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Found 19 results

  1. Welcome to Seaward Crafts. Thanks for visiting! For questions and purchases, please contact Thalorane or Orran in game or post your reply here. Items that cannot be mailed can be traded at the Seaward deed, located on coastal Pristine at Q8/R8 border. I accept in trade sleep powder as 1s each, and scale and hide at market value. "Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used." - COC increases skill gain on the item when used as a tool. Skill gain increases depending on the enchantment power. Inventory of Creation QL COC-Cast Tools Inventory of COC-Cast Resources Chain Armor Padlocks (for Quality Control)
  2. Hello, and welcome to the Imperial March Galleria. We are an alliance group that resides on Harmony (R14, R15, R16) along the north coast of the southern most peninsula. In our alliance we have had many specialties and hobbies grow into impressive skills that we wish to share with the rest of the Wurm community. We strive to bring you excellent customer service and fair prices for our goods and services. Never hesitate to reach out to any of our vendors. If there's a service we don't provide ourselves, we are always happy to give you a recommendation to vendors we have personally used and trust to fulfill any order you have. HELL HORSE PADDOCK Mankypurple – Harmony: Imperial Bay (NW corner of Grid R15) SELF SERVICE NOT YET AVAILABLE, BUT IS COMING VERY, VERY SOON 1 SPEED HELL HORSES 2 SPEED HELL HORSE 3 SPEED HELL HORSE 4 SPEED HELL HORSE THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT HELL HORSES DO NOT NEED TO BE TAMED TO HITCH OR LEAD DO NOT ATTACK WHEN HITCHED TO HITCHING POST DO NEED TO BE TAMED TO RIDE (65 TAMING AND 31 BC TO RIDE) TEMPLARS WILL ATTACK THEM UNTIL BRANDED TEMPLARS DO NOT ATTACK IF BRANDED NOR ATTACK OFFSPRING OF BRANDED PARENTS CAN PUT HORSESHOES ON THEM TO INCREASE SPEEDS ARE 5km/h TIMES FASTER THEN REGULAR HORSES, SIMILARILY TRAITED AND SPEED TRAITS ARE ACTIVE MORE OFTEN MOLTEN COLORED HELL HORSES, LIKE EBONY BLACK HORSES, HAVE A NATURAL SPEED BONUS OF 2.5% OVER OTHER COLORED BREEDS. ENCHANTED FORGE WEREFERRET IS THE MAN FOR YOUR METALURGY NEEDS. HE SPECIALIZES WITH STEEL, BUT CAN WORK ANY METAL YOU DESIRE. *IF WEREFERRET IS OFFLINE, MANKYPURPLE CAN TAKE AND SHIP ORDERS AS NEEDED* Imperial Bay (NW corner of Grid R15) ENCHANTED SMALL AXE, SILVER, 71Q - 63 NIM, 67 LT, 63 COC, 60 MS - 6S PICKAXE, IRON 74Q - 64 COC - 1.5S PICKAXE, IRON 30Q - 50 COC - 1S MALLET, OAK 70Q - 43 COC - 1S NOT ENCHANTED CHAINMAIL SET, IRON 70QL -4S CHAINMAIL SET, IRON, 40QL - 2S CHAINMAIL SET, IRON, 40QL - 2S PLATE ARMOR SET, IRON, 35QL - 3S PLATE ARMOR SET, IRON, 35QL - 3S AWL, IRON, 50QL - 1S AXE, IRON, 50QL - 1S *5 AVAILABLE* AXE, SILVER, 50QL - 1S *2 