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Found 9 results

  1. Was not sure where to put this but yeah, what does it mean? It does not seem to effect reputation on the forums, like the love heart. So, what does it mean? Meow? How cute? I've wondered about it since I came to the forums... But never asked, just assumed.
  2. Noticed that the smile emote was not working, and as a consequence, my wurm assistant not getting the critter updates. Will test again once servers come back. Mal Update: Smile emote works until {some other action}, after which it stops working. Trying to nail it down.... Update: Emote is broken if you have something in your inventory activated. When nothing is activated (green), emote works. Appears all emotes affected, not just Smile.
  3. Just as the title says, purty please, and thank you! Thread from the past that's related but resting in peace:
  4. I know there is no implementation of commands for emotes, but I know that I can create custom /me emotes on my keybind configuration file. So my question is: Is there a way to use the current target's name within a command? i.e. /me waves at $TARGET. --> Nuinethir waves at small crate. Thanks!
  5. Wurm needs more animated emotes such as elaborate bowing and flourishes. And then theres dancing in general. For example going into an enemy kingdom and doing this... ...Isnt even possible. Even when theres no ban on pvp activities. We must be able to shake our things in defiance!
  6. we have the hello wave why not the goodbye see later wave
  7. Now we have emotes for various animated gestures, waving and the like; however, there still remains an entire area of non-animated emotes or poses rather. To cite a few examples, various forms of standing at attention, standing at the ready, and so on. Not to mention the more silly poses used to elicit a laugh. Basically anything other than the current relaxed stance while not having some animated movement, minus the transition to that point. Thats not getting into "idle animations" where the char starts doing various things when left without commands: Sniffing, coughing, scratching their ass, whistling, playing around with whatever is equipped or activated.
  8. Salutes

    So we dont have any emote or animation for saluting. Not even with a weapon in hand: Course theres all manners of saluting ranging across various cultures and times: Heck dont even need a blade persay. Theres the so-called Greco-Roman salute to cite one example: Although, theres no historical evidence to support the Romans or Greeks using any such salute. Most depictions of Romans or Greeks saluting in this manner date centuries after their respective empires fell. Earliest known depiction is this painting in 1784 AD. From there later works and popular culture attributed it to the Greeks and then Romans. Of course there's the modern version:
  9. So I had a quick forum search and couldn't see anything posted before, which puzzles me slightly! The wave emote is great for grabbing attention when you arrive to meet somebody or are passing by however do you really want to say "hello there" when you wave goodbye? Simply put, can we have a goodbye emote?