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Found 5 results

  1. Ok, for this one, I can not use my chosen shortcut key to examine a mine door on my deed (Cornersville) here on Indy. This is a new thing. I used to be able to use my shortcut key (which is '\') to examine this mine door. The following is how this went wrong for me: 10 Oct 2019 I was imp'n repairing things, fine. Every once in a while I'd hit '\' to examine, worked find. Later I was going thru some old loot... repairing/examining ('\' for me) just fine. My last use of the '\' key for me was at 23:28:51 (EST) iaw my event tab (I NEVER right click 'examine' when looking at things). When I got to my mine door (~23:37, EST same day, so like 9 minutes after my last use of the '\' key), I hit my shortcut key for examine '\' got no result in my event tab. Hit that key repeatedly.. no result in event tab. Made certain my cursor was hovering over that mine door, everything. Nothing in event tab. So I checked in my list of assigned shortcut keys... It said I had 'Y' assigned to my examine. WTF? So I fixed my shortcut list so '\' was restored to my choice to use for examining items. And still when I press my short cut key '\' to examine that mine door, nothing shows up in my event tab. Double clicking the mine door does show examine results in my event tab. Right clicking selecting 'examine' works just fine too. AS you can see in the screenshot, my shortcut key for Examine is '\'. So that part is right. But when I hit '\' I get no result in my event tab when my cursor is hovering over that mine door. The last time I used my shortcut key '\' to examine this mine door was 18:04 EST on Oct 1, 2019 (iaw my event log). I think this is true here. Can not be absolutely certain if I had to right click examine that wooden mine door that time. I may not have noticed my inability to use the short cut key on that. I was busy that day. But I'm pretty sure I would have noticed my frick'n examine key suddenly not working. I DID notice it for sure today no lie. My shortcut key for examine '\' does work with a local stone mine door. I do not have any other types of mine doors in my convenient proximity to test. So far as I know, only wooden mine doors are broke like this. I have 2 wooden mine doors that I have tested so far today. Both wooden mine doors refuse to acknowledge me banging away on my examine shortcut key. A helper in CA help said their examine shortcut key would not work on their mine door too. I suggest someone in authority come give these wooden mine doors a good talking to. Let them know this sort of lazy ignoring of paying customers will not be tolerated, or some such. Please fix, thanks 🙂 TeeeBOMB
  2. Carts, ships, animals all have a means of identifying an owner, but not buildings. We really should have the building owner visible on examine. Would make it easier for contacting people to discuss/negotiate in land disputes, moving into an area, or whatever.
  3. I think you should be able to Examine at range when using a spyglass. Not at unlimited range but as long you can load objects they should be examineable. I don't Chaos so no idea if this would be OP in PvP.
  4. When I "Examine" large anvils, carts, all the items that could be used while on-ground, I get a nice line indicating its QL & DMG. Same should be for any items laying in ground. Sometimes I can't pick up an item which I'd want to know info about.
  5. I have an empty BSB in my inventory. I examine it: [13:21:49] A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons. The bulk storage bin is firmly secured to the ground. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Ga.i.'. Ql: 33.20353, Dam: 0.0. I can drop it, another player can pick it up, he can push it around, this all works. But if either of us tries to plant it, it errors: [13:28:26] The bulk storage bin is already planted. It's not planted, it's in my inventory. Multiple attempts to log, relog, use alts, board boats to reset UI, etc, have failed to resolve it. This doesn't happen with all BSBs, I can replant other ones fine.