AVAILABLE* BRANDING IRON, STEEL, 50QL - 1.5S BUTCHERING KNIFE, STEEL, 50QL - 1.5S CARVING KNIFE, IRON, 50QL, -1S CARVING KNIFE, STEEL, 50QL - 1S CLAY SHAPER, OAK, 50QL - 1S FILE, IRON 50-58QL, -1S *3 AVAILABLE* FILE, STEEL, 50QL - 1.5S HAMMER, IRON 50QL/X1 AT 70QL - 1S/2S *4 AT 50QL AVAILABLE* HAMMER, STEEL, 50QL -1.5S HUGE AXE, STEEL, 50QL - 4S KNIFE, IRON 50QL - 1S LARGE MAUL, IRON, 50QL - 2S *2 AVAILABLE* LEATHER KNIFE, IRON, 50QL - 1S LEGGAT, BIRCH, 50QL - 1S LONGSWORD, IRON, 50QL - 1.5S *3 AVAILABLE* MALLET, OAK, 50QL - 1S *5 AVAILABLE* MAUL, IRON, 50QL - 1.25S METAL TORCH, IRON, 50QL - 1.25S *80QL ANY COLOR PAINT AVAILABLE/ X3 AVAILABLE* NEEDLE, IRON 50QL - 1S PICKAXE, IRON, 50QL - 1S *2 AVAILABLE* ROPE TOOL, BIRCH, 50QL - 1S *5 AVAILABLE* SAW, IRON, 50QL - 1S *3 AVAILABLE* SCISSORS, IRON 50QL - 1S *2 AVAILABLE* SCYTHE, IRON, 50QL - 1S SHOVEL, IRON 50QL - 1S *3 AVAILABLE* SICKLE, IRON 50QL - 1S SPATULA, OAK, 50QL - 1S SPEAR, IRON, 50 QL - 1S *2 AVAILABLE* STONE CHISEL, IRON, 50QL - 1S *3 AVAILABLE* STONE CHISEL, STEEL, 50QL - 1.5S TACKLE BOX, IRON, 50QL - 1.5S *2 VAILABLE* DYES Mankypurple - Imperial Bay (NW corner of Grid R15) Please feel free to message me dye requests. I am capable of bulk orders. Please utilize this link: - for a tool to find your self an RBG code that appeals to you. I can make your dye based on that code. I will also send a screenshot sample of the color you picked on similar type of material to ensure your satisfaction. I only sell in multiples of 1kg. No partials. *DUE TO SHROTAGE IN MATERIALS, I AM UNABLE TO MAKE BLACK AT THE MOMENT. APOLOGIES FOR ANY ORDER DELAYS* *LOWEST QL WILL HAVE A FEINT SHADE/VERY MINOR CHANGES IN COLOR OF ITEM IT IS APPLIED ON* 0-10ql: 5 copper per kg *THE FOLLOWING WILL HAVE ADEQUATE SATURATION AND LOOK OK ON CLOTH ITEMS* 11-20ql: 7 copper per kg 21-30ql: 10 copper per kg * FROM HERE, DYE WILL LOOK GOOD ON WOODEN ITEMS AND ADEQUATE ON METAL ITEMS.* 31-40ql: 20 copper per kg / 10 copper per kg on orders over 10KG. 41-50ql: 25 copper per kg / 15 copper per kg on orders over 10KG. 51-60ql: 30 copper per kg / 20 copper per kg on orders over 10KG. *FROM HERE, STONE AND LEATHER WILL TAKE THE COLOR NICELY. SADDLES WILL TAKE ON A VELVETY LOOK AND BE DARKER AND RICHER LOOKING* 61-70ql: 35 copper per kg / 25 copper per kg on orders over 10KG. 71-80ql: 40 copper per kg / 30 copper per kg on orders over 10KG. FROM HERE, ALL ITEMS PAINTED WILL BE VIVID AND OUTSTANDING IN APPEARANCE* 81ql+: 60 copper per kg / 50 copper per kg on orders over 10KG. Walls take 1kg each Full suits of clothing takes 1kg Corbita takes 63kg for hull and 19 for sails Knarr takes 170kg for hull and 51kg for sails Large cart takes 15kg 1kg of dye will paint 25 lanterns/10 street lamps Mail boxes take 4kg Leather Working COMING SOON
