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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm selling all Vynoran enchants/casts. Enchant info: Pricing: CoC, WoA, Frostbrand, Nimbleness, Mind Stealer: 70+ Cast - 20c 80+ Cast - 40c 90+ Cast - 75c 100+ Cast (Not available for Mind Stealer) - 2s AoSP, Fire Protection, Glacial, Lurker: 70+ Cast - 20c 80+ Cast - 40c 90+ Cast - 45c 100+ Cast - 1.5s Nolocate, Opulence: 90+ Cast - 5c Mend: 5c per cast Demise: Free with any other enchant, just specify which you'd like. Dispel: Free! Just pay COD. How to Order: Contact Mattwx ingame, or PM Mattwx1 on the forums. Just tell me what enchant and power range you are looking for, then send me the item. I will cast on your item until I get your desired power level or higher. I'll then COD it back to you for the price of the power you requested, even if the resulting power is much higher. Customer Benefits! Please Read! As thanks for choosing me to enchant your items, I offer several benefits to all of my customers. Benefits such as... Shatter Insurance: If somehow I shatter your item (the chance is always there, even if very small), I will make you a new one of creation QL and finish your enchant at no cost to you. Please note this policy only applies to items 70ql and above. Also note that I can not replace item rarity, so I will make you a non-rare version of your item instead. Price Matching: If you find a competitor with better prices than me, I will match them. Please note this only applies to reputable sellers, and is entirely at my discretion. Just link me their thread and I will adjust the price. Lucky Casts: Only pay the price that you requested, guaranteed. For example, if you order a 70 power cast and it goes over 100, you pay for a 70. Recasting Discount: As a previous customer of mine, I will provide a 50% discount on a re-cast of the same enchant on the same item. I keep logs of all items I cast on as well as their creator's signatures. Please note that eligibility for this discount is at my discretion, and will not be given if I suspect the item is different. If you'd like to use this discount, simply bring it up while we are discussing your order. Referrals: If you and someone else would like to save some money, I offer a 10% referral discount on their first enchant. Just send me a message letting me know you sent them! For every friend you refer, you also earn 10% off an enchant! Please note, a person can only be referred once, but you can refer as many different people as you'd like. Customer Loyalty: If you are a long term and repeat customer, I will often provide discounts and even free enchants from time to time. Priest Stats: Thanks for reading!
  2. If you require Vynora enchants please contact Kain at Honeywood (Vyn priest+Imping services). Precasted Items: PM Characters: Bristan, Myriam. (In order of likely on at the time.) Cheese Drills: Cheese Drill, oak - 48.79QL - BoTD 94 - 1.1 Silver Cheese Drill, oak - 50.45 QL - BoTD 92 - 1.1 Silver Clay Shapers: Clay Shaper, oak - 72.45 QL - BoTD 89 - 75 Copper Files: File, steel - 76.84QL - BoTD 95 - 1.2 Silver Fishing Nets: Fishing Net - 71.01 QL - BoTD 86 - 75 Copper Hammers: Hammer, iron - 73.27QL - BoTD 87 - 75 Copper Hatchets: Hatchet, iron - 74QL - BoTD 76 - 50 Copper Large Anvils: Large anvil, iron - 71.51 QL - BoTD 94 - 1.2 Silver Leather Knives: Leather Knife, steel - 73.56 QL - BoTD 82 - 60 Copper Pickaxes: Pickaxe, iron - 74.11QL - BoTD 79 - 50 Copper Presses: Press, cedarwood - 31.32 - BoTD 93 - 1.1 Silver Spatulas: Spatula, oak - 79.50 QL - BoTD 81 - 60 Copper Whetstones: Whetstone - 99.58 QL - BoTD 78 - 50 Copper Whetstone - 99.58 QL - BoTD 78 - 50 Copper Cloth Tailoring Items: Dyeable Horse Barding: Dyeable Horse Barding, cotton - 76.16QL - 35 copper
  3. as all enchants has "said place"on examine list, there is something wrong with doing essence drain and BotD, because when doing them both on item, their order is "last enchanted - first listed"", it works like that since essence drain was implemented at big priest rework at christmas 2018, i didnt reported before, because was thinking all spells now work like that, items from screenshot was enchanted today
  4. I've been thinking about other spells or enchants I'd like to see in Wurm - but that'd also call for new Gods under the Deity system - and rather than introduce a whole NEW sorcery system - why not look to Alchemy? Revisiting the Alchemy system to enchant items - i.e. affinities when worn, or effects like 'glow' to provide luminance at night when an alchemical potion is applied to the item. Potions that can imbue items or players with travel/teleportation - i.e. use a potion give a pair of shoes or ring the ability to recall a player back to their deed or a designated location up to 3x (or if the potion is of high enough QL make it a permanent enchantment to the item) or a potion to teleport a specific item or object (i.e. 'Send this item/object to my deed token.) Offensive potions to 'throw' at targets Slow decay on items - or even speed it up on others. Just an idea. I'm curious to know what other think or suggestions they have.
