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Found 7 results

  1. My latest crazy idea is based on firepillar (type firepillar into console below ground to see where that tile is when you go above ground, it looks like lava but it not). Fire pillar shows that the game can link the 2 tiles. With all the great new below ground building options I'm sure lots of people have expanded their deeds underground. My idea is a ladder you can build below ground on a flat paved tile, then build a corresponding ladder on the tile above ground. A little bit of teleporting magic and you have a new entrance type! Simple, I think, it would be useful for me. Ideally it would support high ceilings too, maybe even some ceiling graphics if possible.
  2. Ok I was mining this from the inside.... so I can get a flush opening with the ground. but it angles up both on the outside and inside... Please do not say cement because that would only take care of it slightly from in inside.. I cannot collapse it.. not until a friend decides to log in.....But it will not let me level or flatten it.. is there any way to deal with this.. I spend two freakn days mining my way to this location from the inside delt with all kinds of insanity only to have this happen....wth
  3. i paved the tunnel (support beam, mortar, and colossus bricks) and i noticed, at cave entrance tile speed is low, like on regular freshly mined cave tile, instead of speed at rest of tunnel.
  4. I made a water tunnel entrance by tunneling in . Mined several other tiles in the water. Cave floors in the water are all flat except for the entrance tile. Had priest collapse the entrance, Tried mined the entrance tile wall from inside the mine and I get the error that the water is too deep. Was hoping to achieve a level floor on the entrance. Luckily this was just a test and not a real canal entrance.
  5. there are times when I just accept the nutty things we have to do in wurm, but today has been nothing but frustrating. Wasted hours of sailing, to get to a hunt that was just too laggy to function. But what really gets me is the 2 hours of time I've been spending trying to stuff my knarr through cave canal entrances. Some days is can slide right out and no disembarks, but most of the time it is stuck, disembark, the alts that disembark get bugged teleporting, log them out, log in, push/pull knarr, climb back on, try again. Turn lag... trying to wiggle when stuck in an exit can sometimes get through, but because turn lag is so bad, you don't know how far you wiggled and suddenly your ship is stuck sideways in solid rock. Is this considered a bug, or simply sloppy programming? I'm tired and horribly annoyed. Forgive my tone, but come on people....
  6. Well i guess i have not had a tall enough mine entrance before to worry about it but what is the skill to slope ratio? I had thought you could build low stone wall on any slope entrance but it does not seem to be working now. Did it change or have i just not needed the skill before?
  7. Walking of a building from 2'nd floor or higher above a mine entrance causes you to walk in the air and on mine roofs. I expected to fall down, into the mine entrance instead.