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Found 40 results

  1. Archaeds top quality dyeworks. Custom colours are available. Check this link for options: Colour Reference Chart (Please note some colours not available, nearest colour will be discussed and arranged prior to placing order) Pricing tiers as shown for 1-5L. Prices for large carts, sailboat sails, and knarrs are also included Custom colours will be priced in their relative tier. Tiers: (All colours shown with 50ql lantern) Winter White / Cedar Green 10c per kg Carts: 1s sailboat sails 15c knarr sails 5s Dragon Red 20c per kg carts 2s sailboat sails 30c knarr sails 6s Sol Yellow / Lava Spider Orange / Troll Lime 30c Per kg cart 3s sailboat sails 45c knarr sails 6s Vynora Blue 30c per kg cart 3s sailboat sails 45c knarr sails 6s Carebear Pink / Libila Purple / Jenn Cyan 30c per kg cart 3s sailboat sails 50c knarr sails 7s GM Black/ Valrei Grey 30c per KG cart 2.5s sailboat sail 50c knarr sail 7s New Offer!!! Can't Decide what colour you want? Want just a few rainbow lamps? Now you can do this without breaking the budget! Introducing the new sample pack! 9 Flasks of the listed colours and one flask of white for just 1.5s plus C.O.D! Lantern colours: 10c Simply mail me your lantern named with the colour you want, and I'll dye and mail it back for just 10c plus cod! Alternatively, order a 50ql lantern with your choice of colour for just 30c Also available: Transmutation liquids: Tile transformation guaranteed 1.5s per tile + CoD Pickup and delivery Pickup from Blossom on Pristine or cod at 1c per 5kg + 1c Come on over today! New Offer!!! Post a screenshot of your purchase for 10% off your next order! Examples
  2. Hello everyone and welcome to sSmokes' Steelworks! I can currently imp armor up to 80+QL (85QL Coming soon!) All armor that is sold and improved are done so past their QL to the next time a resource is needed to imp. (i'll imp past the desired QL until it needs another lump to imp). This results in armor that has a range of QL, often several points over the desired QL. All helm types are available. When ordering a set please advise which Helm type you would like: Full Helm, Basinet Helm, or Open Helm I only deal with STEEL in regards to armor. If you require other metals or chain, please visit Xerxzies Shop. Number of items I've turned rare by imping: 1 Rare Glove, 1 Supreme Legs! ***NEW***Archeology/Restoration! ***NEW***Meditation, Rune attaching, and Priestly things: Armor imps using your metals (including moonmetals) METALURGY SERVICES OFFERED! Currently in Stock: 80+QL Steel Platemail Set x3 90QL Steel Platemail set x1 70+QL Steel Platemail set (x1) Currently in progress:80+QL Steel Platemail sets PRICES!!! Bulk Steel sales: New Carpentry and Fine carpentry items! All prices above do not include shipping. All armor sets are sold and shipped inside of a backpack. You can either post in this thread, PM me on the forums, or in game: (NFI: Ssmokes) Thank you for your business! ~sSmokes
  3. One of my horses, unhitched, standing on enchanted grass walked 3 tiles away to eat from a pet bowl I had placed for my pet (on a normal tile) instead of just grazing on the enchanted grass tile he is standing on. I think the solution would be to give any animal that CAN graze, and is standing on enchanted grass, priority to graze on the enchanted grass tile/check if he is standing on enchanted grass tile already before he attempts to look for food elsewhere.
  4. Hi there and welcome to BEAU enchanting services! Looking for a reliable person to get those tiles enchanted? You come to the right place. I offer daily enchants and will ride out to you daily to make sure you get it timeously. Outside of CAD or regions a bit to far out -- other accommodations can be made! Currently taking on bulk orders so that i may offer a cheaper cost. The more tiles the better! Prices will be negotiated based on quota. I look forward to hearing from you!
  5. Hi everyone, the Archendale Shop is open! I sell Rift Wood/Stone, Planks and Enchanted Grass Service Current list (update 07/04/2020) Maple sap: 12x Sealed Small barrel of 56+ ql Build material: Planks: 1s/1k Adamantine: 4s/kg - Glimmersteel: 4s/kg 0.37kg 93.65ql Seryll: 4s/kg 0.11kg 80.81 ql 2 damage Rift Material Wood: below 40ql 5c, 40-60ql 10c, 60-80 15c - Stone: below 40ql 5c, 40-60ql 10c, 60-80 15c - Crystal: below 40ql 5c, 40-60ql 10c, 60-80 15c - Thanks for reading!
