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Found 35 results

  1. I have a trader on my server that has been accumulating junk for years. He has some items, like a few summer hats, that he wants to sell for 100 gold or more. Obviously, there have been no takers. How can I clear out his inventory without having a GM spend 1,000 gold and letting him buy more junk from players at exorbitant prices? I have not been able to find a way to dismiss him with my GM. I might be able to destroy him, but I'm not sure where that will leave all his current wares, if that will mess up the database, etc. I was finally able to decrease his money pool to a reasonable amount, but I'm still stuck with all the high-priced crap people have sold him.
  2. The Future of Southern Bay Estates: My vision for this may never come to pass, however if it does not get started, it will never take shape. So here goes the details.. ( Kind of centrally located in Xanadu , NE J14 ) I think around December 2022 is when most things/buildings should be ready. ( Currently Blacksmith shop, and Tailor shop is built ) I'm looking to create a RP "supported" village.. We will have professions, titles and a purpose for players looking for one, if your not already tied up in your personal skill gain.. which I know most are of course.. So what do i mean by role play "supported" ? Well.. basically, if you want to role play , its completely fine, if you are not one to role play, you won't hinder the ones who do.. And really all you have to do is live in the environment you are in.. While in the Realm of wurm, there are no cars, no guns, no cell phones.. So why should that be brought up in conversation in game.. No Politics, No Religion, Other than the in Realm politics and Religions... That's my 2 cents on it.. everyone has their own opinion on RP.. But if you have any specific questions on it.. pls fill free to contact me. Now titles and professions, I'm sure your interested... There will be a Duke of course.. Me, However I have thought of the Voting system for new leader of the deed.. that's some hardcore reality.. so still thinking on that one.. depends on the community and how it grows.. (I try not to ramble too much) So. 1 Duke, 3 possible Advisors, Knight Commander 1, maybe 2.. Knights.. unlimited. Squires.. These roles will have complete descriptions later.. ( trying to minimize this post) Nobles.. and Villagers..... Professions.. Sure you can be whatever you want.. but perhaps you want to stand out.. Blacksmith, Tailor, Mason, Quartermaster*, Carpenter, Shipwright, Farmer, Cook, Alchemist... Some of these titles/professions are unique and have special jobs.. Most you can probably figure out on your own. If you have any questions on a particular profession or title. pls msg me. Also, this is very much a work (idea) in progress.. If you would like to have input in the early stages.. by all means.. im open for conversation.. Again.. this is a ways away.. but I want to get the information out there if anyone is looking for something like this.. Let me know.. I look forward to hearing from you.. Taking in new players that need direction, as well as Vets who can help give it... Safe travels!!…. Destion, and his crazy priest brother Delrago.. Discord contact Destion#0243
  3. I'll note I am new to Wurm, forgive me any ignorance. I've been drinking from a firehouse learning the game system the last two weeks. First off, I was attracted to the game due to its rewarding nature for hard work, an economy where money is actually difficult to come by (limiting inflation), and the imaginative idea and dream of moving out of Hi Sec "Freedom" into the Null Sec "Chaos" to claim a land of my own with 20 others in tow; or at least have the adventure of trying and dying. I'm also a prior EVE player, hence my mention of low and hi sec, and my interest in the gaming economy of Wurm and how it works. As I unravel the games economic engine, it leaves me with a few questions (or maybe concerns?). The following statements/questions/observations are my own and I hope to garnish feedback, correcting my impressions if they are in error. What drives destruction, which continually creates demand for items? I've bought some hi level items from the Trade channel, and in discussions with the sellers, I have discovered many of these items have existed for years. They've never had to replace gear. I'm also noticing that I continually improve my own gear as time goes on, never needing to purchase or create new gear. Does nothing break permanently? Finally, a discussion with a Chaos vet had me surprised. Every piece of Drake armor created is still in the game. They dont get destroyed, they just change hands (loot or death). I hope I am wrong, but I believe the leading need to obtain new gear only comes from new players entering the game. There is no destruction cycle creating demand. Is this a correct assumption? The way I see it, only way gear leaves the game is if it happens to decay before it is looted by another player, or a player leaves the game, logging out to never return with good gear on them. Where are the sinks in the games economy to maintain demand? Cheers, thanks for any feedback.
