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Found 4 results

  1. We are the Factional Fight Brothers and we love discussing all things Wurm! Join us as we construct great projects while we dream about what the future may hold for the game we love. If you enjoy our videos, please visit our YouTube page and subscribe to our channel. Hitting the like button also helps out our channel so much: Come visit our patreon page where you can see our next episode right now before we release it on youtube if you become a patron of ours. Also, you will be helping support us in making these videos! Episode 15: A Year in Review and A Look to the Future! We reminisce about what Wurm Dev team has brought to Wurm Online over the past year and, of course, speculate about what is still yet to come. The labyrinth is in the final stages of development and is ready for beta testing! Bonus Video 14: How to Use the Wagoneer! Episode 14: 'Tis the Holiday Season! Bonus Video 13: A Road to the Labyrinth Episode 13: Things About Wurm Online that Blew Our Minds Bonus Video 12: There was an Update to Mining! Episode 12: The Hunt Continues! Bonus Video 11: Happy Halloween! Episode 11: An Epic Update is Coming! Bonus Video 10: Should Wurm Get Rid of RNG? Episode 10: Special Guests - A Talk with Budda and Retrograde Bonus 9: Enchant Decay...What Changed and Why? Episode 9: Tree Collision is Back! Bonus Video 8: Does the Fatigue System Need to be Looked At? Episode 8: WOW! The Game Looks Amazing! Bonus Video 7: Where Have All The Colourful Animals Gone? Episode 7: The New Highway System Bonus Video 6: You Should Try the Test Server! Episode 6: The New Player Experience! We Found a Hidden Teaser in the Weekly News!! August Update - This is a Game Changer! Bonus Video 5: Controversial Topic...Trellises! Episode 5: UI, Highways and Animal Cages! Big Changes are Coming to Wurm Online! Bonus Video 4: Let's Discuss Some Suggestions and Ideas Episode 4: How to Build Your Dream Castle Bonus Video 3: Quick-Fire Questions while Finishing the Barracks Episode 3: Interview with Retrograde Bonus Video 2: Quick-Fire Questions with Retrograde Episode 2: Let's Start Construction! Bonus Video 1: The Mortar Making Factory (Previously Unreleased to Youtube) It's a Celebration! Episode 1: Factional Fight Returns Youtube Introduction Video: Factional Fight is Back Teaser:
  2. It's been a quiet week as we gather ourselves after Rifts and the anniversary, some events unfortunately couldn't get their issues resolved, but others are ready to go, But first... Patch Notes The Grand Tour (of Independence) This months anniversary hunt is a tour of some of the old great works of Independence, some made by many, some by one or two, each has their own story, and you get to see some of the oldest! This event will be a little different to Spellcasts brain teasers, and Enkis murder fests. This will be utilising a new human NPC for giving out the missions, and follow a more quest chain style, as part of testing for the tutorial system, so if you haven't gone to any before, or are worried about corpse runs, come and check it out! The event starts on Sunday at 12pm UTC+1 at the Howl. There are some other events planned, but will have less warning, to ensure that they aren't taken advantage of too soon, but are planned for most servers (Xanadu may take more planning but we will work on it!) Starter deed upgrades The work on the starter deeds has begun, with some amazing changes coming through, we'll cover these once they're finished and a chat with the workers!. New client work continues We continue to update the unstable client as bug reports come in, if you experience a bug, please ensure to include the build number, found at the bottom left corner of the launcher: When we update the build number, test again to see if the bug is still present and let us know! Steam updates The Wurm Unlimited update will go live next week, we will update the #wurmunlimited topic on IRC with the date when decided. Community Content Factional fight returns! this week saw the return of Factional Fight videos, the well loved streams of wurm, with a podcast style discussion. This week had some interesting ideas, what do you think of their returning player suggestions? That's it for this week! Hope to see some of you at the events, and as always, keep on wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm team.
  3. It is a change of pace this week Griphyth reveals a side project he has been working on for a few weeks and Fae is not around to join in the Wurm fun. The brothers chat about all the recent updates and announcements that the game has brought. Excitement is in the air about what could be the next big thing that the devs work on next as bugs are continually getting squashed and small updates are happening almost weekly. >
  4. They finally did it! For those who are interested, watch this video to find out how you can join the Saturday NIght Factional Fight Play Wurm Online spin-off village!