  6. Now that we can build underground, there are plenty of people living in caves. Most people have at least one animal (a horse), so it would make sense that now caves are a living area, we should be able to plant enchanted grass for animals to graze on. I suggest we get an option to 'plant' dirt in a cave instead of dropping it, then make grass the normal way. Maybe it would only grow if there were lamps nearby for light.
  7. I am not sure what to make of this enchanted grass tile, it seems like there are two sets of grass textures with just one being moved by the wind in the GLSL shader. The grey-ish grass (below the cart wheel centre) and black sticks (just in front and behind horse's hocks) become visible every time the wind blows and the grass waves. I've never seen it on enchanted grass before. At first I thought it was the grass texture coming across from the rock tiles, but he whole enchanted grass tile seems to be affected, not just the edges. The tile is 1007, 1942 on Deliverance Community Map
  8. This is something that has highly annoyed me for years. The fact that the tile of the enchanted trees has a different base texture than the enchanted grass, resulting in a very ugly mismatch. In Wurm Unlimited, I went into the files and sure enough, trees use a different texture. I would like to humbly suggest that either the texture be copied into the "" texture, or even better, have the code assign the enchantedgrass texture to be used as a base for the enchanted trees. Apparently I'm not the only one who feels like this, @Hordernposted about this in 2015 and even made a poll. Here are the results of the poll, which speaks for itself:
  9. The Shore; Farms as far as the eye can see. I’ve had the pleasure of owning this deed for a little over a year and a half. It was passed on to me by a player called Starr, who purchased it from Martynas originally. Unfortunately, it has become a chore for me to sail from my home on Exodus back to Deliverance to maintain it, so here is your chance to grab this awesome deed spot! The deed is located at F24 on Deliverance’s North East coast, a 15 minute horse ride to the Deliverance tunnel network, and a 10 minute boat ride from the deliverance eastern boarder. Farms as far as the eye can see. The size of The Shore is 45 by 47. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 16 silver and 16 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 4 silver and 23 copper. The upkeep will last approximately 105 days, 22 hours and 5 minutes more. Extras and Other Details: Over 50 lamps left on deed. Love tile on deed 98 cast mailbox Plenty of goodies to pick through, several high-skilled people and priests have lived here. Several forges, ovens, bsbs, crates, fsbs, rafts, buildings, and a mine to pick through Ql in stuff ranges from 10-90 Over 150 enchanted grass tiles on deed: 3 barns, each with 8, 2x1 pens, all grass is enchanted. 1 big barn with 10, 2x1 pens, all grass is enchanted. 5x11 Enchanted grass pens with 11, 2x1 pens inside. 2 pens 3x3 enchanted grass. Buildings: Workshop, Inn, Main house, Barns; East, Central, West, BahhMoo. Asking Price: 67s OBO PM me here, or ingame on Sugarfoxx This deed is a wonderful spot for shipping and farming, ideal for a mortar making mason or the tinkering blacksmith; in front of it is a large scale clay pit, so dig as much as your heart desires! The deed is surrounded by its own personal sand pit as well, and contains a wonderful boat canal into the mine [Fully Reinforced] for easy boat storage and shipping needs. Vein Info: Shoutout to @Shydow for checking some of the veins out for me, the Shydow list is: Iron; 34 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 36 MaxQL (unsure of remaining ore) 38 MaxQL (5-10k Left) 43 MaxQL (1-3k Left) 46 MaxQL(3-5k Left) 59 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 76 MaxQL (1-3k Left) 85 MaxQL (1-3k Left). 87 MaxQL (5-10k Left) Marble: 44 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 72 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 96 MaxQL (3-5k Left) Gold: 21 MaxQL (5-10k Left) Silver: 31 MaxQL (5-10k Left) Unfortunately I haven’t uncovered the others, the veins in the mine that haven’t been checked for ql and what was left are: 1 Sandstone vein, 1 iron vein, 1 marble vein, 1 rocksalt vein, and 1 lead vein
  10. ***POSSIBLE TRANSACTION PENDING, SALE ON HOLD UNTIL WEDNESDAY 1/11/17** ~ Sugarfoxx 9:35pm PST Coastal Deliverance Deed Misty Moon Terrace In-Game Map: H26 Community Map: x-50, y-16/17 Roughly 10 tiles from the Eastern Deli Border! Settlement Information [17:41:27] <Moonfoxx> The monthly cost is 1 silver and 74 copper. [17:41:41] <Moonfoxx> The settlement has 10 silver, 88 copper and 35 iron in its coffers. [17:41:53] <Moonfoxx> The upkeep will last approximately 175 days, 3 hours and 16 minutes more. [17:42:09] <Moonfoxx> The size of Misty Moon Terrace is 30 by 29. Deed Images A view of the front of Misty Moon Terrace, featuring five 70 QL brazier pillars at the front. A view from the Southeast. Two of the four buildings on-deed. These crafting buildings have BSBs and forges included, full of materials that will come with the purchase. The courtyard. There are five altars (blank one in the mine) and an 83 cast mailbox on deed. The house to the right, and a view of the deed from the top. Fenced in grape orchard in the SW Corner of the deed. A view of the deed from the bottom farm area. 4 The farm, which is 200 tiles, or 8x25. Another view of the farm from the top. The enchanted grass pens; there are 40 total enchanted tiles on deed. The road from the docks to the two tiers of the deed. The building on the farm tier. Additional Information: Access road from the mainland. Southeast from Trinsic along the mountain's edge. Price: 30s or best offer. Please contact Sugarfoxx in game via PM Or SugarFoxx directly on the forums. PM Joelle for Emergency offers.