  3. Hello all I would like to sell the items in my picture, please post or pm your offers. My character is named Wynd.
  4. I am looking to sell three characters. One a excellent priest, a battery priest for vyn and a middle ground carpenter. Please Make a offers Via PM. I am looking for paypal only. I will be as fair as possible. Please no low balls im not selling Ceno for 30 bucks ect.. again be fair and i will do my best to be also. I have played wurm online since mid 2013 and i am just not looking to play anymore. Priests will come with statuettes naturally. No prem on characters. Thank you for your time! Vyncake: Ceno : ArriusKhantos :
  5. Sale now over - thanks to all who bought something! Black Friday Sale Respond here or PM me on forum or in game (Kasumi) if you're interested in anything Make me an offer if you don't like the price Items can be mailed at the buyers expense or pick up can be arranged via PM Unique Potions Oil of the Armoursmith 11ql - 50c Fletching Potion 47ql - 1s Rares 80ql Rare file, iron - 4s 55ql Rope tool, pinewood - 2s 50c 60ql Rope tool, pinewood - 2s 50c 58ql Rope tool, birchwood - 2s 50c 30ql Fruit press, olivewood - 2s Enchanted Items 71ql Spindle oak WoA71 - 35c 71ql Spindle oak WoA79 - 35c 80ql Spindle oak WoA80 - 50c 80ql Spindle oak WoA80 - 50c 80ql Shovel iron WoA71 - 35c 80ql Shovel iron WoA76 - 35c 80ql Shovel iron WoA82 - 50c 70ql Hatchet iron WoA73 - 35c 70ql Hatchet iron WoA73 - 35c 70ql Hatchet iron WoA75 - 35c 80ql Hatchet iron WoA88 - 35c 95ql Large Rat Pelt WoA74 - 35c 96ql Large Rat Pelt WoA81 -50c 83ql Pickaxe iron WoA86 - 50c 14ql Needle iron CoC75 - 35c 62ql Large shield iron CoC82 - 50c 64ql Large shield iron CoC82 - 50c Leather Items 50ql Animal Rugs - 3c each Brown bear x7 Black Wolf x1 Mountain Lion x4 Black Bear x10 80ql Toolbelt - 50c Cooking Items 31x 50ql Frying Pans - 5c each 10x 50ql mortar and pestles - 5c each 10x 50ql bee smokers - 10c each
  6. Welcome to Skyfall Enchantments Market Every business starts slow, and so does this one. My goal is to provide you with the best enchanted items on the market, for the best price! Mailing is ALWAYS for free! !SILVERS FOR SALE! Limited time offer: *** 10c discount on all butchering knife n grooming brushes *** (The discount is not showed in the price) Example; item price = 79c Limited time offer price = 69c!! !Offer of the month! "Buy for more than 12.5s and get a free corbita" !Silver sale! No silvers for sale atm... !CHECK OUT ALL THE NEW ITEMS! Enchanted tools: Butchering Knifes, iron: Cotton, Exquisite meditation rug, cotton: File, iron: Grooming brush, oak: Hammer, iron: Hatchet, iron: Iron lumps: Key, copper: Kindlings, pinewood: Large anvil, iron: Mallet, oak: Needle, iron: Pelt: Pickaxe, iron Pickaxe, steel: Rake, iron: Rope tool, cedar: Rope tool, oak: Saw, iron Sickle, iron Small anvil, iron Shovel, iron: Shovel, steel: Spindle, cedar: Spindle, oak: Steel and flint: Stone Chisel: Water: Whetstone: Yo-yo, pine Shields, armour (also horse wearing) and weapons: Large Shield, iron: Saddle, leather: Rift loot / unique items: Bracelets: Shoulder pads: Blacksmithing imps: 90ql - 89c 80ql - 49c 70ql - 35c 60ql - 19c 50ql - 9c Please note, that if your item increases rarity, I'll add a extra charge. Costom vynora casts: I can do casts above 90+! For prices please PM. Mining service: Payment: I do accept paypal - 1s/1e! I'm always open for trades! **I'm looking for Referrals 5s/1 ** **I'm looking for Sleep powder 1s/1** - Items will be added daily! Best regards Giblet, Skyfall
