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Found 18 results

  1. ===FRUIT=== ===CROPS=== ===WOAD=== ===COCHINEALS=== ===SPROUTS=== ===MEAT=== ===EGGS=== ===HIDES=== ===WOOL=== ===ANIMAL BITS=== ===JUICES+OILS+MILK=== ===MEALS / CHEESE=== ===HERBS & SPICES=== Free delivery to any coast. Can always pickup at Deli H8(Sunburst) After 3 orders you will automatically go to my '20% off list' for all future ones Taking trades for sleep powder !
  2. The title just about says it all. When I got my eggs this weekend I thought of these, and the longer I thought about them, the more I liked the idea. We could make them from silver or gold, and make them decorations like Easter eggs are now. And someday (soon (tm)) when we can put things on tables or shelves and they will show, they will look quite nice. I'd still put up with them on the floor right now if they are oversized like Easter eggs.
  3. A new item that can be foraged: Wild Bird Nest. Wild Bird Nest is a container, when opened the nest vanishes and the player gets 2-4 Wild Bird Eggs. A Wild Bird Egg can be stored in a FSB and used in any cooking recipe like a regular chicken egg. Just a new cooking ingredient that is foraged rather than farmed. The eggs never hatch if left to rot.
  4. Egg bug?

    [06:27:13] A white egg from a bird. You sense that it is infertile. This has a poor nutrition value. [06:27:04] A white egg from a bird. You sense that it is infertile. This has a poor nutrition value. Created on Luck day, week 1 of the starfall of the Leaf, 1065. From another day... [00:23:17] A white egg from a bird. You sense that it is infertile. This has a poor nutrition value. Created on day of the Wurm, week 4 of the starfall of the Saw, 1065. Possibly related to the addition of the fertility message? Almost all the other eggs give the first message. This only started happening after the fertility message was added. Not sure why an occasional egg would be getting the food created on time tag...since they aren't food being created, they are being laid by a hen.
  5. I had noticed that people are obviously selling eggs as part of the cooking extention we now enjoy. However at 2 copper each and 1 c to mail that increases the cost of each egg. Can we see an easy to create, from wood scrap and maybe grass (for padding) container that is used to mail a "baker's dozen" eggs and have that container be counted as 1 shipping- 1copper to mail it? Just a thought for something so small. And they could hold less than or "Must hold 13 eggs" to ship. Thank you.
  6. Two methods appear to work. The method i used (which came from a mix of forum posts and other sources) was plain grass on NxN plain grass with no more than N hens, were each tile had 50+ wild grass in a pile, i would make sure the hens were not on the same tile when i would get the eggs daily i was getting maybe 1-3 eggs per day iirc as long as they stayed on their individual tiles The other method (call it Gaffer's method) seems to be more efficient and uses a 1x1 with 2 hens and large pile of grain on crop tile, he said he was getting maybe 6 eggs per 2-3 days per tile. The numbers maybe be high or low, mainly my point is to add something that is a "working method" [23:37:24] <Clericgunem> there is a trick to it [23:37:57] <Clericgunem> make 1x1 pen (door on ether side) grass the pen, drop a pile of 100 grass, you will ahve eggs [23:38:34] <Clericgunem> i use 4x4 with 4 chickens and 4 piles and make sure to move them to there separate tiles when they bunch up [23:40:37] <Habet> i use six 1x1 pens with two hens each. I drop piles of grain in each pen since i have plenty of it [23:40:55] <Clericgunem> and you get eggs? [23:41:37] <Clericgunem> the have to eat 2 times in a roow iirc and the seem to do it the same time and interfere with each other [23:42:15] <Gaffer> yes, i usually drop 12 corn (or rye, or wheat) in each pen. In a couple of days the grain is gone and I pick up about six eggs [23:42:49] <Clericgunem> nice, i will remember that [23:43:23] <Clericgunem> i wonder, was it high ql veggies? [23:43:25] <Finn> dont they eat 1 seed every 2-3-4 hours [23:43:26] <Finn> per hen [23:44:01] <Gaffer> [23:44:04] <Finn> someone was making serious amount of eggs fattening hens all day, for what reason.... no idea [23:44:43] <Gaffer> 12 grain lasts two hens a couple of days [23:44:48] <Clericgunem> i have 30 i think in smc [23:45:54] <Clericgunem> so 12 grain, 2 hens, 6 eggs, which is 3 each meaning 6 fails [23:46:24] <Clericgunem> what does 1 hen with 12 gain give? [23:46:44] <Clericgunem> i will ahve to hatch an egg to try [23:47:21] <Gaffer> i haven't noticed that being alone in a pen results in laying more [23:47:46] <Clericgunem> they lay 3 in a pen alone or 6? [23:48:23] <Gaffer> i think six but it takes twice as long [23:48:36] <Gaffer> would have to do a controlled experiment to be sure [23:49:28] <Clericgunem> i want to try too, my method works, but yours sounds much faster [23:50:58] <Gaffer> i get plenty of eggs. I just have trouble getting a constant rate of hatching female chicks
  7. The Easter event on our server which started well into Easter Sunday after I could finally spawn the paralysed bunny, doesn't appear to actually do anything. No one is finding any Easter eggs via Foraging, even after a server reboot. How does one enable Easter by force?
