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Found 3 results

  1. Climbing multiple ladders (=floor openings) in succession can cause one to fall to the ground floor, occasionally breaking a bone or two. Reproducing the bug is very simple; take a tower consisting of floor openings and start climbing the ladders up. Moving (WASD) is not required. I have seemed it easy to reproduce by means of the default action (F) though it would surprise me if it does not occur with the traditional right click -> climb up, or by a manual keybind to another key. The procedure requires quite accurate timing, though with enough practice you will be able to suicide an alt in under a minute, see the video below: Interestingly the corpse spawns on the third floor: Note: Damage does not occur on every tile for some reason, but is common enough to be slightly aggravating.
  2. (I know I am new and probably make more suggestions than I should, probably about things discussed years ago - but here I go anyway. I have a "brainstorm" mentality, as in there are (almost) no bad ideas.) Freedom of movement is great, but when in a hurry it would be good to stay on the road without having to worry about a misstep sending you falling/sliding to your doom (such an event saw me almost ready to give up on Wurm in the first week or so). I am told that when driving a large cart it is impossible to fall of the side of the road in this way. That's terrific but it means that a) horses, bulls etc are cleverer than people and b) new players, who are more likely to be riding shank's pony, have to constantly watch their footing on top all of the other difficulties starting out. Realistically, who just steps off a precipice? I would like to propose two possible ways to mitigate this risk. Firstly - a "roads only" toggle (like the climb toggle), that functions like an invisible wall, whereby if you would step of the road you are instead deflected and slide along the tile boundary instead. A slight speed disadvantage would probably be in order, too. Secondly - this is more just about not falling down and is not specific to roads a pause at the boundary of a precipice before that next step, enough that if you are paying attention you can stop if you wish, but if you are happy to chance a tumble for whatever reason you can go right ahead. I did think of auto-enabling climb at the top only of steep slopes but realize that this would probably be a nerf too far.
  3. Whilst sitting as a passenger in a large cart your 'Client Statistics > Player > Falls' increments every second. Free internet points!