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Found 6 results

  1. Welcome to FoxxCO/RockCO, we love you!! Welcome to this one-of-a-kind auction on wholesale rare steel picks! 37 total, take a peek. Good for bulk casting, these are low QL so excellent for skilling mining and prospecting !!! Start Bid: 74s Minimum Increase: 1s Sniper Protect: 2h **Please don't shoot the auctioneer! If you have a question/concern/comment about the item please feel free to pm me here on the forums, or in game as Sugarfoxx.** **All friendly bumps and bids welcome!** **Comments that are unrelated/rude/considered hostile will be reported to mods ** P.s. This is SFI auction, NFI please no bids, ty
  2. These Statues were awarded to players on the challenge server. Wiki: [13:10:25] The silver statue of challenges. Ql: 88.5277, Dam: 0.0. Imgur Photoshoot Link: Start Bid: 30s Minimum Increase: 1s Sniper Protect: 1hr This will be hand-delivered by me once the winner is decided, no need to arrange travel plans! PM me on the forums/ in game with any questions or concerns about the auction. Pm: Sugarfoxx or Moonfoxx. ***Don't Shoot the AUCTIONEER, if you're a troll or rude, your comment will be reported to mods, please do not post here unless you intend to bid or friendly bump this auction, THANKS!*** *SFI AUCTION ONLY, NO TRADING TO NFI AVAILABLE, If you are on Cadence, Harmony, Melody, or Defiance; do not participate in this auction please.*
  3. The Album link, both female and male models!!! The entire set has been runed to reduce damage taken. [12:30:41] A steel rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) Fully AoSp'd set. All casts are at 101 or higher The whole set is in fact just shy of 90ql, but not by much ***A big THANK YOU to @Rocklobsterfor the cast work! Phenomenal service, as always!*** Wiki link for Aosp: Start Bid: 85s Increment Required: 1s Buyout: No Reserve: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour ***Please keep any comments to bids or friendly bumps, I WILL NOT tolerate trolling, ty *** If you have any questions about the set feel free to pm me via the forums, or in game as Sugarfoxx. * Don't shoot the Auctioneer, I'm merely a host * -South Freedom ONLY, DO NOT BID IF YOU BELONG TO North Freedom, as we cannot trade between clusters -
  4. All knarrs come with a 70ql imp, a free anchor, lock+key, and delivery. Note that the only servers I can't deliver to is release/pristine. Please note that with the new update, all types look the same now. Contact me ingame, or on the forums so we can arrange a time. There are always more Knarrs to be sold!
  5. Bulk

    *Feel free to order any other bulk items that can be crafted by players with average skills - for example clay, mortar, planks, large crates, floor boards etc.* I've never really sold bulk, but changed playstyle lately a bit and wanted to try out I will also sell some of my alliance/neighbors bulk items here. Items that cannot be delivered with a rowboat are pickup only SE Pristine. To compensate this, picked up wares have 10-20% discount from the standard market prices depending on volume. Smaller things that do fit in a rowboat can be delivered. Current items in storage Bricks 1.8s/1k Sprouts+Flowers 0.5-1s/100 - depending which sprouts/flowers and how many. Meat - 1.6s/1k Good discounts on big orders + prices are negotiable. Please PM me instead of posting here for more details!
  6. Potato offers Fancy Pickaxe of QL 69.91 for sell: DMG: None its brand new from the forge itself! Special: not really anything too special besides the QL Price: 21C Location: Deliverance (Y=21,X=8.5) Map: For Buyers: Items sold will NOT be brought to you! You need to get them you're self.