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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! This thread is now closed as Grey Run has moved to Pristine
  2. Hunted status: This is a re-occurring problem which really needs to be fixed. Gaining hunted status for hitting someone in your own kingdom with a catapult gives you hunted status, in terms of raiding a deed if this persons pet is in a mine with another persons pet they instantly aggro onto each other. This is especially important when it comes to using Hell horses as they have to be tame to ride safely on. Simple way to fix this is to remove the hunted status completely on Chaos as it does not play the role its supposed to, its useless and is just an inconvenience to everyone. Expanding a deed: Upon recent changes of deeds ignoring aggressive animals when expanding, someone forgot to code it in for not allowing to expand over the top of enemy players/mines (as seen and used to a ridiculous advantage recently) Hell Horses: If the rider on the Hell horse is riding it untamed, the Hell horse shouldn't attack the rider, instead it should just kick him off or not fight at all. On top of this, own kingdom tower guards should not aggro to the Hell horse (or vice versa) if the player is riding it, as the player is meant to have the Hell horse under control. Avatars: They need to de-spawn instantly the moment the mission for them is over, instead of waiting for a GM to whiz kill it. They should be aligned to the correct kingdom, I.e a Blacklight based kingdom should not have a friendly Fo avatar, instead it should have a friendly Lib one. This goes for all PMKs. Whitelight based kingdoms should have their respective Gods Avatar neutral to them. I am sure there is more annoying inconvenient things but this is all I come up with for now.
  3. Devil's Bend is recruiting! We are actively looking for players of all skill range and age We reside on the South Eastern part of the continent of Release [x:42 Y:32], as indicated in the picture below "Why should I join?" You may ask yourself. Here are some point features we are Devil's have to offer -Vast mine exceeding 250 tiles -Lead vein access -Iron vein on deed (over 12 veins last I checked, varying from low ql to "Utmost") -Copper Vein on deed (Utmost) -Tin Vein access via Alliance member -Silver Vein on deed (Utmost, Devil's Fabrication) -Marble Vein on deed (countless veins at varying QL) -Zinc Vein on deed (Three counted thus far, Devil's Fabrication) -Countless ongoing projects that you may partake in if you wish -Ever growing helpful friendly community, that is always willing to help in any way they can -Market status with plenty of market stalls for your own Merchant -Plenty of room for you and your friends to set up a house and make your living! -Three Deeds now under our control (Devil's Bend, Devil's Fabrication, and Devil's Domain) We have extremely nice neighbours, a highway in the front of our deed, and a canal very close to us giving us access to northen waters. Perhaps the most important part to mention, we do not require premium, do not require your undying loyalty and will never ask you to partake in the paying of rent Our goal here is to create a living community, with all the freedom one could ask for (Within reason ) If you would like more information please feel free to contact any of us in game, or leave a post on here In game contacts: Blackavuli - Mayor, Devil's Bend Steeloxide - Mayor, Devil's Domain Shortie - General Manager, Devil's Bend Zerohope - Recruiter, Devil's Bend Eldoro - Recruiter, Devil's Bend Raistlinmajere - Mayor, Devils Fabrication