  5. I think there are several threads about this already. But still... An idea is to add a quick feedback on item in inventory to see whether item is blank or enchanted. Just put an asterisks* to the item name, and the more asterisks*** the more enchants the item has. You can still examine that item to see names and power of enchants. Same idea goes to gem that has been vesseled, so you can quickly find needed gem and drain it. It is simple as is. A tiny sweet addition to make life in wurm a bit less painful. Please. Alternatively, asterisks can resemble power of highest enchant being one * per 20 power, so 100+ enchant will be name*****
  6. Skyforge Enchanting Services To contact us, leave a message on this page, or pm one of us in game or in forums. IGN contacts: Movu Raistlinmajere Galigan Forum names: 5p34k3r Phennexion Please note that prices are subject to change if need arises Prices are as listed: Current stock: If you don't see what your looking for, we are more than willing to do a custom order!
  7. Summerside Farm Enchanting Service Located in Independance, (E-21) ingame or (8Y-49X) on You can contact me in game @Zigon or on the forums @Zigon All prices are in silver, decimal points are copperIf your buying/reselling that is fine, What you do with what you buy is fully up to you.It is always first come first served. As i am based on indy, cod is 1c/item to Independence and 1c/item to all other servers. All things sent via 3 minutes mail box [07:58:44] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [99] Enchanted tools/weapons ready to send: Tools(Stock:) Weapons(Stock:) CUSTOM ENCHANTING Custom Courier enchant ~70 power 1.5s ~80 power 2s ~90 power 3s Custom Wind of ages(Woa) enchants ~50 power 0.35s ~60 power 0.50s ~70 power 0.60s Custom Aura of the Shared pain(Aosp) enchants ~50 power 0.35s ~60 power 0.50s ~70 power 0.60s Custom Life Transfer(LT) enchants ~50 power 0.50s ~60 power 0.60s Higher casts coming soon!! Custom Mind Stealer(MS) enchants ~50 power 0.50s ~60 power 0.60s Higher casts Coming soon!! Human's demise Free Animal's demise Free Coupons Updated 17/02/2016
  8. Hello, I make made to order tools and enchants for whatever your needs are quickly. Prices are as follows: Vyn Enchants 1c per level to 79 then 3c per level afterwards ie 79 coc is 79c, 85 is 97c. Blacksmith 0.5c per QL to 75 QL If you can find it cheaper, I will beat the price by 5%. Contact me in game at Qwizat to place your orders or leave a message below and I will contact you. I can make the following items: Horseshoes Awl File Hammer Hatchet Large anvil Leather knife Metal brush Needle Rake Pickaxe Saw Scissors Shovel Small anvil Stone chisel Trowel
  9. Hello, I make made to order tools and enchants for whatever your needs are quickly. Prices are as follows: Vyn Enchants 1c per level to 79 then 3c per level afterwards ie 79 coc is 79c, 85 is 97c. Blacksmith 0.5c per QL to 75 QL Contact me in game at Qwizat to place your orders or leave a message below and I will contact you.
  10. Why don't we make SD useful since so many have already invested into it and in a way it does makes sense? suggestion: add bonuses to casting example 1% multiplier for every x points in SD so if i normally cast.... a [50] power cast with: 50 soul depth and we use 1% higher power for every 5 points of soul depth it will then be multiplied by 1.1 and instead of a 50 i will have a 55 power cast. with same numbers, but 30 SD that would be a 53 with same numbers, but 70 SD that would be instead a 57. let the discussion begin!
  11. Attempted to: Improve Courier cast on Strange Device What happened: Dispelled courier cast successfully and then could not re-cast courier spell on Strange device [04:17:25] The spell will not work on that. Steps to reproduce: Non-caster player places turret by water tile. Courier spell cast [25], Dispel cast on Courier successfully, wait 5 minutes, attempt to re-cast Courier. Steps to try and fix: 1. Player traded strange device to me. Attempted to drop/pick-up/drop and recast ... nothing 2. Picked item back up, dropped on ground. Attempted to dispel again (with no current cast on) and recast Courier... nothing 3. Attempted to move the Strange device 15 tiles and drop and cast Courier.... nothing 4. Same as attempt 3 only attempted to dispel and then cast courier... nothing 5. Re-attempted step 3 on this time tried blessing before dispelling .. nothing If have any other questions lemme know.