  8. just like iron rocks was added could we get eggs added as well? ty
  9. Since we now have birdcages, I'm sure most of us would rather have something prettier than a chicken in them. Rather than ask for new birds to be created for breeding, how about just creating new eggs to find to make the cages. Go foraging and find a small blue egg, and when you use it to create a birdcage you get a robin inside. A small speckled egg would create a goldfinch. And a few other eggs for parrots, mynahs, canaries, etc. This way the devs only need to create the caged bird and eggs, instead of the birds in the wild to be collected and raised.
  10. Read --> I need 1,000,000 iron (Miron) to finance my deeds and my faberge egg collection. (They are so tasty!) I have verified Paypal.. 1 Euro per 10,000 iron (100 copper). Also buying up to 1 gold @ 1e/1s. PM me here.. or find JackJones in game.
  11. optional: an egg in enchanted grass could have better chances of hatch
  12. I am looking for up to 50 Easter Eggs. Happy to buy individually or the lot in 1 hit. To find the price of your egg, click on it while its in your Inventory, select 'get price', and the answer will be displayed in Events page. The price is different for each egg due to the quality. This is the price I'm happy to pay. Please post to Evarya.
  13. Just wondering as I've never seen a female grown before so I was wondering if female hatchlings were able to lay eggs. Thank you.
  14. Hi After the last Graphic change of Hens and Chickens I realised, that something changed it their "lifestyle". Before any changes, I was trying to breed Hens. Old players were telling me, that it's very hard to multiply them, but I did it. First I cought 1 Hen and I cared about it much. Feeding, grooming etc. She started to lay eggs. Soon after that I had 2 Hens. Everything was in a good way to multiple them more. Both of them were laying eggs. I had about 20 eggs after 2 weeks, they started to decay, and 1 chicken have born. It reached "Adolescent Fat Chicken", and then the second chicken have born. I still had about 16 eggs left. And then the patch came, where the Hens and Chickens graphic changed. After that Hens stopped laying eggs. They are still on the same tiles, eating the same seeds and I am keeping them in perfect shape all the time, but they didn't lay ANY egg since then. From 16 eggs I have 2 now, almost decayed, without any chicken born (but that is ok I think, because that's a lottery). Also I think that chickens have stopped growing. The younger chicken reached the same state "Adolescent Fat Chicken", and they doesn't seem to plan changing to Hens. Ah, and I keep Hens and Chickens separated. Hens have like 10 tiles of free space, and Chickens 4 tiles. All of them are kept on the grass. Were there any changes made except graphics? Thanks in advance
  15. Found. Thanks Heroic.
  16. Looking to buy some chicken eggs, on Deliverance
  17. Selling Horses, Cattle, Bison, Poultry & Deer Sales Spreadsheet (Updated Daily) We are located on Celebration server south of Tap Dance Dump Map - http://forum.wurmonl...elebration-map/ Explusalpha Map - http://forum.wurmonl...salpha-edition/ Feel free to pm Ingame, IRC or Forums with questions or to reserve a critter
  18. Hello I am on exodes and i wont to buy 2 Chikens or 100 or more Eggs I will take reely good care of them. I will pay 1.5 silver for each Chiken, and 2c for each Egg. I need them to be dilivered to me at Failure (witch is neer Rockcliff farms) and i will pay 1 silver extra for the dilivary. Prices negoshabel. Please sell me them!!!! Love from Tamasin