  4. My proposal is a solution to a current problem in Wurm. Right now the economy of wurm is kinda stagnant with rare item prices dropping, ship prices dropping (no so much anymore cause people stopped making). What i think would help the economy is a vanity item vendor that sells items for points. People could exchange rare items (maybe horses and ships and possibly non rare items) for points or fractions of points. These points could then be used to purchase vanity items that are not craftable in the game (Cloaks , Dresses, Etc). I know this goes against the devices of a sandbox and i dont think we would have this problem if stuff dissapeared from the game or population was larger. This could be something that should temporarily appear maybe a seasonal cleanup to purge the game of excess rares and offer limited vanity items. As it is now this is a solution to our economy being kinda stagnant. Other sandbox games have done this also (Ultima Online , etc) with success.
  5. While I do understand that we currently are able to do AFK bulk trading, but the system is a little sloppy and not enough people put in ALL the effort required to keep it going. If we had Bulk Item Merchants, it could add another COIN sink for the game (a new item to be sold on Traders) and could result in more players trading bulk goods with each other. Theoretical method of use: Bulk Item Merchant must be placed in a 'completed' house with locks (permissions system) and on deed. Merchant must be linked to a planted BSB within the house at least 1 BSB or BSB rack required, Ideally it could link to multiple BSB's and add line items (pricing) for various QL's available of the same item. Merchant is able to set pricing for each item-stack found in the BSB Merchant otherwise works as a normal merchant, you have to refill your BSB's, update your pricing and empty your merchants after sales to retrieve the coin. You are not able to take/deposit items from the BSB while pricing is set so that QL level doesn't change while pricing is set. A price-management window would allow players to set pricing of stacks of items. The Merchant would be able to show a list of available items, the item QTY, and the QL and allow the shopper to choose the QTY they wish to purchase When a player wants to buy from a Bulk Item Merchant, they need Empty crates to receive goods into or the sale will fail. (Need more creativity and feedback on how the items would get exchanged, the money dropped on the Merchant, etc.) Or some kind of container the player can transfer purchased items from? Perhaps the "Set Price" feature could be useful Will edit as feedback comes in. Really just want to get the conversation going. I'm sure other people have had similar ideas about AFK-bulk trade. +1 to Silo
  6. It is my understanding that Wurm's economy is struggling due to excess supply of items and a lack of buyers. I believe that PMKs can provide a much-needed backbone to Wurm's economy in several important ways by providing many item sinks at once, while also giving them greater flexibility when it comes to maintaining themselves. To that end, I propose that a PMK should have to pay a monthly demand of items in lieu of coins. These items may include bulk goods such as: lumber stone metal crops squares of cloth meats fish Herbs/Medicine Arrows And individual items up to a certain quality such as: Clothes Tools Weapons Armor Food To encourage variety a PMK would have to use different items or face diminishing returns An example of how this might be arranged: a PMK on Chaos has an upkeep of 20k bulk items and 200 finished goods per month. It pays off that upkeep by producing 10k stone bricks, 100 Saws, and buying the rest from Freedom. After the month is over, the PMK's upkeep is adjusted, and 20k bulk items and 200 finished goods are still needed, but since they use ONLY stone bricks and ONLY saws, submitting bricks and saws would now require 50% more than last time. Other items are unaffected, and over time a kingdom may switch to other items based on market value, availability, and obtainability. Creating a (hopefully) dynamic economy of supply and demand. The amount and variety of items needed should be sufficient enough to prove difficult but not impossible for a kingdom to provide on its own. This creates a demand for goods, and since they can at least partially sustain themselves, each kingdom can avoid being at the mercy of the economy or the financial might of its rivals. There also remains a cost associated with running a PMK. Pros: Creates item sinks Flow of economy Wider variety of professions become useful People can earn money by selling things to Kingdoms Kingdoms can still sell PMK items for money to buy goods PMK members can easily and directly provide for their kingdom's needs Encourages larger kingdoms when supplemented by its own members Physical transportation of goods creates logistics and player activity through escorting and interception of cargo Cons: Creation, growth, relapse, and collapse of kingdoms potentially affecting prices as demand changes PMKs potentially become interested in reducing costs by paying less for products Sellers potentially interested in lowering price to stay competitive Proper "value" of items needs clarification Neutral points: Refocuses PMK role in the economy from silver sinks to item sinks Silver still leaves the game by going to the average player who spends it on premium and deed upkeep. Training skills to produce goods competitively is still rewarding to currently-dedicated players and those who need a reason to train Physical transportation of goods to PMK enables rival kingdom to disrupt and directly interfere with a kingdom's ability to pay the bills Interference affects demand for something That's all I can say for now. Please point out any flaws or possible issues you might see.
