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Found 8 results

  1. Hi people! We had a lot of newbies lately and we're now looking for players who proved to have a strong commitment in one specialty. No need to be an expert in your discipline. The most important thing is to stick to it. In our village we have a core of new players who believe that multiple specialists helping each others is more fun, and we progress together faster. Wurm can feel lonely sometimes, that's why needing people who need you in return feels more like being part of a team. If you want to focus on animal husbandry but you need to eat from time to time, you won't have to cook, someone will do it for you! If you need a sword, someone will make it for you! Just give good horses in return and enjoy you job! Feel free to contact Yliandrian, Dinant, or Lunadew to join !
  2. The Monk Temple is now looking for initiates! we have been working on our temple for some time and are now prepared to start housing more players, with our public housing barracks for new recruits now under construction! each initiate will be assigned a bedroom with a bed, chest, and a Bulk storage bin. upon joining they will be shown efficient techniques for grinding experience and learn to truly hone their skills. From a great architect to a master of martial arts, our goal is to grow as a whole, and not just leave our initiates fend for themselves. Through this modality of cooperation and coordination that we have managed to maintain, we have managed to make much progress on the soon-to-be monk temple. with the courtyard, cook-house, tailor, stables, a high Ql quard tower and a fully functional farm, we have everything we need to accommodate new comers. upon completion of the monk temple there will also be a blacksmith, barracks, dojo, shipyard, and of course, the temple itself! our long-term goal is to build a strong and profitable commonwealth with our kingdom allies to the east. Apart from such international endeavours, we also hope to unify the kingdoms surrounding the lake that our great temple is located on known as "serpent lake" under one banner! we hope you will become a part of our community and I hope to hear from you soon! i can be found In-game as Scninja. See you guys on Xanadu!
  3. I'm looking to recruit a player, or possibly multiple players for a large deed (55 x 77), located on the Deli steppe 36x 40y. My preference would be a returning player essentially wanting free land, and any contribution to upkeep would be appreciated. It's a secondary deed for me at the moment, so I won't be too picky about what you'd like to do with it. There's currently over 500 tiles of flat land that could be used for farming, tons of trees, as well as plenty of space for animals. Good hunting nearby, as it's on the steppe, marble, zinc, copper, iron in the mine. I'd like to find someone who's self motivated and will be sticking with the game for awhile. The deed's apart of a small alliance, and some help can be provided, but I'm not looking for anyone I'd have to walk through the fundamentals of the game with. Farmers, or someone who can use the land to help pay the upkeep are a bonus. Upkeep is 8.5s a month, but has a trader to help out, so contributions would be minimal. Please post here or send me a PM if interested.
  4. Interested in forming a static team to scout (and possibly map) xanadu and form a village when a suitable location with plenty of resources is located out in the wilderness. Initial Scouting Priorities are: Botany (Food/Healing covers/Crops) Foraging (Food/Healing covers/Crops) Woodworking (For fire, fencing, etc) Mining/Smithing/etc (Locks, nails, etc) Healing (Many Healing covers for the inevitable aggro) Fighting (Defending ourselves if necessary/practical) Applicants should be relatively experienced in the game, although new comers are welcome to join the village once it is founded, the initial pioneer team should consist of experienced individuals. Schedule: June 3rd Time: ??? A time will be considered once a team has been created, but it should be around the initial release (we will be using alts to scout and once X is open you can bring your characters) Agreements: If you join this journey you agree that you will not deed any final locations without prior discussion with the rest of the group, I intend to be the mayor of the final location unless otherwise discussed. However, you can break off at any point and deed a location on the way if it meets your desires. No griefing. Use teamwork to survive. Leave your personal life/issues out of the game. Stay organized and use military tactics. Teamspeak3 and Ventrilo server available (the client software is required for optimal situational awareness and teamwork.) Comments, Suggestions, Questions?