  11. Enchanted Nature Mod's purpose to make enchanted terrain better. V100 just has the option to disable enchanted grass from packing because of animal grazing. Here is a list of possible other features that may get added: 1. Enchanted trees that don't age beyond very old, sprouting. 2. One can pick sprouts from enchanted trees. 3. Maybe increase the likelihood that a tree with jump from very old to very old, sprouting. This would let users harvest sprouts faster. 3. Increase the harvested yield and allow them to be harvested in the first place. 4. Maybe harvest grass from enchanted grass tiles, I'm not sure if this is possible to add it. and increase the rate which it grows. 5. Flowers on enchanted grass tiles (assuming it possible to get them on the tile) are more likely to spread to surrounding tiles. 6. Last but not least, is to add substitute ways to make these tiles that aren't restricted to meditation. These ways will likely involve plain old crafting outlets. :Required: Ago's WurmServerModLauncher.http:// Most resent tested WU version is 1123 :Install: Get a archive release for the mod here: *Get one of the archive releases and unpack it into the mods folder. The folder path should look something like this: ~Steam\SteamApps\common\Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server\mods * See "" file to configure options.
  12. looking for a toon with enchanted grass ability, doesnt need to be premium and thats all the toon needs. SIlver only PM me with offers
  13. I have 4 horses in a 3x3 area of mostly enchanted grass. All of the horses were on enchanted grass. Yesterday, one lost fat and got diseased. I moved it off by itself. Today, a second lost fat and got diseased. The deed ratio is 25 (15 optimal). We also had 3 die today and 2 yesterday. All of them are on enchanted grass.
  14. I want to sell this account, Orago located on Indepedance. Character can cast enchanted grass (Through path of Love), no more packed dirt tiles in your animal pens!!! Looking for 50S but will consider all offers starting from 30S b] Mining: 70.090195 Digging: 41.10925 Masonry: 53.528503 Stone cutting: 30.394943 Gardening: 34.106888 Farming: 37.878544 Animal husbandry: 30.800198 Fighting: 68.84947 Normal fighting: 41.60633 Aggressive fighting: 30.864367 Miscellaneous items: 53.135696 Pickaxe: 72.87516 Hammer: 46.202896 Longsword: 46.067596 Two handed sword: 30.622627 Butchering knife: 36.112503 * Woodcutting: 30.433784 Large maul: 33.928898 Carpentry: 51.537647 Mind logic: 31.349848 Body: 30.490747 Alignment: 98.027 PM me or reply here
  15. Been seeing it for a while on my deed, apart from a relatively high ratio of packed tiles lately, some tiles, both with and without animals have been reverting to normal grass. Thought it was "old enchants finally dying" as the deed is a bit old, but now a friend whose fields we JUST finished enchanting a few days ago, took maybe 2 weeks to do the whole thing, 2 tiles reverted to grass today. Bug or ninja patch?
