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Found 1 result

  1. The Empire of Mol Rehan Fire & Sand > > The history of Mol-Rehan: Mol Rehan began as the newest of the three original kingdoms in the old server cluster, back in the days when the servers were Wild, Mol Rehan Home and Jenn-Kellon Home. Jenn-Kellon was the largest kingdom with all the advantages of a White Light kingdom and many HoTS players on wild wished for a WL option on the wild server other than JK. This was the beginning of MR, made up mostly of former HoTS towns and headed up by Libilian Outlaws. Eventually after a great many successes against Jenn-Kellon (holding a Non-Agression pact with HoTS due to the many friends they had that remained there) LO fell. With the fall of LO and server numbers having taken a severe drop MR was reduced to only a loyal few. With our reduced numbers these times were hard, during these times the old home servers (JK-H and MR-H) were removed in favor of Freedom server, Independence. We were always the underdogs and always outnumbered, but MR persevered and fought on, performing weekly raids and activites under afew experienced individuals. With the religion fix changes came possibly the biggest change to Mol Rehan. Our forces suddenly found themselves defending their homeland due to HoTS forces abandoning the existing NaP and attacking with Libila Champions from their capital of Ebony Veil which had been allowed to be built close to MR mainlands in friendlier times. Drastic measures had to be taken to consolidate the MR forces and expell the invaders. This was the formation of House of Mol Rehan was thought of which was a Co-operation between all the major villages in MR at the time. Around this time aswell the first 3 champions of Magranon for MR were inducted forming the foundation of our love for the god of War. These champions strived tirelessly to combat the new HoTS threat tielessly as the entirety of Mol-Rehan came together at this time to construct their gigantic size 100 new capital city and then....strike back. Together under cover of night Mol-Rehan forces speedily contructed war forts outside of the HoTS capital of Ebony Veil and laid seige to the city, eventually toppling it and crippling the HoTS ability to strike into MR land. We were finally risen and strong again. Battling both HoTS and JK in numerous conflicts. Win or lose noone on the wild server could ever deny that we had become the most aggressive force. Rarely needing to defend our lands and always bringing the fight to our enemies. We had risen from the fall of Libilian Outlaws and we were strong. Eventually of course came the release of the Epic Server and, what many believe to be, a temporary large drop in players on Wild as many players went to try out the new pvp server cluster. During this time Rolf made the hasty decision to remove pvp on the server and link it to the freedom cluster in the hopes of increasing it's numbers. Much to the lament of almost all of the players on wild, all of the kingdoms were removed and Mol Rehan was faded into only an alliance of deeds. Re-founded as the Empire of Mol Rehan alliance. As PvP was slowly reintroduced to the newly named "Chaos" server which was finally linked to the Freedom cluster we began to rekindle our spirit. Players the long retired to other freedom servers slowly began to return and continued to strive to bring the fight to our enemies when possible. Finally as raiding was introduced back to the server rendering the current MR HoTA deed at the time (Mountain Sanctuary) the warfront village of Kratos was found deep in JK lands near the east coast securing access to the Freedom border and also close enough to be a competitive force in HoTA. Thanks to it's close position to the border and surrounded by enemies it quickly became a magnet for PvP and plenty of new players from Freedom wanting to try their hand at PvP forming the new backbone of MR. Shortly after this we were given the opportunity to become a PMK which we gathered together to do. With a strong core of old MR players and a new expanded rank or Freedom originated players. Since becoming a PMK we have grown alot and had many great successes. We have reclaimed much of our old lands and have been waging a vicious war against both the JK and BL PMKs and have succesffuly grown to be the largest kingdom on the server currently. We pride ourselves on still maintaining the old MR mentality of highly aggressive actions against our enemies (You won't find a group of players on Chaos who are involved in Raids or PvP than us). If you are thinking of trying out the Chaos server you won't find a better group of friends to bring you into it, we above all else focus on having fun, win or lose and above all focus on having a active and enjoyable community. Core values of MR: We look after our own, all MR members need do is ask for help and we'll give it where we can We avoid buying/selling inter-kingdom and work more on a favor to favor basis. We can and will equip our people for free We are the people of the desert, Mol Rehan is known for spreading sand at it's war deeds and raids All players are welcome and equal members, whether you're mad for pvp or just want to grind your skills in safety In war we are aggressive, always preferring to be the side pushing our enemy back and raiding deep in enemy territory. Mol Rehan is not a dictatorship, we have a democratic election every 6months for Warchief. We are also an very open community and encourage our members to use our forums and Mumble server as often as possible. Recruiters: Horton - The Emperor of Mol Rehan and ruler of its capital House of Mol-Rehan Christa/Ammanus- War Chief - Massive Elitister Tea House Madnezz - Recruiter - Fort Freedom Epicphail/Felinas - Recruiter - Valley Cove Robus - Recruiter - Arachnadelphia Kriet - Recruiter - Kratos Evadaly - Recruiter - Sheer Pandemonium Senior Members: Baddbob - Senior Member - House of Mol Rehan Caradal - Senior Member - Massiver Elitister Tea House Embolism - Senior Member - Fort Freedom Emoo - Senior Member - Kratos Jukimo - Senior Member - Kratos Miniroll - Senior Member - Massiver Elitister Tea House Revengo - Senior Member - Ravenholm Tommty/Garrettwademan - Senior Member - Massiver Elitister Tea House Tulemees - Senior Member - Ravenholm Yurik - Senior Member - Sheer Pandomonium Zivirt - Senior Member - Azkaban How to join: If you have any questions regarding joining plaese send a PM to any of the Recruitment staff or if you have inquiries regarding a specific deed address any of our senior members! You can contact us directly to apply on our kingdom forum boards, simply fill out the brief questions about yourself and wait our 24hr approval period. Our forums are located here: The current registration password to create a new account is : ForPony