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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm a mayor of a relatively new deed on Independence... and I've got a bit of a "fool me once..." situation. What I Want: Some feedback based on in-game experiences, as well as personal play style commentary. Discussion with and between Wurm players. Honesty. What I DO NOT Need To Be Told: how permissions function, how to use permissions, technical aspects and how-to's. That I'm a stupid girl. That I'm naive. That I need to L2P. No grandstanding or hating. Some Background: I deeded a large swath of land. It's basically a rectangle longer than it is tall, that occupies most of a relatively steep hillside. The land includes a ton of trees, bushes, an entire mine, and even part of a highway. I have plans for all the space I took, and intend to work on this deed (and stick around on WO) long-term. Knowing that deeding this land will take away access to a bunch of previously free resources (wood, ore, food, mobs in the forest, etc) from the established locals... I deliberately set non-citizen permissions on deed for harvesting resources. In order to allow this level of access, it is necessary to also allow pick-up privileges. This is especially for trees and ore - resources that don't automatically go into your inventory, and require you to pick them up after gathering. I put a LOT of thought into this decision, and I knew how risky this level of permission - for basically anyone - would be. Where I'm Coming From: Despite the risk, I felt that it was (is) important to be a positive addition to my neighborhood. My deed is also very close to a newbie spawn point - so I also wanted new players venturing out for the first time to be able to use forage & botany, etc. Part of why I felt comfortable deeding so much land was that, from the very start, the build I intend to create on this land is based on a kinda idealized version of an old English estate (very idealized, lol) - where someone owns the land and is technically in charge, but the lands are accessible to the locals for farming, building their own homes as tenants, setting up a local market or town square to socialize, using the land & water resources for hunting, fishing, etc. Ultimately, I simply wanted to be neighborly, to play fairly, and to keep other's enjoyment of the game in mind. The Situation: As I have been building and gathering resources, things have been.... going missing. This is happening in areas that are noticeably "in-progress" and obviously on someone's deed. I have been building very methodically and keeping resources clustered together, to avoid the appearance of this stuff having been abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Anything that is able to be "secured" has been planted. But I'm not perfect, and some things end up simply dumped in a pile, or are otherwise loose - especially when there are times that I've needed to log off in a hurry. First it was a barrel of nails. Fairly low quality and easy to replace. Then there was a barrel of ribbons. Again, pretty low quality and I simply replaced them and the barrel. The most recent was a large barrel full of water (I haven't built a well yet). Obviously, again, not such a deal - I'll replace the large barrel and I'm not dying of thirst. Anything else that has "wandered off" has been mostly incidental, some jars of milk and cooking oil, a stack of grass or dirt or planks. Nothing really unfortunate... yet. I do have areas that are fenced in and behind locks: my horses and work animals, my food and fields, my cart of major supplies and tools. But I'm more concerned by the overall pattern being established here. Will the person(s) making visits to "borrow" from me eventually decide to bash down a fence and take my sheep? Or horses? Due to limitations beyond my control, some areas that I'm using are on perimeter instead of on deed. I would have simply deeded more, but there are reasons that this is not an option. And even if that never happens... will I always be plagued by ongoing petty theft in return for my attempts to be accessible and neighborly? The Bottom Line: I knew that something like this was a risk when I set the permissions the way that I did. Now that I have new information (in-game experience) - should I re-evaluate my earlier decision to allow general access to resources on-deed? Should I restrict non-citizen access, and come up with some other way to provide free resources and materials to my neighbors and the occasional traveler? What would that look like? How can I make that happen? Will these incidents escalate, or is this just a minor annoyance that isn't worth making any changes over? Is there a general consensus among Wurmians about resource access & etiquette? In terms of "Wurniam ethics," am I doing something abnormal, or is the "thief" the aberration? Ultimately: at what point does this cross a line and I need to tighten my permissions - if ever?
  2. Stay off my lawn!

    People are interesting. I recently returned after a long absence from Wurm and decided to make a home on Xanadu. I really wanted a mountain top deed this time around and a friend showed me a recently disbanded deed a top a nice mountain. It’s roughly 3k dirt/slope above the water level with very nice views. When I first arrived there wasn’t much there except for a bed, 2 large carts, and a few bsbs. All the buildings were gone. There were no roads into or out of the area. There was a fair bit of terraforming already done. It was a neat place so I set down a deed. There was one deed to the south, and that is owned by the friend who showed me the spot. The only other deed in the area is NW of me. Going diagonally it’s roughly 110 tiles from deed border to deed border. I put down my deed in early November and I had never once seen anyone at the deed NW of me log in. When I would stop by the deed it was teaming with hell hounds, all their off deed structures (like fences) had rotted, and many of their penned animals were dead. Some of the buildings were started but never completed. Thus I figured the person(s) had quit since they didn’t appear to be playing any longer. Since placing my deed a friend placed another deed due west of me. He put it down at the water level creating a boat dock for us. This deed is greater than 80 tiles deed-edge-to-deed-edge from the seemingly abandoned deed to the NW. He placed the deed on what was a very small leveled spot (by small i mean a handful of tiles) and a 1-tile wide tunnel with no mine door. This tunnel started up the inside of the mountain due west of my deed. It was full of critters, switchbacks, and collapsed tiles when we explored it. There were also spots where you nearly had to climb to get further up due to the poorly planned mining. At the top of the tunnel was an exit with a 1x1 wood shed, a large cart with about 25 damage, a forge, and 3 bsbs. I knew who owned the cart by examining it, and that match the signature on the bsbs. I assumed that the 