  16. optional: an egg in enchanted grass could have better chances of hatch
  17. Need Enchanted Grass, at you Deed, tell me. Enchanted tile(Grass or Tree): 50c/tile For Esteron Region (Xanadu)
  18. Looking to get rid of my old deed on Pristine. I may just collapse all the buildings and disband, but it may be of interest to someone, if so then I can put up some more info. Main points of interest may be the horses and the large number of enchanted grass tiles. Deed is Ellan Vannin at X24 Y6 on the community map It's in the south of the server close to the Release border The size of Ellan Vannin is 51 by 32. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 4 silver, 90 copper and 74 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 3 silver, 26 copper and 40 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 42 days, 2 hours and 20 minutes more. Features include Guard Tower 50+ql 9 buildings. Only one of real note is an 8x4 stone warehouse with a thatched and slated roof. Small mine that has 2 iron veins. Other mines near by with more iron and lead. The area has undergone a lot of terraforming so lots of level areas that have been lowered or raised from the sea including 2 small islands About 200 enchanted grass tiles spread over 12 fenced in enclosures. About 40 - 50 horses, mostly 4 and 5 speed. About 10 cows and bulls, mostly 3 or 4 speed Tile of clay raised from the sea bed just off deed. 4 tar tiles on deed. About 20 oak trees, mostly very old or old. Lots of unused tiles mostly packed or grass which were farm land. Lots of grape bushes, oleander, lavender on deed and perimeter. Also lots of trees, mostly pine. Path of Love tile. PM if you want more details or just drop by to take a look as the deed is open to walk around. Have an alt on deed so happy to sell horses to anybody wishing to collect. (PM for horse details) Looking to move quickly, as mentioned above I may just collapse it all. Have my knarr ready to sail back and planning to slaughter all animals, pack enchanted tiles and collapse buildings on Sunday.
  19. So I have decided to move to Xanadu and I am looking to sell Kelethin, a large deed on the NW coast of Pristine. Some of the features at a glance: Size: 47 x 69, Perimeter 14, 1 Guard (monthly cost 8s, 87c) Located at X7, Y36 (not marked on the map but its just past Port Royal) Large deed, (3,243 tiles!!) ,mostly undeveloped and ready for building 56 tiles of enchanted grass, neatly organised into animal pens Several horses, mostly 3-4 speeds. No bad traits A mailbox, Courier 80 cast 50QL Guard Tower Altar's of Vynora (Silver) and Fo (Stone) Coastal access on perimeter Silver mine - Normal, Good, Very Good x 2 (the whole mountain is silver) Iron mine - Normal, Very Good, Utmost 3 working fountains / wells Kitchen with forges, oven, BSB, tub House with 2 beds, 2 chests Various other forges & bsb's around the mines and elsewhere Please PM me with your offer if you are interested! Here are some screenshots of the deed, though they don't really convey the size of it very well - it's pretty big :-) This first image shows two large sections of flattened areas on a split level. The deed token is just off the corner of the wooden animal pen on the left. You'll notice that there are trees everywhere in this deed - I only cut them when I needed them so there is no shortage of wood :-) Though it does make some of the screenshots a little difficult to see properly unfortunately. The building at the back is a large warehouse though I never put on the roof and floor. This one is taken further up by the warehouse building on the image above. This is all completely flat and ready for building on. This is also taken from the same area but looking back the other way. Here you can see the new animal pens that were built - all with enchanted grass, and the temporary pen on the right. The breeding pens are 2x2 and there are 6 of those and then there is another larger 4x4 general pen and another patch of 4x4 enchanted grass but I did not get time to finish the fencing around that one. This next picture is taken off to the south of the ones above. This is another flat area that actually used to be a deep valley but I have been slowly shaving off the tops of the hills and using the dirt to fill the valley to make a much larger flat area for building. The slope at the back leads up to the guard tower. This is the guard tower (50QL) and this sits on the southern edge of the deed. I've been taking a lot of dirt from this area too and as you can see, this has created another flat area for working with. Moving across from the guard tower, we have a small hill and in this next picture I take another shot of the pens to give a better view. The small farm area I have here extends off to the left another dozen or so tiles and hits deed edge on that side. You can also see the other two buildings in this pic but I have better shots of those. Reversing backwards up that hill shown above is what I call 'Cherry Tree Hill' as I planted a bunch of cherry trees here :-) This is all on deed and is ready for terraforming and will create another large patch of building land if desired. This next picture is taken from down below looking at the pens and in the background you can see the cherry trees. This is taken in winter so you can more clearly see the enchanted grass. Another picture of the pens with the kitchen in the background. Note that all of the horses you see here in the pics are staying with the deed. Most are 3/4 speeds and there are no bad traits. A better view of the kitchen building. This has 2 forges, an oven, a BSB and a huge tub in it. If you continue on in the direction of the picture above, you'll get to another flat area and then just on the edge of the deed is the entrance to the iron mine as shown below. Reversing backwards from that picture (and changing seasons!) you get to lavender hill. I had started to shave off the top of this hill. It has a great view out over the sea at the top and would be a great place to build a big house. As you can see from the corpses this is the deed edge :-) Turning right at lavender hill you can see the coastal access. This is actually just off deed in the perimeter so you do get mobs down there. I didn't bother extending the deed this far as it's so steep it's just not buildable and the deed was huge anyway. There's a cobble pathway straight down to a dock area. Here is a shot with a better view of the dock. Note that the cobble road is perimeter but by the time you get down to the dock it is off deed, hence the shack on the right. Lastly, standing from this same spot but looking the other back back up o the deed. the hill you see in front of you is lavender hill. I hope you have enjoyed the tour of Kelethin, please PM me with your offer!