  7. Enchanted items Updated 10-11-15 (GMT 1+) 07:16:00am Last added items: Pickaxe, iron 90,75 86coc 84woa 4s Pickaxe, iron 90,51 85coc 81woa 3,9s Bunch of SKILLER butchering knifes Item name: Awl, iron Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price: Awl, iron 15,08 84coc 1,5s Beautiful meditation rug, cotton Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price: Beautiful meditation rug, cotton 40,71 67coc 1s Butchering knife, iron Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Butchering knife, iron 2,77 84coc 1,25s Butchering knife, iron 2,77 81coc 1,2s Butchering knife, iron 2,77 77coc 1s Butchering knife, iron 5,51 75coc 90c Butchering knife, iron 4,45 75coc 90c Butchering knife, iron 2,89 72coc 75c Butchering knife, iron 4,72 72coc 75c Butchering knife, iron 4,32 72coc 75c Butchering knife, iron 4,45 71coc 71c Butchering knife, iron 4,45 69coc 69c Exquisite meditation rug, cotton Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Exquisite meditation rug, cotton 60,80 70coc 1,2s Large rat pelt Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Large rat pelt 89,14 76woa 54coc 2s Grindstone Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Grindstone 60,19 80coc 1s Hatchet, iron Item name: Ql: Enchant:Hatchet, iron 42,85 88coc 2.2s Hatchet, iron 90,08 87woa 76coc 2,7s Hatchet, iron 43,74 83coc 1.7s Hatchet, iron 26,03 80coc 1,5s Hatchet, iron 38,13 79coc 1,2s Hatchet, iron 42,73 79coc 1,2s Hatchet, iron 44,93 76coc 1s Hatchet, iron 30,09 71coc 75c Hatchet, iron 25,41 69coc 75c Hatchet, iron 31,12 69coc 75c Iron lumps Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Iron lump 91,61 97coc 4s Iron lump 91,61 95coc 3,5s Iron lump 91,61 92coc 3s Iron lump 91,61 85coc 1,5s Iron lump 91,61 80coc 1,2s Iron lump 91,61 79coc 1,2s Iron lump 91,61 79coc 1,2s Iron lump 91,61 79coc 1,2s Iron lump 91,61 75coc 1s Iron lump 83,19 74coc 80c Iron lump 71,83 71coc 80c Iron lump 91,61 70coc 80c Iron lump 91,61 70coc 80c Meditation rug, cotton Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Meditation rug, cotton 4,88 75coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 5,57 76coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 9,89 82coc 90c Meditation rug, cotton 9,69 78coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 8,85 79coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 9,61 81coc 90c Meditation rug, cotton 10,45 75coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 9,42 81coc 90c Meditation rug, cotton 10,45 74coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 5,35 80coc 90c Meditation rug, cotton 10,45 73coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 6,87 71coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 10,21 77coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 9,35 71coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 10,45 70coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 9,59 74coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 10,45 80coc 90c Meditation rug, cotton 7,24 70coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 1,00 71coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 9,65 73coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 7,65 77coc 85c Meditation rug, cotton 7,94 76coc 85c Mountain lion pelt Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Mountain lion pelt 87,51 70coc 70c Needle, iron Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Needle, iron 9,66 72coc 74c Needle, iron 10,04 75coc 75c Needle, iron 9,51 77coc 77c Needle, iron 10,04 75coc 75c Needle, iron 10,04 72coc 72c Needle, iron 9,63 73coc 73c Needle, iron 10,04 74coc 74c Pickaxe, iron Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Pickaxe, iron 90,75 86coc 84woa 4s Pickaxe, iron 90,51 85coc 81woa 3,9s Pickaxe, iron 4,85 71coc 71c Pickaxe, iron 4,69 70coc 70c Pickaxe, iron 4,63 70coc 70c Pickaxe, iron 3,55 71coc 71c Pickaxe, steel Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Pickaxe, steel 7,24 70coc 1s Pickaxe, steel 5,88 71coc 1s Pickaxe, steel 5,06 70coc 1s Pickaxe, steel 4,02 71coc 1s Pickaxe, steel 5,05 