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Found 3 results

  1. Is there a known bug with deactivation of mission triggers? All the effects are done, deactivation is there...and it workes. Then after some time, restarting the server etc, all deactivations of triggers are gone from effects, poof...removed. Insanely annoying.
  2. I've noticed that rather often, when I start swimming, snow effect will break, and I get a visual of snow falling... but only below the water line. Sometimes it's a localized effect, and above the water line I can see some spots where it's snowing and some where it isn't. Screenshots: Note that snow is visible underwater but not above water... or maybe it's the reflection that's visible? Who knows.
  3. Basic concept : Make Food and drink have effect on character. Background - yesterday i was drinking wine - got chat message "You are drunk" - and guess what? nothing more. So suggestions are : 1) Give Wine actuall effects (apart from regaining stamina). At drunk status - lower combat skills for set amount of time. Let say - wine ql x kg (litres) consumed = value of which combat skills are lowered in %. Ex. 25ql wine amount 2kg = 50% if you have 50 FS it will be cut in half. In other words - good ql wine would left you defenceless if you drink too much. 2) Food quality effect - rather food damage. from 0 do 49 dmg it should give some nutriton / food bar (accordingly to ql). from 50 to 75 it should give vomit status (lowering nutrition and food bar) 75 and more - food poisoning - lowered body control, mind and so. (for a fixed time) 3) Different food types different effects - a) Stew - medium food bar medium nutrition, medium thirst (yea thirst) Casserole - high food bar, medium nutrition, lowering thirst (you need to drink after eating too much). c) Meal - Medium food bar, high nutrition, no effect on thirst. d) Goulash - medium food bar high nutrition, little effect on thirst. e) Sandwich - medium food and nutrition, negative thirst, (prolonged dmg resistance (as now?)) f) Cake - high nutrition, medium food bar, high negative effect on thirst. 3) Ingredients - should have additional effect on dish / drink. a) garlic, onion, belladona - should increase healing tick on char. Using too many belladonas should end in poisoning tho. oregano, thyme, nettle - should shorten any poisoning status. c) wine - (added to food - should increase healing tick too) Wine as a drink especially after reaching drunk status should drastically lower thirst bar (hangover). d) meat - pig and other non typical - meat (goblin, troll, human? spider) should yeld faith loss or food poisoning. e) meat - cow, bear, sheep, fish, pollutry - could yeld faith gain bonus. f) fruits - lower poison time. g) corn, potato, pumpkin - bonus to food bar filling (filling effect - 10% corn, 15% potato 20% pumpkin) 4) Healing salve overhaul. Basic idea is to make (mortar and pestle) - drop ingredients and use pestle on mortar. Example Animal fat as a base garlic +6 healing tick regardles of amount tho onion +5 healing tick wine +10 healing tick. Ql calculation - Ingredients Fat - 50ql Onion 50ql garlic 50ql wine 50ql ----- (50+50+50+50)/4 =50QL (30 +50 +50+50) / 45QL (50 + 80+60+70) = 65QL Healing calculation (additional to natural healing) 6+5+10 =21 x QL% so at 50QL it would yeld additional 10 points to healing tick. at 65QL it would give ca 14 to healing tick. Those little additions (point 3) would make food more usable thus increasing depth of game.- as for now - we can only use pumpkin + fish and be happy.