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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, I would like to give this game a try but I can't get past the registration. I tried all my available emails but it just won't send me the link. I've looked in all my spam folders and waited for hours but nothing shows up. Is there something I'm not seeing, or is there something going wrong on the Wurm Online side?
  2. I had a deed disband without receiving a warning e-mail. The deed was The Lighthouse on Indy at G-9. Dec 30, 2019 11:34:23 PM upkeep disbanded The Lighthouse
  3. Why?!?! i got it the first time.
  4. Hi Is there a special trick in getting server forums to send one an email when posts are put on them ? I have set it several times and it does not work - tried both 1 email per day and immediate as well. Forum servers do not send me an email nor a notification, although following auctions, WTB and WTS forums do - i.e. 1 email per day. I am wondering if it has something to do with my pc running on Linux/Lubuntu ? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  5. Good morning all! My old email account for my login "Not for this account", but for PhxReaper is no longer active. So 5 days ago I went to change my user email. It said it was sending me an email for validation and I never recieved any. I selected resend 4 times since and still nothing. And yes I checked my spam folder. It should be sending it to Please help.
  6. Hi, I saw a weird message when I changed my email on an account ingame using the /changeemail function. I was changing the email to an address that did not have any Wurm accounts already attached to it, and when I hit "Send", the following text appeared: [17:00:51] Golden Valley - ok Chaos - ok Independence - ok Deliverance - ok You may only have 5 accounts with the same email. Also you need to provide the correct password for a character with that email address in order to change to it.You may only have 5 accounts with the same email. Also you need to provide the correct password for a character with that email address in order to change to it.You may only have 5 accounts with the same email. Also you need to provide the correct password for a character with that email address in order to change to it.You may only have 5 accounts with the same email. Also you need to provide the correct password for a character with that email address in order to change to it.Xanadu - ok [17:00:51] Your email has been changed by (char name) to (new email address). It would seem the email change was successful, as my current email address (according to the /changeemail wizard) is now the updated one. It seems nothing went wrong, however, when this happened, I /supported because I'd never seen this before. The responding GM suggested I post about it here.
  7. I tried using my yahoo email address before, waited for 1 day now and its still not sending
  8. I would like to request a simple function. Could the Dev's PLEASE make it so that any person who writes a letter on papyrus with ink, and then mails that letter to a person. Could you please actually make that message send a copy to the account owners email account? This would provide a simple means for people to contact persons offline for long periods of time, Or who play alt's mostly. This I feel is strongly needed as very few of the people with accounts are on the forums. Additionally it's very poor that the forums is the expected means of communication. And don't give me ###### about possible "harassment" and such as there are policies in place to guide the actions of such activities.
  9. I'm new to the game and just made an account, the problem is I tried changing the password after learning the community password is different from the avatar in game password, and apart from the fact it was confusing as it said "old password" suggesting I already had a password for the avatar that I wasn't aware I had set up, I tried to change the password to activate this new avatar password and have it emailed to me, after checking several times, I knew I had entered the correct email, however I was instantly prompted with an error saying "email unknown". If a mod or admin could manually email a password change/reset that would help, providing it doesn't link me back to that page or the password reset page as I had similar issues with that aswell, on the password reset screen I was just being looped around between entering my email and entering a security question, I thought I'd wait the hour anyway that it tells me to do but nothing happened. My username is "Drifter"
  10. Hey i have tried to log in on my account but it did not work then i was thinking maybe it's my password thats are wrong so i tried to reset it but i got no mail after 3 hours what can i do? (and have tried with another email did not work) :( (are using hotmail) PLS HELP!!
  11. now i have waited for 5 hours and still no email what can i do? PLS HELP! where is the support when u need it?
  12. Hello. Want to Sell following: QL 48 Star Ruby - 3s (can mail) QL 50 Rare Forge (finished) - 5s (got 2 if there will be more buyers with good offer). Can discuss prices. Xan, T 22, Village of Tirion. Forge need to be picked up, cant deliver. Post here or PM in game (Khemi)
  13. Hi there, I tried registering for a Wurm game account, but I haven't recieved the activation email yet. It's a school domain email (but hosted by Gmail). I did check my spam folder, and it's not there. Is there anyway to have it resent/change the email address I used, without waiting for the 2 day username reservation to expire? Thanks.
  14. I think the email registration system is broken. The link for registering wouldn't appear at all. You aren't blocked but I don't see it. By the way, there is still a link at the buttom of the page but it is irrelevant to the process of registering (I tried). How long do I have to wait for this to be corrected?
  15. ok, I have a couple +/- a bunch of accounts. Account maintenance is a pain, but could easily get better. Right now, you have 2 different help commands for changing email and pass. This should be combined into one. Also, when you type /help, the description for /changeemail is outdated. It absolutely doesn't matter if you type your password in the /changeemail command, since a popup for pass is required regardless. Also, if you take over an account, or want to change one of your own accounts, there is a very specific order you MUST follow, to be able to use the same email for multiple accounts. If not, you feel forced to make new email accounts. so, for the current system, follow these steps: 1. Type /changeemail (nothing else after, as this pops up the change window). 2. Use your current password where prompted. 3. Enter in your new desired email, CURRENT password and NEW question/answer. 4. Only AFTER successfully changing email, do /changepassword <current pass> <new desired pass>. Now you are complete. This will allow you to do 5 accts per email. If you change pass first, you then have to use a completely new email address when you change email. I have tried many times and confirm this is an issue. I suggest you just have one help command that brings up a single window, where you can change email, pass and security question/answer all at one time. I would also like to see the limit of 5 accounts per email lifted. It makes life a little easier for multiple account holders. Not a huge issue, but I would like to only have to worry about 2 emails. One for my active accounts and one that I use when selling an account. Thank you for all your improvements! Also, due to visibility of security question/answer, anyone that has sold an account needs to make sure they do an email change, which allows you to change those security questions. You can't change it without the email changing at same time. You can always change your email back.
  16. hello i have not played for the past 6 months now i forgot my email its on yahoo or something but still remember login and pass can you please change email adress?
  17. Edit: I guess it has been said by Rolf this is indeed a new reward system i guess we will learn more later. I got this email from one of my accounts the funny part is that it is one of my obscure alts that i don't use that often. I am sure it is fake/scam but if not then we have not been told anything about this new award system. The letter has a bunch of links at the bottom that i have not posted but here is the bulk of it below. If it is from the wurm team can you guys tell us more about this new reward system? If it is indeed fake then let us know that too but for anyone else that might get this i wanted to post it and get it figured out if it is ligit os a scam email.
  18. Has anyone else had my problem, I tried to register with 3 different names (and the correct email) but I didn't get the email on any of those, can someone please help me
  19. Hi there, After experiencing account theft yesterday, i was quite puzzled how i didn't get any notification that my password had recently been changed. So my suggestion is whenever your password has been changed, for you to get a generic email stating it's been changed. This can give people more notice to seeing any ill activity on their account. I'm unsure if the same applies for email changes, but if so, the same should happen to that but providing the new email it's been changed to. I was quite lucky with my account as i was suspicious of the activity, but had i have got an email i would have noticed something dodgey right away.
  20. On the Registration page it says An email will be sent to the address you specified. Please follow the link in the email in order to proceed with the registration. The chosen player name will be reserved for two days. If the registration isn't completed within this time the player name will once again be made available to other people. If you do not receive an email within one hour, please contact a Game Master for assistance. So I waited... Then looked for a Game Master. I registered on the Forum and immediately got my email. I sent a message to... Oracle Villager Head GM (Head Game Master) But I still have not received an email which will allow me to join a game or log into the game. Help?