  7. Hi, I have found bug with Traders. This is a possible money exploit. I am not sure if the 1.6 update has caused this but I have noticed this after the update. So people might want to test this on there too. I found that if trade items with a trader then logout of the world. then log back in your items that you sold to the trader are back in your inventory and also you still have the money that the trader gave you. This works other way round to when you buy items off the trader, you lose the items from your inventory and the money is reset. I have tested by doing the following Initial trader exchange. Respawned the trader Another player trying with a trader. On my local server (both with adventure map(backup of the online server) and creative map) I hope this make sense. If not I'll try to word it better. Regards TheFallenMonkey
  8. Hello Devs and Inde dwellers! I'm worried about empty traders pockets - after another reset, properly managed. Also the message: 'There are apparently no coins in the coffers at the moment.' appears more often than before. King's poverty is also clearly visible in ton of rare herbs and such instead of coin given occasionally to balance traders draining. Is the economy broken or what? I could notice maybe more deeds disband by owners or by time recently, but some new settlements were started as well. Anyway the deeds that exist hold enough silver to keep the economy alive (at least mine do). Here: on the other hand the total amount of irons on the server hasn't dropped to level preventing money redistribution. Yearly graph shows nice saw-shaped traders pocket wealth... until some day in December. Is it related to tinkering with traders after wagoners update? I dont dig through WU code, but maybe someone does and knows - why did the coffers dry? I don't know if looking at any other server can give any answer since it appears they dont run the same code. Is there another experiment going on on Inde? I know it is hard to forsee the future, but since devs did intentionally 'fix' things regarding irons flow, is there at least one person sure the model doesn't lead to dead end even with normal players activity? :-)
  9. Solace PvE Beta Testing RELEASE Date 15.09.2017 @8pm CET Live Release 16/10/2017 @4am CET DISCORD INFO (has patchnotes and all live data): What is solace? Solace is part of a new cluster of servers we plan to release, it is the heart, soul, and beginning of the cluster. It is a Pure PvE server built around the idea of bringing value, balance and a reliable economy to Wurm Unlimited. It is expanding as a heavily modded server, created for players that want a long term play style, no quick gains here folks. How do we intend to create a unique experience and achieve the goals above? We plan on using a few tools that will be made public on our website to track the creation(faucets) and the destruction(sinks) of the resources in the game. This will be supported by more mods as we go along and interest continues to rise. The core principles to achieve this are all built to ensure longevity and counter the inherent inflation that Wurm. We will do the following to support our: Economy Money Creation Treasure Map chests PvP server Donations Money Destruction Expansion of deeds (variable costs as money supply inflates) Purchase of Trader goods via Merchants (money is destroyed) Stable Master costs Mailing costs Money Circulation Player to player trade Bounty mod (from kings coffers) Cross server trading Value Rare Ore creation Low chance on mining Treasure Map chests PvP Server Rare Ore Destruction Nerf to repair skill (removing More ql for repair, requiring more to re-improve) increased decay off deed Increased channelling difficulty Dragon & Drake creation Untampered drop rates Keep what you loot on events(rather than all being gathered and made into sets then full sets handed out) Sole source is killing dragons Dragon and Drake Destruction Increased Channeling difficulty Increased decay off deed Rare Creation Decreased the chance to create Rare items Low chance to attain bone from sacrificing a rare. Low chance of bone in treasure map chest Balance Farmed goods creation Reduced farm yield via lower skill gain(mod will replace this) Slower crop growth(encouraging larger Deeded farms) General Item abundance (Reduces item recycling via old deeds disbanding) Decreased Building decay off deed Increased item decay Weapons and Armour Rebalanced Weapons to fit different styles Improved viability of all weapon types Armor rebalance DR v Glance/evasion system. Iron plate added Added speed boost to cloth and leather boots (protected feet are reassuring to run in) Steel weapons have a 