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Found 3 results

  1. The :Category:Light sources display for Light Sources could use information relating to the types of Lights available, the ingame wiki search doesn't present extra information to allow a person to obtain useful information. The same is true for the other Categories, but light is such an important aspect to the game, it should have information. Suggestion: There are many different types of lights within Wurm which preform different tasks. Street Head Lamps are placed on wooden Logs and are used to light the world around you, perhaps on town Deeds. "Personal Lights" you carry include: Candle, Carved Pumpkin, Torch, Metal Torch. The "Lantern" is the standard personal light source while a "Brass oil lamp" provides the best efficiency and durability if you have it available.
  2. The old forum had a button in the editor that allowed us to directly edit the bbcode, this new one doesn't have that and we are stuck with whatever the WYSIWYG spits out. Is it possible to get that feature back? It would be much appreciated, thanks!
  3. open wurmplayers.db with your favourite editor under 'cult' section is the meditation info. Modify 'Level' to the path level required (ie: 7 for enchant grass, 11 for SoTG etc) As for Path: Meditation paths: 1 - Love 2 - Hate 3 - Knowledge 4 - Insanity 5 - Power Enter the NUMBER - and NOT the name in the 'Path' field. Enjoy!