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Found 6 results

  1. Patriots Alliance is inviting new players on Del. We have both new and experienced players that enjoy helping / training others. Feel free to PM either Valkeryies or Leragon in game for more information.
  2. Polish returning player looking companions to reclaim old home and build a new one. Im looking polish or ENG-speaking players to cooperate, build, fight, live long and prosper together :). U can find mi in game (Xanadu) as Lordsadipl. -- North-EastPolski gracz wraca do gry! Szukam chętnych do pomocy w odbiciu z ochydnych łap potworów mojej starej siedziby. Zapraszam polaków i osoby mówiące po angielsku (średnio jest sens pisać o tym po polsku, ale polak z angielskim też sie przyda). W grze znajdziecie mnie pod nickiem Lordsadipl. -- Północny wschódLord Sadi
  3. Pristine, right now Description: Magranon needs you to create 80 benchs. benchs -> benches A even better one Description: Libila commands you to slay 34 champion Octopuss that have appeared across the land. octopuss('n boots) -> octopus
  4. Evening Just a reminder to anyone (but especially to our south african friends) that Espresso Isles server is still up and looking for folks to settle and help kindle an economy. It's the result of a lot of personal investment in time and finances, so the server is here to stay. We have had almost no downtime (reboots) in the 8 months we have been around, and take backups and maintenance seriously. However, not going to sell it like it's a profitable product, we would just like to gain a few players that enjoy the peace and quiet of civilising a new world. The challenge: Settling in a raw wilderness Nurturing an economy Priesthood Give us a shout, pop in on the wiki here, or finds us in game (your maintainers and owners are Zidon, Marlon and Angora). Search the server list for 'espresso' Worst case, ignore this post and have a good day Cheers. M
  5. UK Albion Our website is still being constructed but its: Hi my 8k x 8k map is taken from Ordinance Survey heightmap data then modified in Photoshop etc. It's on our own server and has been running very well for the past month. We had to do some jiggery pokery with a number of things but we are not experiencing lag. Java was much to blame for the lag by the way. We had to give it more memory. We have to give great thanks to Wurm Map Launcher v2.8, Without which i'm not sure we could have done it. Some of the sights are amazing, the shore lines gently slope as they should do. Mount Snowden is impressive too. We have not opened it to the public just yet and intend to do so very soon; If there proves to be interest. We are very new to all this so any help an advice from anything on how best to run a public server to how to set missions and quests would be gratefully received with thanks.
  6. I will just paste the argument from wikipedia, which redirects corn to maize. Basically, as you will read, the word corn actually means lots of different kinds of plants, and maize is much more specific. "Maize" is precise, "corn" is ambiguous "Maize" is the vernacular word that means only the plant that this article is about, in all regional varieties of English. "Corn" has a confusing variety of meanings that vary by locality. In particular, one common meaning of "corn" is the staple cereal crop of a given locality. 3a. collective singular. The seed of the cereal or farinaceous plants as a produce of agriculture; grain. As a general term the word includes all the cereals, wheat, rye, barley, oats, maize, rice, etc., and, with qualification (as black corn, pulse corn), is extended to leguminous plants, as pease, beans, etc., cultivated for food. Locally, the word, when not otherwise qualified, is often understood to denote that kind of cereal which is the leading crop of the district; hence in the greater part of England ‘corn’ is = wheat, in North Britain and Ireland = oats; in the U.S. the word, as short for Indian corn, is restricted to maize (see 5). 5. orig. U.S. Maize or Indian corn, Zea Mays; applied both to the separated seeds, and to the growing or reaped crop. corn on the cob: green maize suitable for boiling or roasting; maize cooked and eaten on the cob. Wheat, rye, barley, oats, etc. are in U.S. called collectively grain. Corn- in combinations, in American usage, must therefore be understood to mean maize, whereas in English usage it may mean any cereal; e.g. a cornfield in England is a field of any cereal that is grown in the country, in U.S. one of maize.—Oxford English Dictionary's definition of "corn"