5% damage bonus Addy Bonus buffed to 25% Bronze gives 5% reduced attack timer. These are only a few of the methods we will employ, and a general idea of how we intend to manage our economy of items, money and rare goods. Some of these changes may seem strange or do not make too much sense here, but there will be a Q&A section on our website to expand on the reasoning behind this further. We aim to create a different approach and style than most Wurm Unlimited servers, i expect more changes will follow to enhance this further. The Server 200 slots 4096x4096 60k mobs Discord: Armour & Weapons Mod Extensive and Ongoing balance work to: Rework of all weapons Damage (generally increased) Swing timers (generally slower) Crit Parry Rework of all armors DR v wound types Glance/evasion rate v wound type reworked damage armors take from wound types Increased Glance/evasion greatly on lower armors Rework of all spells Reworked Costs Priesting now starts at 10 faith Reworked the difficulty of spells. Exclusive Mods Combat Flavour Text Mod(Combat Log enhancement) Added new Tiers of swing strength Added new Tiers of damage Upcoming Features GM transparency All GM actions recorded and Uploaded to website GM accountability All bans publicly recorded Economy & Item Graphs Monthly graphs for Silver/gold in circulation Public data on economic numbers. Currently Available on discords Economy Breakdown channel Monthly graphs for items on server Features & Other mods Starting skills: 21 all body stats 25 fighting Starting Gear: Longsword 50ql Large Wooden Shield 30ql Leather Armour 30ql(minus chest) Chain Jacket 30ql Toolbelt 100ql Backpack 10ql Hand Mirror Flint & Steel 50ql Pottery Bowl Rope x2 10ql Compass 20ql Tent Deed stake Hatchet 30ql Carving Knife, shovel, saw pickaxe and rake 25ql Cotton x3 10ql Skills & Crafting: Custom Skills (slowest is repairing) 4x action Iron plate added to crafting option(has own stats) Priests: Unlimited faith gains 20 minutes apart Disabled sermons Priest restrictions apply (adds more value to enchants). Meditation: Skill Gain lowered. Unlimited mediates per day 10 tiles apart. No failing. No timer to advance. Storage, transportation, and movement: Bulk Storage capacity Increased Bulk Sorting Mod added Bag of holding spell added Boat speed increased Larger boats benefit more from the wind Cloth and leather boots increase movement speed Stable Master mod for converting animals to tokens Unlimited size buildings for maximum storage Farming: Skill gain reduced 6-day growth cycle(17 hour pwr tick) Never Rot Mining: 45 Actions per wall Chance to mine Rare Ores Chance to produce Treasure Map Treasure Maps: Quest driven style of following the map to the treasure Ambushing mobs drop loot at higher tiers Money reward(Faucet) Loot increases based on ql of map Rift Creatures and Rift resources All rift resources spawn on the map All rift creatures spawn on the map Unique Slaying Events Currently building a Colosseum to house the found uniques and slay them publicly Anti-leecher mod to prevent alt spamming to claim more dragon loot Keep what you get from dragon kills, NO collection and rolling of sets
  10. The Hireling is a stationary NPC similar to a Merchant. For pay the hireling produces low quality bulk goods like planks or bricks from raw materials. The production cost should be significantly higher than hiring a real player to make the same goods. Applying a Hireling contract (purchased from a Trader) to a Work Station creates the NPC. The Work Station is a player created object composed of a BSB (for holding the raw materials), a large crate (for produced materials), a wooden table, and enough planks and nails to hold everything together. When supplied with wages in the form of coins the Hireling begins producing the goods from the raw materials for a limited amount of time. The intent is not to damage the market for bulk goods but to create a fun mechanic for populating workshops. Hirelings occasionally joke, complain, talk about their work and tools, speculate about server events like rifts and unique spawns, criticize the skinflint boss (that's you), and otherwise chat to relieve the boredom of their repetitive work. Their activity produces the same sawing, chipping, carving, etc. and entries in the event log as the same player activity. The goal is to enliven work spaces that are usually empty and rarely have more than one person using them. Details of which Hirelings know how to produce which products (I am inclined to require them to specialize to some degree), whether they require tools, and such matters I leave to your imagination. I expect people will have lots of good ideas about those things.
