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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! Another week down, and another edition of Valrei International! This week we cover a few things, but first, Patch notes! Leafless trees! A long desired change, felled trees now have a beautiful leafless model, meaning no more lost in a sea of tree models! The unstable client will automatically change from the falling tree animation to the static leafless version, but the stable client will require picking up and dropping the tree, or relogging. If you do encounter any bugs or crashes with the 4.0 client, be sure to list the current build number in your bug reports, which is 90ca651. Missed update notes We missed a few update notes in yesterdays update as they weren't bugs and they slipped through, here's the details: Cookbook searching This update included a change to the cookbook, with the ability to search by ingredients, cooker, container, and notes! This should allow you to ensure that you can always find the recipe you want. You can also mouse over the "Search by" field to find out just how many recipes you have, who has the highest? Larder changes The larder has also been tweaked, and should provide even more decay protection for things stored inside it, we'll be keeping an eye over them this coming Wurm winter, and will again be following all feedback about their effectiveness. Flowers and honey Flowers and enchanted grass were tweaked to provide bigger boosts to honey production during spring and summer, I know this one was asked by several so I'm sure many are happy to see it has come in. Esert update clarification A couple of questions this week about the Esert update contest, all submissions can be sent to me via PM or via email, and it will run until the 17th of Feb. The entries will then be voted upon by you in the Esert sub forum. There's no limitations in the design plans, but we may request changes if we feel they may cause too much lag or that it is missing some new player accommodations. Community Content This weeks community content is the first annual impalong ojn Mythmoor, a popular WU server! Impalongs are a long enjoyed tradition in WO and I really like seeing them come to WU as well, it starts today and runs all weekend. That's it for this week, I hope you all have a great weekend, and I'll see you next week with more news! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  2. New banner courtesy of Saroman! Hi Everyone! Another week has passed, and it's time to share some more news about what's going on with the Wurm team. We're still ramping up as that holiday feeling passes and work mode kicks in, with an update to Wurm online due to land early to mid next week, pending some fixes, but for now, the news! WU devblog This week saw the WU devblog go up on steam,, outlining the delays in 1.3 coming as well as touching on the future plans for WU, including a possible updated server UI . Check out the article here: Esert makeover! Last year we had the design a deed comp for several deeds, and it went amasingly well, with some awesome designs (I love jbergs knot highway) and we've recently been asked about Esert, the starter deed on Exodus. So we're opening it up to a design comp, all entries will be placed in the subforum for exodus, and you're all welcome to vote, the original current design will also be included, for those who want to keep it as it is. The deedplanner info for Esert is here: Nahjo faith transfer The conversion for Nahjo faith to another deity faith has been running since the 22nd of November, and will end on the 1st of February, Please ensure that you have performed any transfers you wish to by then. Community Content This weeks community content is the Iron Chef - Wurm edition competition by shydow, who is holding a competition for wurmians to nominate their best recipes that fit the criteria! Have you entered yours? (apparently vodka and bread doesn't work) That's it for this week, I'd like to thank Saroman for the spiffy new header border, and hope you all have a great weekend of Wurm, until next time, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.