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Found 16 results

  1. Rare Unfinished Chicken Coop One of the last items released, and once completed also the inner containers will look rare and probably once filled with hens, also them will shine (not entirely sure about that, but it should work like creature cages). Complete it by yourself to choose your favourite wood type and have your own signature; or I can complete it for you, as you prefer. Starting bid: 15 silver. Increment: 1 silver. Sniper protection: 1 hour. Buyout: none. Reserve: none. Good luck to everyone From Wurmpedia: how it will look once completed and filled with hens.
  2. Hello guys I would like to see a wooden hen house. It could be an item which would cover a surface of 2x1 tiles, it should contain one rooster and 3 hens (like 2 animals per tile, I think it is an equal number), and would produce 1 egg per hen each 90 minutes (the same time needed to rebreed or remilk animals, but it could take more time of course). The rooster should be necessary to make the eggs every 90 min; without the rooster, the chickens would produce eggs in the normal window of time of wild chickens. The item can be opened and inside we have to add wheat or other cereals or vegetables (chickens eat basically everything); without the food the chickens make eggs as wild chickens. The chickens and the rooster enter in the house like the animals enter in the cages and their age and health can be managed by opening the house, like the creature cages. The items would have an empty and a full design, this is an example I found online:
  3. Please for the love of Vynora make it so when you put a log and a saw in the crafting window it defaults to make a plank. Not a yoke. I have more accidental yokes then anyone could ever want. Thanks very much for your time and consideration.
  4. Egg uses

    There really seem to be very few uses for Eggs in this game, other than eating them raw and making sandwiches (both of which lower nutrition), or feeding to dogs and pigs. Would love to see a few new ones, such as: - Egg + Milk, in frying pan = Omelette (add Cheese, Feta cheese, or herbs to increase difficulty and QL) - would increase nutrition, like a Meal, if eaten hot - Egg in a frying pan = Fried egg, which can be used as meat in a Meal - also if it's hot it could increase nutrition when eaten on its own - Cakes really should require the use of Eggs, since that is one of the most important ingredients in RL. Maybe a special cake could need them, like an Angel Food cake? - Eggshells could be leftovers when you cook with eggs, and could then be ground with a Grindstone to create fertilizer for crops, perhaps boosting them by 0.1 QL each time they are used (once per crop) I have zero programming skill, so please someone let me know if this is something you can make happen! I'm on Freedom, Wurm Unlimited.
  5. Egg goes in, chick slides out. Great addition to our chicken coops. Prototype:
  6. As I understand it, there is a server-wide cap on the number of eggs and they still can't be put in FSBs. After witnessing my neighbor's annoyance when her chickens randomly ceased laying through no fault of her own, here are some ideas. 1. Only allow chickens to lay eggs on deeds, and make the cap per-deed (based on size) instead of per server. 1b. Eggs dropped off-deed would rapidly decay without any chickens resulting. 2. Allow eggs to be put into FSBs Optional 3. Change eggs to "fresh eggs", only fresh eggs can hatch. Fresh eggs put into storage become simple "eggs" or maybe "chicken eggs" if we ever get new egg layers. I'm not sure if there is a reason for not allowing eggs in FSBs, so if there is maybe this is a good compromise. May or may not be compatible with future cooking update.
  7. Hi, i have 2 hens, they never given any eggs, first they was in my garden, then i tried in dirt and now they are on grass area. Those area what are reserved for hens all have pile of seeds, but no eggs. Is there some tricky part what i dont get? They are groomed daily.
  8. I want to sell my Easter Egg. 99 Ql.
  9. Welcome to Belatriks Animal business in Bearshark Bay Trading Company (40x55y)! We are located in Bearshark Bay, west of crystal canal. Independence And don't forget to check out 24h Belatriks horse business island when you sail by! ANIMALS, that we are currently offering: 5 speed trait horses - 45c, foals 30c (Slower and cheaper horses are also available, if that is what you are looking for) 5 speed trait hellhorses - 1s Fierce unicorns - 30c Cows, bulls - 20c Bisons - 25c Piggs - 15c Chicken, Rooster - 75c (chicken eggs 75c per 10) Dogs - Champion 80c, Slow 50c, regular 15c Deers - Champion 70c, slow 40c, raging 40c, regular 10c Dont meet timezone, dont want to talk too much ? No problem, buy a horse from 24/7 Belatriks horse business island! It is located near deed. Just buy key from vendor and pick your horse! Vendor is also selling several animal grooming and horse related enchanted items. Belatriks 24/7 Horse business second station now opened south-east from Freedom Market! From Freedom Market: Take east exit, then turn right travel on top on mountain and little forward and you are there There is no way to get lost, just follow the signs 5 speed trait horses - EVERY color! Currently selling: FO Priest serivice: Courier Enchant: 30+ power: 1s 50+ power 2s 75+ power 3s 90+ power 5s You build the mailbox before I get there and let me know what level of courier you want. I'll stay and cast until I get a enchantment that meets or exceeds that thershold. If cast is higher, I dont charge extra. Nolocate cast: 50+ power 70c, 70+ power 1s, 80+ power 2, 90+ power 2.5s You provide ring. Genesis: At your location 50c per cast, 5 casts for 2s, 10 casts 3.5s. If you come with your animal 25c per cast. Also offering enchanted grass 50c-1s per tile and strongwall 1s per tile. Just send me a PM here or ingame!
  10. Close