  11. Crafting Product Profitability Wurm has a plethora of wonderful skills, each one with it's own functions, uses, and perks. I prefer to separate skills into four categories:Gathering, Crafting, Combat, and Leisure. I want to focus here on the crafting skills. The crafting skill category consists of 8 crafting skills. These are skills that take items from gathering skills and use them to produce a product in the game. The seven skills include: Carpentry, Smithing, Tailoring, Masonry, Pottery, Alchemy, Rope-making, and Cooking. Each one is unique to the products it produces, and many of them have sub-skills. However, even though the products from each skill are unique to itself, only two of the skills have high-end products. Smithing and Tailoring, both of which have products that sell for high-coinage value. Smithing has the creation of dragon scale armor with the use of its sub-skill, Plate Armor Smithing. Tailoring, just the same, has the production of dragon hide armor, which uses the sub-skill Leather-working. Unless an item is won or given as a reward, or maybe if an item is fantastic, no other items sell for as much as the dragon armors do. Which sort of makes those sub-skills the best skills to have if you want to participate in the economy. What I'm suggesting here is that maybe the other skills could get an economy handout. To think about how to do this, we can track back to why smithing and tailoring are profitable. They each take items dropped by uniques, and turn it into a very useful item to have. So its gathering process is the product of a unique fight. Perhaps the other skills lacking profitable products could get a gathering item from the result of a unique fight too. For example, maybe the troll king could drop a felled tree(its club) of a wood type unobtainable by any other source. This when used in the creation of a weapon (think combat stave, fancy clubs[expand that club skill gains!] or like the Staff of Land) could allow the player to have the advantage in combat, and then be both rare, and therefore valuable. ideally the item would be of equal value to that of dragon armors. That of course is just an example of what could be done. Wurm's economy fluctuates and for the devs to know what adding any given item will do to the market and to the game is nearly impossible. Personally I would just like to see all the crafting skills be equally as profitable, and therefore equally useful. Making that happen would help balance both the economy and the professions within the game, and I think may even make the skill system feel more vast than it already is. Tell me below what you think of making all the crafting skills profitable! ~Lei
  12. The game should provide us ways to live out of any skill. Who wants to be a Fisherman for a living? Well I'd want, if only I could sell fishes or retrieve valuable stuff from a fish. My point is, there are tons of skills but while some are highly profitable and/or have high demand, there are some with almost zero demand. We should be able to choose a skill, any skill, grind it up and really make a living out of it, otherwise there's little to no reason to have such a vast skill list.
  13. I feel that many people play this game for the novelty of how WURM works and the fact that you have pretty much full freedom to do what you want when you want with specific limitations. However, it has been my experience, regarding WURM, that there is an issue with player community. The players themselves do what they can to promote community and the devs have done a wonderful job improving this area yet to me it seems that it still lacks the "Let's be togetherness". I believe this idea that I have about the ability to "sell" property to players if they wish to be a citizen of a settlement can help with this shortcoming. Selling property with preset permissions that come with being an "auto citizen" lets individuals get to know others by proxy of purchased property. Essentially the community stems from being neighbors. One of the walls I have found as a deed owner is the fact that I have to "get to know" anyone and almost everyone that I add as a citizen. I would have to spend a considerable amount of time with an individual, as a deed owner or an individual that is capable of inviting strangers to a deed, in order to fully know if they are trustworthy enough to not seriously grief/damage everything on my deed before giving them the permissions that they want as part of a deed. All the while the individual wanting the benefits of my deed, and the community that comes with it, will have to wait that considerable amount of time to do pretty much anything on deed while they craft and build things off deed (wasting their time in my opinion). This may not seem like a problem with settlements that have a population less than 5 however when it gets to the point that the settlement has 10 - 20 or more then it gets annoying. As mentioned before as a settlement mayor it is hard to justify the time spent getting to know all the individuals that want to enter my deed. It is time better spent enjoying all the facets of this game that I have yet to do. This is only my opinion but the micromanagement style to deed owning is arduous. This issue is reduced a little with the ability to sell property that I allocate on my deed. As the mayor (or anyone authorized to do mayor things) I can then set certain permissions that automatically take effect as soon as they buy the property (and become a citizen of the settlement) just like it is