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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Fighting Wurmians! We are looking for a new round of constructive feedback to further tweak PvP balance. I know plenty of you have left feedback in the thread created 8th of September when some changes was made. But much has happened since then and the changes has started to become more properly tested. So if you have commented there earlier in the light of recent changes, you can edit it to repost here so it follows the new criteria I will mention below. For it to be usable for us, everyone providing feedback needs to keep to the topic and provide short and effective constructive feedback. So no simple: “This is bad…†arguments. Ask yourself instead: Why is this unbalanced and how does it affect PvP balance overall and gameplay? How should it be changed and why does that solve the issue?In other words this is not a discussion or comment thread, only straight and to the point feedback posts will be accepted. Also we ask you to keep it as factual and unbiased as possible. I would once more want to remind you to refrain from commenting on each others posts here. Even if you perceive a post as wrong. Instead of just commenting, bring up the same topic and think through the steps above. We will not treat this thread casually and will be able to weigh your arguments accordingly. Support the suggestions you agree with by liking them. This thread will be moderated so it is accessible for us later, all posts not following guidelines will be removed. And lastly, sorry for being all formal with you about this Wurmians but it needs to be this way for it to be usable. We are always grateful for the time you take to participate so thank you in advance. Looking forward to see some great feedback!
  2. Testing and Feedback concerning the Fences in Arched Walls Feature. Tich has been working on this feature for some time and believe it should soon be ready for implementation. But before going live, we humbly request your feedback on this in general but also on some specific points. The feature should work on all levels of a building but only on the outside wall on the ground floor. All fences will be available except the tallest ones that are not suitable aesthetically. -Can you see any pvp implications? -Could this be abused somehow? To participate you need to download and use the testclient. You can use any of your current active accounts to log in. Thank you for showing interest in this thread because your participation is greatly appreciated!
  3. We are asking for your input and suggestions to expand on titles you achieve at different skill levels. If you want to change something that is already in place, leave a reason for it. If you see suggestions that you agree with, like them, this will make it easier for us to find the popular suggestions from your standpoint. Please post suggestions in this format and keep commentary on separate lines. If you post an image, also include the text for extracting/compiling purposes. Skill | 50title | 70title | 90title | 100title Skill | 50title | 70title | 90title | 100title Skill | 50title | 70title | 90title | 100title