71coc 1s Pickaxe, steel 4,22 73coc 1s Pickaxe, steel 4,50 71coc 1s Pickaxe, steel 4,66 71coc 1s Rake, iron Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Rake, iron 1,00 71coc 71c Rake, iron 9,85 71coc 71c Rake, iron 1,00 72coc 72c Rake, iron 9,61 71coc 71c Rake, iron 13,89 74coc 74c Rake, iron 9,93 80coc 80c Rake, iron 9,63 71coc 71c Rake, iron 61,02 73coc 75c Rope tool Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Rope tool, cedar 69,58 70coc 70c Rope tool, oak 45,68 78coc 1,25s Saddle, leather Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Saddle, leather 79,83 75woa 1,5s Shovel, steel Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Shovel, steel 10,03 72coc 1s Shovel, steel 7,52 71coc 1s Shovel, steel 9,74 74coc 1s Shovel, steel 2,33 74coc 1s Shovel, steel 10,03 72coc 1s Shovel, steel 3,01 77coc 1,2s Shovel, steel 10,02 76coc 1,2s Shovel, steel 2,00 78coc 1,2s Shovel, steel 9,63 78coc 1,2s Shovel, steel 9,56 76coc 1,2s Shovel, steel 7,96 71coc 1s Shovel, steel 10,01 77coc 1,2s Shovel, steel 9,84 72coc 1s Shovel, steel 9,33 74coc 1s Shovel, steel 9,03 78coc 1,2s Shovel, steel 10,03 73coc 1s Sm. anvil, iron Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Small anvil, iron 19,13 81coc 1,6s Spindle Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price: Spindle, oak 75,77 64woa 75c Steel and flint Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Steel and flint 14,91 81coc 1,6s Whetstone Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price: Whetstone 78,91 50coc 50c Yo-yo Item name: Ql: Enchant: Price:Yo-yo 76,70 79coc 1,5s PAYMENT: !!Very simple & very effective!! I'd accept euro 1s/1e C = copper S = Silver Buyer pays the COD Costom Casts Of Vynora: Feel free to send me a message on the forum nor ingame, about costom casts! I'm able to cast 90+ enchants Costom Blacksmithing Improves Want to get you'r tools imped to 90+? - Well I can do that aswell ( + enchanting them if needed) Selling Silver aswell 1s/1euro: None in stock atm & Vyn priest SOLD!
  8. This is just a thought based on making enchanting a little more lucrative and reducing the need to re-enchant so often. All tools and weapons can have a gem added to them. Each god has a favoured gem (new gods won't need one since all spells are linked primarily to the old gods) : Fo - Emerald, Vyn - Sapphire, Mag - Ruby, Lib - Opal If a tool/weapon has a gem added to them the following effects take place 1. The item gains an "enchantment" named "<Gemtype> encrusted (QL of Gem)" 2. Any enchantments linked to a gem's god degrade GemQL% slower 3. It becomes GemQL/10% easier to improve or add enchants linked to that god 4. Gems can be removed by using a chisel on a tool/weapon (gems lose some QL). Removing a gem requires at least 25BC to prevent griefing. Adding a gem uses jewellery smithing and success is based on the QL of the item and gem QL. If a gem fails to be added it loses a little QL and the weapon/tool is damaged. Each item can hold at most 2 gems (maybe limit it to 1) This is mostly to add a high end crafting option for jewellers and synergise them with priests a bit more since there is no useful enchanted jewellery for PvE.
  9. Tbh didn't really want the sword anymore so I'm throwing it back up for auction [16:00:22] A long and slender sword. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [16:00:22] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Drsatan'. [16:00:22] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [85] [16:00:22] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [87] [16:00:22] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [100] [16:00:22] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [81] Starting Bid: 10s Bid increments: 50c Reserve: Hidden-ish Snipe Protection: 30 Minutes Buyout: None Item will be CoD'd to winner.