1x1 shed was also his since the cart was in a pen attached to the shed. To this day I have never seen this person in my local. We eventually decided to build a tunnel all the way from my friends new deed at the water to the top of the mountain to my deed. As part of this new tunnel we reused the 20 or so tiles that were part of the dilapidated mine. With the help of friends we made a tunnel 166 tiles long, 3-tiles wide, with fully reinforced walls and floors. Lastly my friend Roysta manicured all of the ceiling tiles to give it a very finished look. It’s very impressive. We excavated more than 25,000 shards not including sloping the floors and finishing the ceiling. In addition the tunnel contains 42 ore veins. It was a huge undertaking and i’m happy with the accomplishment. Then a few days ago (about 2.5 months after placing my deed) someone shows up in my local. He says he’s from the deed to the NW. He says they’ve been playing on another server all this time. I offer to add them to the mine doors so they can have access and that’s the end of the conversation. The deed to the NW is on a plateau in somewhat of a bowl. We have a mine door that opens to this plateau that gave them excellent access from their deed. Once in the tunnel they can go down to the docks we’ve built or continue up to the top of the mountain where I have built roads connecting all the way back to Glass Hollow. Yesterday I see the guy from the NW deed again in my local. I wandered down the mine and encounter him and another villager of his in the tunnel one driving a large cart the other a wagon. There’s a small part of the 166-tile mine that sits in between the two deeds that is covered by neither. This section contained the bsbs and the forge that I found when I arrived. I had since filled two of the bsbs with shards from the mining project so they wouldn't rot. The third bsb had about 60kg of quality ~13 gold ore I had mined. I arrived just as they were finishing loading up all my stuff and were carting it off. They also took some frying pans, nails, and a small water barrel. Perplexed as to why he felt the need to take a bunch of stuff I messaged him. First he denied taking anything, but then says “if you want to keep things, put them in a locked bsb or on deed.†He said “we've been here since day 1 and that tunnel is not yours, you may have expanded it and use it, but its not yours by a long shot.†He follows it up with “so you can take your flimsy ownership over a tunnel you appropriated after the last guy abandoned it, and either deed it, or stop whining.†I don’t care about the stuff. Just the day before I loaded up one players boat with 2.4k of nice quality shards just so they wouldn't go to waste. I would have happily given them the shards had they asked. What is really astonishing I remember both of these players from gold 1. They aren't newbies. Yet they feel justified carting off a bunch of stuff since I “stole†a mine tunnel located more than 80 tiles off their deed and feel I've wrongly invaded “their†area. I guess they want me off the lawn. I would have expected better of veteran players. A friend of mine points out that the social aspects of wurm can actually be the most challenging part of the game at times. I think he’s onto something.
  3. Wurm has it's rules. We should keep to them to prevent hurting the others. These precious rules are also called: Wurms etiquette. To help you understand how we live in the world of Wurm we wrote them down. 1. Thy shall not jump! Wurmians are civilised people. That's why we shall never ever jump. This is considered very rude. There is a myth about jumping that says that it was so long ago a Wurmian jumped that we forgot how to. 2. Thy shall take off your cap in the presence of other Wurmians who are equal to you. Of course there are some exceptions. Like when fighting monsters. Easy to remember as bears are not companions, they are meat. 3. Thy shall not confuse the guards! Do not say anything else to the guards than: "help!" or "guards!". Guards are very low educated. Only the dumbest of dumbest npc's could become guards. Do not let guards feel dumb! Call them for what they are trained for. If a guard does not respond to your call, don't worry, you just hurt his feelings or damaged his brain. 4. Thy shall not sexually harass anyone in Wurm. If you feel horny and you are such a sad person that you think the only way to get what you want is through Wurm, go get yourself the 'secret' service of the merchants. They want to feel sexy for once too. 5. Thy shall not insult anyone in Wurm. Insult a guard instead! They won't understand anyway and you might damage their brain even more. That was what you wanted to do in the first place right? Damaging brains. But always remember rule No. 3 of the Wurm etiquette, which leaves no valid reason for insulting ANYTHING. 6. Thy shall be a gentleman! One with premium membership and way more awesome than others! Just kidding. Stay modest, polite and classy. 7. Thy shall respect noobs. You can think of reasons and ways too do it yourself. Trying to make jokes is hard you know! 8. Thy shall always logout next to a danger zone. This is not hard to do, it just happens. 9. Thy shall respect all gods! Plant flowers, like hot men like Magranon, fish and follow rainbows to hell, where you pinch people with pointy spears and steal their belongings! 10. Thy shall expand the Wurm etiquette and share it with your neighbours. Get it NEIGHbours. Like horses? No? Bad joke...
  4. So, I lurked the forum for a while before I started to give opinions, and this is the first thread I actually create, and it is regarding the forum Rules. The forum rules are fine as they are now, they are nice yet flexible. However I would make a couple of additions, as the playerbase increases, or as more players turn to the forums to give ideas, look for information, trade, etc. Some rules to make the forum more readable, beyond search engine mechanics (wich I see fail in every forum I have been). I may sound a bit too strict maybe, but I have been part of very large forums, and when forums get some speed, some filters need to be made. Things I would add to the rules, maybe not set in stone, but as code of conduct. 1- No self Bump of your thread, if the community is not interested in the subject, let it sink and give room for topics wich are of interest. 2- No creating multiple threads in the same or diferent forum regarding the same topic. 3- Some limit to X ammount of ongoing threads in the Suggestions & Ideas sub-forum per-user. Where X is a number that people agree its fair. (to avoid clutter, and to make forumers think and develope their ideas before posting the first thing that crosses their mind.) The way I see it, cluttering is not an issue in the most inmediate future, but it could become an issue quick if unchecked. Changes on this kind of "rules", wich actually border on simple forum etiquette also take some time to settle in the natural flow and minds of the forumers. So, those are my two cents.