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Found 2 results

  1. Grand Steppe Preservation

    As some of you may know, I built and own the Hunting Lodge on the Grand Steppe. This lodge was designed specifically for hunters and adventurers to have a place of respite from hunting. However in my time on the Grand Steppe I have noticed several other areas where people have terraformed large areas of land to build their villages or create forests. This has been a problem for quite some time now. I'm suggesting, as I'm sure others have before me, that we undertake a community project to clean up and preserve the Grand Steppe and maybe even expand it in the process. Before trying to plan any project of this scope, I'd first like an estimate of how many people support this idea and how many are willing to help in the labor if this restoration does kick off. By way of vote or comment, please show your support or disapproval of this possible project to preserve and expand the Grand Steppe, in the hopes of returning not only it's beauty, but it's hunting-game as well. If this proposition receives enough support, further planning and scouting for the project will take place and updates to the timeline of events will be made.
  2. I've been playing (and paying) Wurm for a couple of years. Just came back after a short hiatus and thought I'd post some suggestions that I think would make this game really wonderful and add some long-term paying customers (such as myself and all the members of my village/group/guild/whatever we're calling all the pasty white people I play with since EQ1) I'm listing these in order of importance (for attracting continuing and new paying customers): 1) Towers and Mult-level Dwellings I know there's been some hesitation from the team about adding access to the Z plane, but I beleive building up is imperative. Dwellings should be able to be formulaically built. With a certain level of both carpentry and masonry, you should be able to build a second and third story on a building. Stairs would obviously have to be part of this, but I think this is the next needed expansion. Internal pillars to support second and tiertiery floors could be required once a first floor is (for example) wider than 1 square wide. Internal walls should be included - potentially as mandatory to be "load bearing" for upper floors - more for the look/feel and the requirement to build. Towers players can build and climb including walk-able walls would lead to Castles and this would be a HUGE benefit to Wurm - especially on PVP. 2) Bridges - wood and mason both Wurm worlds are quite beautiful once a healthy community is built up. There are many places a bridge would be perfect and look great as well as be functional. There are gorges (natural and player made) that spanning could be done via bridge. Some could (like cannals) be community projects. 3) Bigger worlds - by factor of at least 10. If you are anything like me, you feel Wurm is VERY,VERY crowded regardless of what server (carebear or PVP) that you're on. One thing I very much enjoy about Minecraft is that the world is HUGE. When the new PVP servers went live, we built a village and didn't have a neighbor for almost 2 months. Now we have 12....ugh... There HAS to be Frontier. I would gladly abandon the villages we've spent months building up if there was untouched land somewhere!! (And pay for it) 4) Dragons - Now I'm wishing! Hellhounds and horses are great, but where are the dragons? There should be dragons that spawn. I don't care if they are centered on certain areas, but there should be fight-able and ride-able dragons in the world, and it shouldn't be easy to beat or easy to ride. 5) NPC Villages - raidable but unbeatable There should be NPC villages that spawn and have loot. There should be AI humanoids that fight as a group so these places are formidable. These could be 10 and 20 group requirements to raid succesfully, but in the end once the village leader is beat, there is some kind of loot and the village quickly rots I love Wurm - it is a great game and I've spent a lot of $ on it over the last 2 years and with some improvements, I will spend a lot more on it and time as well. I think it is the greatest sandbox game out there and hope the devs take this to heart! Thanks Longs/PalletBoy