set up now. The benefit of this situation is the individual that purchased the property can do what they wish, how they wish within the confines of the purchased property and its set permissions. The ability to sell property on a deed alleviates the issue of "trustworthiness" of the individual and enables them to gain the settlement benefits they so desire all the while putting a bit of currency in the coffers of the deed (the purchaser will still have to adhere to and be aware of any taxes that come with being a citizen). It is no secret that WURM also lacks anything that can be considered an economy. It has been mentioned by the players and the devs uniformly that the trading system between players is... clunky at best. The idea of selling property will benefit to the inevitable solution by creating a bit of "cash-flow" through the settlement. The Mayor (or authorized citizens) plant a property marker, sets the price and they are done. As soon as another player "purchases" that property marker funds are debited from the players account and the deed coffer is credited. Now this is in no way to be a huge effect on the problem but does introduce motivation to both purchase and use in-game currency. So this is all good but how would a system like this be set up? Good question and I have thought about this quite a bit: 1) Mayor (or authorized citizen) sets up permissions for a "New citizen" just like they do now. This will be what they are allowed to do anywhere on the deed (Pick-up items, not pick-up items, Lead, not lead, dig, not dig, etc.) 2) Set up a "property profile" for different types of property (what the purchaser is allowed to do within the confines of this type of property) Similar to the "New citizen" permissions however will include subjects such as maximum slope allowed or maximum building height for example. 3) Purchase a property stake from a trader (or make one. this would be entirely up to codeclub) 4) Place the property stake. Now this seems simple however I have thought about just letting the "marker" be in the center like the deed marker but considering you are dealing with a much smaller area (I'm thinking minimum 5x5 tiles with a one tile [or more] perimeter) Having a marker in the center where you cannot build anything would be annoying. So the solution would be to place the marker and have a UI that would allow a 0 to be placed in the fields asking how far north/east/west/south you would like the property to be with a minimum of two fields filled in and a mandatory perimeter (minimum one tile). 5) Apply a "property profile" to the marker and “citizen type” they would become if purchased. 6) Set Price 7) Player purchases property That's it. As soon as the purchaser buys the property they are now a citizen of the settlement (which is set with the "property profile") and can freely build within the property limits (also set in the "property profile"). From here on it is up to the new citizen to get to know others do good things for the settlement and gain more permissions or higher citizen ranking along the way. I admit there are a few more questions that need to be answered that are more difficult to deal with and ultimately, if this idea takes off, would have to be debated. However this is the gist of the subject. Some questions that I had a hard time confronting: 1) If an individual purchases property then quits playing/doesn't follow the rules/irritates the other citizens; do I as the mayor have the right to revoke their citizenship and take their property? A: If the property was rented you could as deed owner refuse to continue contract after expiration. 2) If, as a mayor, I have the right to take their property how does codeclub prevent mayors from stealing your game currency by booting the citizen out as soon as the transaction is complete? A: The mayor would be bound to a "rental contract", as it were, and be unable to cancel the contract until the agreed upon time is met. The deed owner would also be unable to disband the deed until such time that all rental contracts are expired. This would alleviate this issue. 3) Would a purchaser have the ability to purchase more property and if so how would I prevent them from “land-grabbing”? A: All properties are by contract and a default of one contract per toon. It would be between the deed owner and the renter to allow for a bigger plot. 4) Would a purchaser have the right to develop the property then sell to another? If so does the second purchaser become a citizen? and to this if so then what level of citizen? A: No, however one could allow the rental contract to expire therefore allowing another individual to rent the space. 5) Can purchasers "sub-lease"/share the property? A: No 6) After purchasing; would the purchaser be able to add others to the property and set permissions for them? A: No EDIT: It has bee pointed out by Vanyel that renting spaces would be more viable and I agree. EDIT 2: If you like this idea you may like this idea as well
  14. I'm teaching a friend of mine the game's very basics and he came up with the following question: Can I make a living out of hunting? Is it worth it? Well, you can get a coin now and then from inspiration rolls and you get a lot of furs and hides so I guess you can also do some leatherworking, cooking...? Being a hunter also demands having a set of armour and being able to repair I guess hunters would also need to be platesmith and miner...? He could also tame stuff, maybe...? Anyway, I wish I knew the answer so please leave your thoughts.
