5 days once they pass 30 dmg,even if it took a year for a tall wall of 90 ql to get there. the dmg boost should not apply for catapulting/bashing the walls, meaning that even if it passed 30 dmg the next bash/hit should do similar dmg amount,although if a wall is forced to 30 dmg it should be gone in 3-5 days if left like that. make the visual effects on damaged wals/fences show at 30 dmg, that makes it easyer for active ppl to see when they have a wall that might be gone in 5 days. i know this might have some bad implications on some ppl, those that play wurm only few days a month or that take long breaks and don't have a deed to keep the damage from kiking in,i feel sorry for them. it als can be considered as an exploit on pvp servers where one can spot a not so active enclosure, catapult a way into it but only getting the walls to 30 dmg then wait for 5 days to get in. in my opinion this is quite unlikely to happend, first because raiders won't stay tehre for 5 days, second even if they may come back after5 days there's a really high chance that someone will expect them ,third and most important, if one is playing on pvp server and expects his offdeed place to be safe from raiders by logging in once a week that person is quite wrong, if u want that kind of play go on freedom,on a pvp server playing offdeed should require a really active player. the benefits of this change are that we can clear deserted areas ourselves with a lot less effort than we can do now, we can just do 30 dmg on any wall/house then let nature take it's course. i'm sure 30 dmg is a lot more appealing to any1 than bashing a entire wall from 0 to 100. another benefit is that areas will be kept alot cleaner, even if no1 takes action , newbie created structures/walls will dissapear alot faster, ppl will have a reason to get 70-80 ql walls instead of leaving them at creation ql.
  20. Why do animals wander towards fences and then stay there? Thousands of tiles and they are all at the fences. My guess is that there is something wrong with their movement algorithm. Maybe tell them to go in the opposite direction for the next several movements after they reach a fence? It's really crazy the way it is now. And it seems to be only the non agro animals that do this.
  21. After the recent update to show damage on walls & fences it highlighted some walls on my deed that needed repairing, which is brilliant. I then went around my entire deed to check every fence & wall for dmg levels. I found a surprising amount of walls with dmg, varying from under 10 to +50 dmg. I was surprised because these were on walls & fences within the inner sections of my deed, myself & my partner are the only ones who live there & have access, so that ruled out animal dmg. We do live on epic however we do not believe it is raid dmg. It is my understanding that if your token has more than 30 days of upkeep that damage doesn't happen. We keep our deed topped up to the 40 day mark normally and it never falls below 30. So I went around one of the inner houses 3 days ago and repaired each wall to under 10 dmg, and we have been checking the dmg levels daily. Today some of them walls are over 10 dmg again. Has anyone else experienced this? possible bug?
  22. hi. there should be a different model for each stage of building the fence model. Now there are only 2 fence models. Being built and finished. maybe 4 different or something so that for each material you attach to it. The model changes to more complete And as Aetherwalker just suggested "have different models for different stages of ql, e.g. rickety fence 1-20ql, fence 20-40ql, solid fence 40-60ql, sturdy fence 60-80ql, masterful fence 80+ql " It would really be awesome to be able to show others that your fence is better than theirs. lol. that's probably mean, but it would show like. be carefull my fences are awesome. then it could take longer time for them to decay.