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Found 2 results

  1. As I began to play this game, the following came to mind. The Wurm Effect Def: The unique influence each individual experiences while playing Wurm Online. The full extend of its effects is yet unknown, but appears to be different for each person involved. It is known to contribute to Borderline Disorder, as it creates a multitude of opposite feelings within a brief amount of time, leaving the individual in a state of anger, happiness, frustration or satisfaction. It is also known to help individuals under the influence of conditions such as Depression to improve their mental health, as it creates a friendly environment and offers a purpose to getting up in the morning. The effects of the "Wurm Effect" include addiction to the game, the urge to spend money on it, the feeling of importance when ingame decisions have been made, the strong motivation when beginning a new project, and the ability to push aside negative feelings and to keep going even beyond your usual limits. The individual effects become more clear when the player encounters situations that exceed their normal range of frustration. While few can escape its influence, the severity of the effect experienced depends on each individual player. Kicking in after only days, sometimes weeks, it is a dangerous condition affecting the vast majority of all Wurm Online players. The most dangerous part of the game includes coming back to it each and every time even after having "left for good". Temp: The influence of the effect is currently known to be the strongest on Xanadu, as severe ingame lag, causing frustration, anger, loss of items/animals, or even death, can be experienced on an everyday basis. Well, this is as far as I got. I thought it was stupid to think this at first, but who can deny this? I have been in for a few days, almost everyone I know has "Quit For Good" multiple times and yet is still playing for me to meet, and I have already spent more money on this game within days than I have spent on other games within years of playing, and I do not think it is going to stop. So I ask you, are you suffering from this condition? Because I know that I am.
  2. Hello there Wurmians First off, I would like to say that many may frown upon this idea because it may make things a little harder in some situations. Although, hear me out. Weather is one thing about Wurm that really stands out to me, it's randomness with some predictability while looking at the clouds makes it very dynamic and interesting to watch. Although, other then cosmetic value and sailing. Weather does not really affect much else. My idea is pretty much to give weather more of an effect on the player's Avatar. I had a few ideas related to something like this; Anything such as locking 2 hours of sleep bonus while outdoors (During a storm), or a slightly higher chance of contracting a disease while outside in a storm. Anything that will encourage players to seek/build shelter during a storm of some sort. I would not go so far to say that these effects would be instant. Perhaps a specific amount of time outside while it is raining will begin to cause these effects. Any idea that makes weather actually alter the way we play the game, not enough to be a dramatic change, but something that could affect the way Wurmians live their lives. As I said, this is merely an idea I would like to discuss. ADDITIONAL IDEAS: Fur coats to protect from any weather affects. Slower stamina regain during bad weather. Speeds up farm growth slightly. Action induction takes a bit longer in the rain "Thirst" bar slows down decay rate. Feel free to provide more ideas if you have any! Thanks, ~Necrorave