  15. The Initial Buzz Our devs spent time and effort implementing bees and beehives, and we waxed lyrical and swarmed out to grab them. These furry insects captured our imagination, and got us all out and about building hives and hunting wild colonies, to get our share of the sweet honey and useful wax. Unfortunately after this initial buzz, keeping bees has lost it's appeal for many. Why? Here's the stinger - there is little economic benefit in keeping bees. Folks don't need honey, and wax has limited uses. Barrels can be sealed just as easily with a peg with minimal effort, and candles can be made with animal fat. Of course there are other uses, but at the end of the day - who needs bees? The Honey Trap. What we need are more gameplay and hence economical reasons to keep bees. So lets make a start - I am sure you can add to this list. Scented candles - yes I know, interest in candles thus far has 'tapered' somewhat, but by rolling the wax in rose petals before making a candle, you could produce a powerful and useful Scented Candle, which exerts a short term calming aura on aggressive mobs, or reduces your aggro range to that of a new player. By using lavender you could instead create a candle with a healing aura proportional to your candle ql. Add fruits, herbs or spices and the list of possible beneficial effects grows. Furniture polish. Yes we love our furniture and effects, but - and here's the rub, they all start to look the same after a while. Why not press beeswax into a jar and rub it on our wooden possessions? To slow decay? Maybe! To produce a short term glow or colour effect? Possibly. Why not? Switchels. What on earth is a switchel? Cider vinegar has long been known for its medicinal properties, and by dissolving cider vinegar and honey together in a jar of hot water, and drinking it regularly, many people have come to believe in the powerful properties of this traditional health tonic. What are these health properties? We won't know until we get some! So Bee It Whether you're a firm bee-leaver, or the idea of keeping bees brings you out in hives - why not jot down your ideas for improving the bee-economy? Thanks!
  16. Right now, it seems that all money from upkeep is dumped into the grass, with a bit left over for traders and selling to tokens. I propose breaking the kingdom income across multiple buckets that cannot take from each other no matter how fast or slowly they are filled or drained. The intention is to diversify what tasks are rewarding and prevent a single activity (ex. foraging) from scooping up all the rewards. Personal Bucket A percentage of all upkeep and premium time purchased by that specific character should go into a bucket attached to that specific character (or unique human with multiple characters if the future account system mentioned in the roadmap works like that). The two ways of getting coins out of this bucket are to sell to traders and doing something that would get you coins from one of the other buckets, effectively boosting your reward by giving a coin from each bucket, or just the personal bucket if the other has been drained. The bucket has no limit on its value to prevent any unwanted pressure to drain it quickly, especially for big spenders who might hit any cap frequently. Mission Bucket Participating in missions, or completing them, should give coins from this bucket. Divine Bucket Random coins from prayers come from this bucket. As well, sacrificing a rare item should have a chance to give a larger amount of coin. Grass Bucket Just like now, when you forage you sometimes get a coin, and it comes out of this bucket. Good Deeds Bucket The best example of this is burying corpses, but I’m sure people can think of other good deeds that could be rewarded out of this bucket. Traders Under this system traders do not have their own unique bucket, the money you get from them comes from your own personal bucket. Traders would likely need their price reduced and some way to move them to better or more convenient locations. I’m sure there are other possible buckets, and endless possible debate how big a percentage of kingdom income each bucket should get.
  17. Any ideas or critics about the suggestions are open, tell me if something is missing or you want to see too. I have also studied many medieval cultures and technology, so most of the random things should be fitting with the game age. I am also trying to keep this to a simple crafting method for simplicity. Spawner Gate Now before I get into the first one, yes, I know you can spawn NPCs as a GM, this idea came to me while messing with portals and complaining that all my NPCs were killed in town. The idea is to make a gate that you can "Summon" NPCs by spending coin, there would be 3 types of NPC the Citizen, Town Guard, and Perimeter Guard, all spawned without gear and must be spawned on a deed(Taking up a citizen spot), after which only the mayor or top ranking members may edit the items and name on the NPC. The Citizen is more for RP and will act like a normal spawned human, its to bring more life to the area and should be the cheapest, maybe 20 copper or a silver and will stay within the main area of the deed, might be fun to "tax" them to help for upkeep. The next would be the Town Guard, they will act as the main defense against monsters and hostile players on the deed, with moderate skills for fighting and should respond like deed guards, they however will not respond to cries for help, they should cost 1 silver to roughly 20 and draw a salary similar to other deed guards(Though honestly they might be more useful than normal deed guards if armed properly). The last is the Perimeter Guard, this one is similar to tower guards and will come to the aid of friendly units and citizens in on the