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Found 7 results

  1. Please add some useful artifacts to PVP servers to coax people into actually using the things. Otherwise now, they sit in someone chest and never see the light of day. For example: Helm of Magranon: Grants daytime vision at night During actual night, reduces movement speed by 10% Hammer of Magranon: Add allowed use as a hammer for smithing actions Adds +50% chance in succeeding the action When failure occurs you do 2x the damage as a normal failed action Shovel of Libila: Allows you to level 2 tiles at once or 1 tile but removing 2x dirt/sand etc at once from the earth Pickaxe of Libila: Libila grants you the ability to destroy rock tiles with only 30 actions instead of normal 50. Bandage of Fo: Instant heal any wound Libilas tears: Creates a stable wound at 30-80 dmg at a random place on your body. 1% chance in creating 90 dmg non-stable wound etc... (doesn't have to be these exact ones. just make artifacts useful)
  2. Hey there! I have been watching forums lately filled with a lot of threads with similar mood and message; what is wrong with the game or what could be improved. So I decided to make a counter-thread for such movement! This is the thread, where you can memorize and share one particular, lovely memory you remember when you played Wurm and something good or absolutely funny occured, or you can point out some feature of the game you waited for so long and you felt super-satisfied when it came out and loved to use it. Or you can give just positive feedback for the community, devs or some individual, who has been doing well or you feel has succeeded in some matter, like helping others, being a trustful friend in all turns in Wurmian life... sky's the limit! Only demand is that this thread is filled with the positive posts. Because when you feel down and need cheering up, you can read this thread and identify with the feelings others have shared. Or you can go to the thread "that thread about cats". I have plenty of good memories and a lot of to thank to many people, but I think yesterday happened something that made me feel so happy. That thing was, when I announced our alliance's advertisement post and I got not only so much support from my alliance friends as a bunch of supportive posts to the thread itself, but also personal feedback about how amazing job I had done with it. I felt like, man, this is why I play this game and truly enjoy it after 4 years of playing it; because of the best community. Okies, it's time for you to share a positive moment!
  3. Hi Ya'll Not sure if this has been suggested before but I would like to suggest a new profession or feature to Wurm Online, dynamic map making (not a unique idea). The idea would be that an individual could create a small paper map that represents 1 single map tile, say N17. The paper map would get updated as the person journeys and travels within the N17 tile and would be based on view distance. As the person walks around the local area, the map would become more detailed showing the houses, roads and landscape. Locations far away within N17 would be less detailed until the person walks over. The single map tile could be duplicated, a copy feature, and traded to other individuals and joined together to create a huge detailed world map. Map makers all over the continent could trade, copy, maps with each other. The map could have restrictions where only if you have a higher map making skill then the original map maker could you update the map. If the map was made by a level 65 then only a level 65+ could add more detail to the map. This is to create an incentive for the map making skill and creates value for higher quality maps. The maps would then need to be updated by map makers as the landscape and towns evolve. This helps keep the profession "alive". Make mappers could add unique logos, lore history, town names, road names, and other map symbols to spice the map up. "Old maps" could have some historic value as they have updates/information that can no longer be created because of the landscape changes. Maps could be turned into villages to update a global map outside of the video game. This could be linked to or something. That way the community has an influence on updating the maps instead of devs creating a map (ruining the immersion).
  4. I think the new updates and features that the devs work on should be subject to a vote by players. I get that bug fixes obviously need to be done, but for new features or modifying existing features, it would be nice if there could be a list of all suggestions and let players vote on which ones they want the most. For example: Which of these would you like to happen the most in the next few months? 1. Cooking system redone 2. New materials for houses 3. New highway system 4. Almanacs 5. Changed mechanics for fighting creatures 6. Breeding system redone 7. More statues and colossi 8. Updates to the web shop 9. Animals crossing server borders etc. The progress and updates are really great, and it's good that the suggestions and ideas forum is obviously being read, but it'd be nice to have a say over which ideas are picked up and which aren't. I feel like some ideas have hundreds of +1s and are ignored for years, while others have a positive but relatively smaller response and those ones are chosen to be implemented. Personally, I was surprised that equipped unicorns and colourful hell horses happened before animals could cross server borders. Both ideas were popular, but they had nowhere near the support or the years of players asking for the feature that animals crossing server borders have. I feel confident that if we are allowed to vote, that'll help the devs address the issues that are most important to the people who are playing Wurm.
  5. Post deleted. People did not want me to create a thread as a place for people to post ideas about medieval technologies that could be incorporated into the game. Therefore, no point in continuing this thread.
  6. Hello Fellow Wurmians! This week I will simply list the full set of currently confirmed features so you know exactly what to look and plan for with the coming Update on 18th of February. I have taken some time to clarify some of the updates for your convenience. Wagons Ship Carrier Crafting Interface Crates Great for bulk transportation. Drag and Drop Functionality to drag items straight from piles to cart, cart to piles or pile to pile without the need for it going to inventory first. Amount moved per action is in relation to how much you are already carrying vs maximum carrying capacity. Load Function The ability to load many items previously unmovable(as in picked up) onto carts through a simple command. Reinforced Cave Floors For those instances when rock floors just does not feel secure enough. Notifications Help System Tutorial and help messages that are triggered by certain situations and conditions. The information will also be available on demand from a library called "Book of Wisdom". Village Recruitment Board Joining or inviting fellow players through a map interface accessible from a recruitment board model which can be crafted or accessed from the starter deeds. After joining a settlement you will be able to teleport to that deed at once but one time only. Invite Command You will be able to directly invite a player to your village by using /vinvite command specified with player name. It will work no matter where on the server the player is. The player will receive a message and can teleport at once to the village. This will work one time only per village and can not be used if you have teleported to the same village through the Village Recruitment Board. The same limitation is true for the Recruitment Board. World and Island Maps with notations The annotations work like this: You have some for personal use, some are shared and available for people of the same village. Also, some are shared over the entire alliance. Placing them is as easy as clicking your map, but you have a set amount and restrictions to who can place them on village and alliance level. Status effect bar Shows you the current active buffs and debuffs affecting your character, complete with a set of new icons. New Emotes Follow, lead, goodbye, this way, not that way. Avatar of Libila Kyklops Rugs Braziers So which update are you the most exited about? And with that I can only suggest that you start planning and Keep on Wurming!
  7. When creating hooks, they seem to come out at .22kg, whilst attaching them to a toolbelt only use .20kg, leaving you with a mere .02kg of hook which is kinda silly