  20. Is regular grass just not as long lasting as you need it to be? Are your grazing animals always crying to be fed? With ForeverGrow, you'll never need to worry about your herd again. ForeverGrow is our specialized enchanted discount pricing! It can be installed by either of our trained technicians (named Thorun and Nysandra) or if you're in a hurry, they can both be there to serve you quicker! If you're located anywhere on the Independence server, it's available to you for the low, low price of only 70c per tile! If your pasture is further away, travel is a one-time cost of just 20c! Interested? Contact our coordinator Faeldray either through in-game PM (same character name), forum PM, or by replying below. ForeverGrow - Because no one likes logging on to dead horses. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We've all been there. Someone accidentally created a drop shaft and there's now a dangerous drop in your mine. Or maybe you've opened an old collapsed mine and it looks like Magranon released a meteor shower in there. Or there's that unsightly cave entrance that will just not close up on its own. Never fear, RockSolid is here! RockSolid is our Strongwall casting service, conducted by Thorun the Magranon priest. He has fixed dozens of holes, reinforced whole sections of tunnels, and closed up many an unwanted mine entrance. Each Strongwall is only 1s for the first cast and 75c for each subsequent cast! Provide items to be sacrificed as favor and the price of the subsequent casts drops down to just 50c a piece! Travel is free on Independence and just 20c for any other server. Other Magranon spells are also available. Please contact us for further details. If you'd like to schedule an appointment, contact our coordinator Faeldray either through in-game PM (same character name), forum PM, or by replying below. Got drop shafts? Get RockSolid! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need both Strongwall casts and enchanted grass? Discounts are available for the purchase of both services at the same time! Please contact us for further details.
  21. I am located on Independence, near Crystal Canal. PM or /tell Belatriks for more info Courier Enchant: 30+ power: 1s 50+ power 2s 75+ power 3s 90+ power 5s You build the mailbox before I get there and let me know what level of courier you want. I'll stay and cast until I get a enchantment that meets or exceeds that thershold. If cast is higher, I dont charge extra. Nolocate cast: 50+ power 70c, 70+ power 1s, 80+ power 2, 90+ power 2.5s You provide ring. Genesis: At your location 50c per cast, 5 casts for 2s, 10 casts 3.5s. If you come with your animal 25c per cast. Also offering enchanted grass 50c-1s per tile and strongwall 1s per tile. ,
  22. grass tiles can't be enchanted with flower beds next to them, it gives this message: [04:17:42] The orange-red flowerbed is in the way. You fail to focus. Can't put the flower beds back after either because the grass needs re-enchanting once in a while...
  23. So far the majority agrees, Enchanted Grass needs some love. What do you think? Place your vote above. Problems with Enchanted Grass as is.... 1) Grass packs from animals grazing on it way too often. 2) Grass reverts to normal grass randomly even without any animals in the pen (bug or intended?) Here are some of the ideas we have come up with, so far, to fix enchanted grass. They are listed in no particular order. Have an idea to make Enchanted Grass better? We would love to hear it. Please post it below! 1) Kegan: Make enchanted grass have growing heights like normal grass. When it's eaten down, it won't feed animals, but it never packs. 2) Talilon: Make Enchanted grass permanent, but only on deed, 3) Reaverkane: Permanent Enchanted Grass on deed, but only if the animal ratio is above 15 4) Spellcast: Enchanted Grass can still be packed, but it lasts a lot longer on deed than it does off deed 5) Spellcast: Add some sort of feeding trough to the game which would act like a bsb but only hold grain, and allow animals to feed off of it. 6) Vroomfondel: Add a way to refresh Enchanted Grass to keep it from decaying.
  24. the option to make enchanted grass no longer appears and it has been over a week since I last created it.
  25. Just want to get some numbers on this so we can get a feel about being a dead topic.