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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! I have motion sickness - and quite a severe such. I love WURM and it is a nce game, that sometimes causes me very dizzy. Because it is first person to start with, but I can normally play for some hours a day, sometimes even more than that, if I take small breaks. So first of all: thanks for a lovely game! Suggestions: When harvesting, botinizing, foraging and so forth, we get loaded and walk slowly (which makes me dizzy). I tried using my large cart with 2 horses pulling it, but the jumping up and getting down to move it, made me dizzy. Just picking up logs using it, makes me dizzy after a few minutes - I have to ask for help. However, the small cart... Dragging it makes me too slow - I, weirdly enough, get dizzy from that. So I thought: When I was 12, I helped a farmer out with his harvest. He had one horse hitched and was leading it. He asked me to hold it, and that he might as well hook up a mitton and ask it to counterweight 3 ton sand :P. It isn't easy. So.. my suggestion is that we may hitch one horse that can be lead (we cannot ride the cart, and it cannot be lead whilst on another cart), at around 22 body strength and body control, up to a small cart which we then can lead whilst harvesting/botinizing/foraging/feeding all our animals. It would most likely help many more than just me. (And would not be a shortcut for having a cart pulled, as you need the strength and body control) Feeding troves: food on the ground is messy and, naturally, decays swifter than when in something. How about feeding troves? They've been used for absolutely ages, and let the food decay at least a little slower? Makes the animals happier, looks tidier and we don't have to scrape food from their hides Last one: Hurray for crate racks! Our deeds look so much tidier! \o/ How about racks for BSBs and FSBs as well? Or some sort of storage arrangements for them? To tidy our deeds/buildings up? Would definitely need to be bigger than the crate racks, as a full BSB isn't a small thing. I suggest a little ladder on the side as well, for the looks and to make it make more sense - same for FSBs To make the racks for FSBs, so it basically looks like the racks, but with a ladder to access (and you might as well let us build a ladder for them that is added to the crafting "recipe".) Would make sense, right? And farmers have always used different methods to squeeze stuff in, so it is not things that wouldn't make sense. Hope you'll like my suggestions, thanks for reading regardless and I pray and hope they fell in good soil and will one day be added Again, thanks for a really nice game! Best regards, GilwenAistrinas