  5. League of Gentlemen "Good Game" League of Gentlemen is a group of fighters on the Chaos server, dedicated to increasing the activity on the server through means of PvP, and as the motto suggests, all in good spirits. We have just returned to the kingdom of Jenn Kellon after ending our venture as Horde of the Summoned and as an independent kingdom before that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What you will get You will be part of an active PvP oriented community full of friendly people that are always up to something. Plenty of chances to leave your deed and participate in said PvP. Should you not be an experienced player, our players will gladly help you get up to speed. Help with gear from some of the highest crafters of the game Help with mechanics, tips for skillgain etc. What we expect from you Willingness to fight for the kingdom or otherwise provide services that further the cause. Willingness to be part of the community and help other players. 70Fightskill, 70shieldskill, 70weaponskill Access to Teamspeak 3 Access to Skype I want to join, who can I contact? Bloodyhell(ingame)(Mechanic on forums) Aramisii(ingame) Thunderstruck(ingame) Banzai(forums) Norad(ingame) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current targets Empire of Mol Rehan ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we do Original Chief of Templars de Lux, Norad with his most trusted merceneries Aramisii and Mortal(Thunderstruck). Norad is now known as Bloodyhell. Fools on wheels in our old town, representing Jayz the Champion of Magranon. Jayz now uses the account Norad. Capital of Templars de Lux, fighters can actually build decent towns too, surprisingly! This is the kind of loot you can get with us, only a 5man raid! PS: Feel free to PM us any questions about our deeds and groups
  6. We're recruiting! Check this thread for details and questions
  7. Recruitment is currently closed due to me personally not having all that much time for the deed (RL is to blame,) although if you're interested in having somewhere on the West Coast to hermit up then I'd still be happy to help. Join us on IRC with #Captains (I'm on IRC all the time but am often afk. Feel free to leave a message as I'll see it.) I'm opening recruitment for my deed, A Captain's Hideaway. I remember the days when I first started playing Wurm and some of the earlier villages I was at - we had a great time socially. However, since going solo on my own deed, I've been lonely! Seeing as a lot of the deed's ground work has now been done (50%-ish) I feel it's the right time to start to build up another great village. The deed is placed on the west coast in a calm part of the server (8x 34y.) Local resources include lots of on-deed iron in an ever-expanding mine, clay a short hop across the bay, and the vast forests of Deliverance on the deed's doorstep. The deed is currently 31x31 in size but is in no way land-locked and could easily expand a lot more as more players join the deed. The deed also has a "fleet" of horses at your disposal for carts and trips, an expanding herd of cows for omnoms, and a village sailboat you're welcome to use for whatever trip you may need to take. And did I mention upto 70ql meals cooked for you too? In terms of villagers, I am very open in what I look for. I'd rather have players with at least a few months under their belt around the deed - it simply isn't cut out to support swathes of relatively new players and I'd rather that newbies went somewhere more specialist - however, for more experienced players whether you've got years under your belt or are just starting to get a good feel for the game, then Captain's is undeniably the right place for you. I know what it's like to live under a repressive, restrictive, inactive mayor - it sucks - as such, I'll do my best to be the exact opposite of those adjectives, so you can get on with enjoying the game you enjoy in an environment where someone else is doing their best to make the game as great for you as possible! I don't mind what skills you have or want to train. If turning over a load of empty space into farmland to toil away at floats your boat, then sir, float your boat you may! I could list every other possibility in Wurm and how I'll let you do it within reason, but then I'd be here all day... in terms of timezones, I'm GMT and can usually play at least a few hours a day, usually enough to catch most other timezones including US ones online at some point. More about myself (funfunfun!) - I'm mainly a carpenter/terraformer/mason/fighting kinda Wurmian, but also have a 70+ faith mag priest and an (almost) 60+ faith vyn priest. Enchanted grass is available on the house, as well as some enchants. In general, I like to have a balanced set of skills - as such, so does/will the deed - everything can be accommodated. I've played Wurm for a year and a half and don't plan to go anywhere anytime soon, so joining the deed is "safe" so to speak! More experienced players generally prefer to do their own thing - here, you can! In terms of housing, as above, I aim to be accommodating. There is no real minimum or maximum as to how much space you can have for housing and projects, it simply has to work with the land that's available. I'm happy to expand the deed if necessary too - there is plenty of space to, I simply haven't bothered due to me being the only player at the deed for a while. Only village rule: be mature. That means don't aggro your peers or go 110% HotS just because someone left something shiny on the floor that you might like for yourself! Any villager is welcome to help as much or as little as they want to on village projects. Uniquely, you're also more than welcome to contribute ideas and changes too - my mind can only stretch so far, I'd love to get some input from others about things to tweak and add to make the deed better. And lastly, a word about the deed's status. It is almost fully terraformed and there are many projects under way. These include: - A 150 tile boat cave ("sailboat garage") - Ongoing construction work to build a range of main buildings - Ongoing work to make the deed prettier, with trees, decorations etc. So, if you're interested in the village, feel free to PM me if you have any questions or want to know more about joining. I also lie when I say that I'm the only person at the deed - I did have 2 villagers, but due to RL issues they haven't been around much. Kinda related - if you're coming back to Wurm after a break and want somewhere to give the game another go then I'm happy to take the risk and let you try it out again here. To finish, some pics: Looking at the deed from the south - much of the mountain to the right of this pic is also part of it. Everything else in the near shot is the deed too. The main square One half of the village workshop Main pier and much of the deed's open space Thanks for looking through the thread!
  8. Welcome Wurmians, WurmHelper is a application that contains useful tools for new players and even old players to use to help them in the world of WurmOnline. I will be working on this project as much as I can and I'll be continuing to add new tools every week. I am open to suggestion, so if you think WurmHelper is missing something, then don't be shy and let me know, I don't bite WurmHelper Version 0.1.4 Sourceforge DropBox Other Info WurmHelper Sourceforge Homepage WurmHelper Change Logs Click Here for ScreenShots Found a bug? Link coming soon WurmOnline Twitter Feed Server status with player count. Weight / Max Carry / Max Drag Mind logic Body control for what you can mount Slope Priest Pray Timer Meditation Path levels + questions and answers Meditation Timer Sleep Bonus Calculator Curve Calculator Favor Calculator House design with skill requirement Seasons Settlement Calculator Skill Dump Follow me on Twitter: @MrCoo1boy