    100 eggs mixed damage bidding starts at 1s 25c increments 5s buyout
  11. A means of speeding up and increasing chance of egg hatching (assuming its not just tied to population caps). Article mentions over 80% hatchability; though, theres always game balance to consider. As a fire source it will require fuel and monitoring of the heat levels (ala smithing and cooking mechanics). Work for dragon eggs as well? Perhaps require very exacting heat levels over a very, very long time in the case of dragons. Fluctuation in heat levels affect the color, Green easiest to Red most difficult? Better description here of the Egyptian process:
  12. Black Forest Smithy WTS Eggs currently about 120 available price negotiable WTS Soft caps currently 6 available 1s each
  13. Selling chicken eggs in NE Cele; 20 eggs for 1s, and this is the minimum amt. for any order. I offer free delivery anywhere on this server. Thanks!
  14. * Deliverence server. * In-game currency only. * 24 Hour Auction (auction closes for new bidders) * 1 Hour Anti-Snipe Rule (auction only extended by current bidders) * No buyout, no reserve. * I will not be able to consistently check private messages, so please only post your bid here. * No commentary, don't post unless you are bidding/asking questions. * 18hrs to go addition: no bids may be changed unless there haven't been any other bids placed following your bid (that means on ANY lot, even the ones you didn't bid on). LOT ITEM START INCREMENT FINAL BIDS 1 Aged Hen (cared for/branded) 10c 10c Salbian, 10c 2 Mature Hen (cared for/branded) 10c 10c Salbian, 10c * Current age: Aged 3 Mature Hen (cared for/branded) 10c 10c Neskryan, 20c * Current age: Aged 4 Aged Rooster (cared for) 10c 10c - 5 Adolescent Chicken (male) (branded) 10c 10c Neskryan, 10c * Current age: Young rooster 6 166 Eggs (all or none) 50c 10c Elwood2, 2s * Current egg count: 174 NOTE: * highest damage on eggs is currently around 70-80, and egg count may fluctuate depending if any hatch or more are laid. * 8 hrs to go addition: dmg is now 93 on two of them. * 18hrs to go addition: winner gets all eggs available, including any hatchlings from the lot. * Brands will be removed for those that sell. * Pickup at Bridport, 7x41y (SW Corner of Deli map).
  15. Hens And Eggs

    Hi! My hens don't lay eggs anymore. I used to feed them with garlic, onions and mixed grass, but I don't get new eggs for 2 days now. They're still eating and nothing really changes besides the fact, that they stopped laying eggs. They are extreamly well nourished and I keep them on crop field (tried dirt and grass as well) in locked pen. I asked at Global Chat and it seems I'm not the only one with this problem.
  16. Found. Thanks Heroic.