  12. 1. Enchanting flowers cause we won't have worry about trees growing out of there(where we don't want them) 2. Different clothing for priests, maybe different colors for each kind of priest, would make them recognizable 3. Also, planting trees in the middle of the tile not in the corners, like a permanent fix or maybe just available at higher level gardening 4. And, uh oh, more types of flowers ! (pink for example )
  13. I read on the forum a couple weeks ago that enchanting had possibly been nerfed. I tried a bunch of casts on my Vynora priest on Epic with 56 channeling (around 80 effective). I got many sub-50 casts, and a LOT of sub-30. My brother has access to a priest on Chaos with 90 channeling, and he had similar results. Both priests have 32-33 soul depth and 100 alignment. The average cast power and number of 70+ casts has drastically dropped for both of us, and this hurts PvP, where good casts are needed on gear. Please fix this, as we are not the only ones to have noticed this problem.
  14. Enchants shattering was tweaked and generalized. Some enchants now have a lot less chance of shatters while failing now always has a very small risk of shattering. Anyone have more information on this? The way this is reading to me is that failing any enchant now has a small chance of shattering, including mailboxes and enchants that wouldn't shatter an item on failure prior to this patch?
  15. I mainly have two questions regarding village bonuses, however, I am sure many others have lots more. I would like some clarification from a dev if possible regarding these bonuses and how they work. If you are not a dev but have done some experimentation of your own, please feel free to contribute and indicate that you have done some experiments. If you have an idea about how you think it should work based on logic I would prefer that you try your best to resist posting, however, if you must, please indicate that you have not done any experiments to validate your claim. My two questions are: If I am a villager of deed A and I go over to deed B and sacrifice items, which deed will get the village bonus? If I am a villager of deed A and I go over to deed B and enchant items (woa, coc, etc.), will i receive the village bonus of deed A or deed B? Once again, it would be great to get a definitive answer from a dev regarding these questions. Thank you in advance.
  16. Just want to get some numbers on this so we can get a feel about being a dead topic.
  17. I'm on Cele in Stormwind (Near AP) for anyone who wants to pickup, If you want something mailed you have to pay the CoD. If you have any questions PM Synoptic ingame or me on the forums. Thanks! -----------------------Blacksmithing Tools----------------------- 70QL Tool Set : 4.5s 14 tools! Awl, File, Hammer, Hatchet, Leather Knife, Needle, Pickaxe, Rake, Saw, Scissors, Shovel, Small Anvil, Stone Chisel, Trowel Tools (Excluding Dredges and Large Anvils) 50QL : 10c 60QL : 20c 70QL : 40c 80QL : 80c Dredge or Large Anvil 50QL : 20c 60QL : 40c ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------Leatherworking Items------------------------ Studded Leather Set 50QL : 90c 60QL : 1.75s Leather Toolbelts, Saddles, Bridles, Backpacks 50QL : 20c 60QL : 30c -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------Cloth Tailoring------------------------------ Meditation Rug 50QL : 20c Fine Meditation Rug 50QL : 30c Beautiful Meditation Rug 50QL : 40c Cloth Armor Set 50QL : 1.75s 10 x Satchels : 20c --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------Carpentry Tools------------------------------- 50QL : 10c 60QL : 20c ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Enchanted Items---------------------------- Note: All enchanted items are also on my merchant at AP so the list may not be 100% accurate. 70QL Awl - CoC 48 : 85c 70QL Awl - CoC 52 : 90c 70QL Scissors - WoA 72 : 1.2s 70QL Scissors - CoC 47 : 85c 30QL Hatchet - CoC 63 : 80c 70QL Hatchet - CoC 51 : 90c 70QL Hatchet - WoA 66 : 1s 70QL Hatchet - WoA 69 : 1.05s 70QL Hammer - CoC 55, WoA 50 : 1.45s 70QL Leather Knife - CoC 53, WoA 51 : 1.4s 70QL Small Anvil - CoC 61 : 1s 70QL File - CoC 48, WoA 57 : 1.45s Note: Shovels cannot be mailed. 49QL Steel Shovel - CoC 68 : 90c 51QL Shovel - CoC 52 : 60c Note: Rakes cannot be mailed. 70QL Rake - WoA 47 : 80c ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 60QL Clay Shaper - CoC 60 : 80c 60QL Spatula - CoC 49 : 65c ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50QL Beautiful Meditation Rug - CoC 54 : 85c 56QL Beautiful Meditation Rug - CoC 54 : 85c ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 49QL Grindstone - CoC 49 : 50c ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Orders that must be delivered pricing is: Celebration : 20c Exodus : 50c Deliverence : 1s Independance : 2s No chaos deliveries, sorry.