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Found 2 results

  1. Become The Environmental Hero! Mother Nature helps us by giving wood, ores, food and home. But how can we help her? Answer is easy; by destroying unwanted tiles! Look at that amount of unwanted tiles disfiguring our beautiful lands! We have to get rid of them! What we have to destroy: *Slabs *Plank floors *All kinds of cobblestone *Packed dirt Rules: *Take screenshot of area before and after *Count how many tiles you destroyed and post it here. *Be honest *Don't destroy highways or used roads(if you're not 100% sure that roads is unused, leave it alone) *Make sure that area is abandoned *Make sure it isn't historical place *Remember to pray to retrive eventual faith losses List of Deliverance Ecologists: The Environmental Hero! 1000 tiles+ Nature Lover 500 tiles+ Ecologist 200 tiles+ Little Ecologist 50 tiles+ List will be updated up to date
  2. I know this is likely something VERY few folks can identify with however... I often hop on the game for a few minutes here and there while waiting on dock folk to do their thing. The laptop sits nicely on the steering wheel and off I go into the lands of Wurm. For the first day I kept thinking I need to go tighten that [alternator] belt because I would hear the squeal. Rev the motor up a notch or two and it would settle down. When I actually checked it, lo and behold the thing was tight with no sign or excess wear. Then I finally heard that squeal with the engine off and realized the 'problem' was the cricket sound in game and not a diesel maintenance issue! The sound would only have to be modified to warble a bit rather than the steady squeal. ok, I see you rotflol but hey, I'm new and not the only driver to goof off during downtime.