  10. Wtb any needle 50+ ql (can be 50) with CoC on it. Willing to negotiate with other enchantments. Wanting 50+ CoC and whatever for WoA. Can be rare or otherwise. PM me or message me on Wurm.
  11. I am looking for high life transfer high quality maul. 80-90 QL with 80-90 lifesteal. I'd like Nimbleness, Mind Steal, or CoC on it if possible.
  12. WTS a QL 80 medium maul, enchants - N82, LT24, CoC57 Wanting an offer.
  13. WTB Huge axe 80+ql, if enchanted list enchants. 50c for unenchanted 80QL and other market prices. Edit: Will bump the price up if I'm wrong about 50c for 80 QL
  14. Opening my store again, 3rd edition (simplified version) NEW ORDERS WILL HAVE TO WAIT, heading back to old server deed after current orders done to clean it out. Items mail COD from Independence server or pickup at 32x 7y Items mail COD from Xanadu server or pickup at Valley of the Damned (VOTD) P13 Forms of Payment: Cash Referrals valued at 7s each Sleep powder valued at 1.5s each The new potions from uniques valued at 3s each for mining/wc/armor and weapon smithing Blacksmithing 80ql = 1s 90ql = 2s 95ql = 5s Chain Armor Smithing (9 piece set) 70ql = 1.5s 80ql = 2.25s Weaponsmithing 60ql = 20c Witchcraft: (COC/WOA/FB/AOSP/LITD) 60+ power = 50c 70+ power = 70c 80+ power = 1s 85+ power = 1.5s 90+ power = 3s 95+ power = 4+s Nimble casts are 50% extra (AOSP discount 20% on 9 piece enchant sets)
  15. Now open for business, the Mistress of Metal, located at L24, deep in the bay near a large patch of peat moss. Willing to create chainmail (65 or lower QL), platemail (50 or lower QL), weapons (60 or lower QL), tools (70 or lower QL) on request. Vynoran enchantments can also be performed (COC, WOA, AoSP), but these may take extra time. Delivery for requested items will be sent COD. Please leave a message below or contact Cirianna, Bokora or Deathhuntsalone in game. Current inventory at merchant stand: Enchanted 75QL mallet (oakenwood) with 69COC: 2s 74QL mallet (oakenwood) with 44COC: 1s 50c Tools 72QL saw 35c 72QL rake 35c 72QL needle 35c 71QL shovel 35c 72QL hatchet 35c 73QL leather knife 35c 73QL pickaxe 35c 72QL chisel 35c 72QL large anvil 35c 72QL scissors 35c 74QL file 35c Weapons 60QL longsword 40c 60QL huge axe 40c (sold...more coming soon) 60QL butchering knife 40c 60QL short sword 40c 60QL carving knife 40c 60QL sickle 40c 60QL scythe 40c Armor 65QL chain coif 20c 65QL chain pants 25c 65QL chain jacket 25c 65QL chain sleeves 20c (2 available) 65QL chain gauntlet 20c (2 available) 65QL chain boots 20c (2 available)
  16. looks like there are 2 different lvls of weapon enchantments first level is; Flame aura, Frostbrand, blood thirster and Rotting touch all cost 60 favor, so which one is the best? the second level would be; Life transfer, venom and Mindstealer all cost 120 favor was wondering which was the best in each catagory
  17. Maybe it's just me, but it feels with the current enchantments that if you're pvp, there's a very, very small window of real options - sure, you could go with other things, but they'll not do you any favours compared to the enchantment that works best. If you could rework enchantments, how would you do it? Surely I'm not the only one. I've suggested before having aura enchantments on lanterns as an idea just kinda tossed out there. Not too-well responded to, but I'm sure you can see how it might make the options different. Whether for pvp or pve, for aesthetics or stats, etc - how would you do it? What would you add, what would you remove - how would you change the system if you could? ~Auri
  18. Can anyone make me a high ql axe with some fancy enchantments. im in independence. Send me a private chat