deed and will also move around the perimeter to help keep the town safer, this one should be stronger than the town guards and should cost more as well as draw a higher salary. This is a similar idea to another so I will add it in that maybe there can be a 4th and 5th "Type" adding adventurers as pet-like humans that will follow the player into battle and bandits, which would be uniquely spawned from a different portal(highway stone) that is off a deed, instead of helping fight they will attack nearby humans other their their "boss". Wealth is Power The idea is mainly to be used in a well developed server or heavy RP one, allowing bars to be made of precious metals(or any metal), coin blanks, and more importantly, unique coins. This is more built for player run economies that are separate from the generic "coin" values. A person can make the coin blanks from lumps(or bars), then use a coin die that is uniquely made to strike a coin unique to the die. The Bars are more or less a "trade" commodity, though they could be a step to making the blanks and should weigh 5kg each, they could also have smaller bars weighing 1kg and .5kg(this one is more suited for making coins). I can imagine this being a great addition, seeing a server with 3 kingdoms each with their own currencies, maybe kingdom a wants to stick to only one coin and calls it a Septim(from the Elder Scrolls), another wants to have a currency based on the roman solidus(gold), siliqua(silver) and nummus(a small copper coin), and the third may be more suited for the in game currency, the idea is more for larger servers, though imagining multi island servers trading at ports and exchanging currency would be a rather fun sight. This would also make the coin die a vital point of a kingdom and currency, it shouldn't decay or at least to the point of destruction. Magic and Stuff While this is not likely to get into the real game, I wouldn't mind seeing this in a mod. The ideas are more based on alchemy and the brewing of healing items and minor potions(not the blood ones), items like salves(yes, I know about Farmer salve), tonics, elixirs, and distillation or extraction of material like salt. Salves are made to help heal wounds, though I was more looking towards a specific wound like a bite salve or a burn salve, rendering them useless to other wounds. Tonics, one of the "potions" of the group is a direct healing item, though not as good for heavy wounds, it is instant(aside form a 2 second drink) and heals any type of damage as long as its not infected. Elixirs are the more buffing version of the "potions" family, instead of instant rewards it can reduce times of some actions, increase healing, even slight speed boosts, but wear down faster, lasting only a few minutes or a few seconds in some cases. Tinctures are the last "potion" time, and are like tonics, but instead of healing wounds, they do immediate special effects like removing hurting, curing disease, restoring stamina, and maybe even remove an infection(though the wound would remain). Tinctures need distilled alcohol to make, which is obtained at about a 10% rate from wine, so make sure its worth it. Oils are next, they are materials that are applied to items and weapons, using olive oil as the base, giving a small benefit to the item or making them deal a special damage, like poison, acid, or fire. The next is a bit different, it involves making magic parchments, these are designed to have a spell cast on them similar to vessel, increasing the difficulty of the spell by 10, but allow you to store a spell in the parchment, the spell must succeed to enchant the scroll, failure costs the favor like normal and quality of the paper. The scroll will have a single use and is castable even as a follower, so long as they are of the same faith, but the spell may still fail, the casting of the spell will be 20 points lower on difficulty. On the other hand, those with karma spells can also make scrolls, but at the cost of double the karma, the benefit is that no staff is needed to cast the spell. This would make these very valuable. I also wouldn't mind a "wand" being made that can hold charges of a single spell up to 10-50 charges, similar to a scroll, but requiring a shaft of wood, being enchanted and then slowly charged with spells, the downside of a wand is minimal, though the difficulty may be raised a bit more. Common ideas and not so common things This is more of a rough item list. First Glass, why do we not have any glass, this is such a common item, even back in dark ages and can be made easily using heated sand and maybe purifying it with some ashes similar to steel, glass is resistant to decay and would likely be very useful for long term storage, but cant be made to large. Glass flasks, bottles(use a peg to cork it and keep the liquid from decaying easily), goblets, bowls, orbs, alchemical glassware, etc as well as colored glass. Pewter, a common metal in old times, easily made with lead and tin, though not healthy to humans, it works for poor utensils. Slag, this one is a little different and isn't very useful to most people its more of a waste product that is made after melting ore, that said, it does have historical use as a concrete additive and can be used for that or if all else, make stone shards be a byproduct.Other small ideas are like making book bindings to hold sheets of paper, scrolls(I don't mean magic ones, literally, why has this not been a thing?) that can be sealed, Signet rings that can be used to seal scrolls with bees wax or mark papers with an official seal. Other ideas is to remove the metal restriction on utensils, allow metal plates, cups, flasks, jar(urn), bucket, rings(I actually wear a steel ring, heh). Other alcohols like vodka, beer, brandy, rum, cider, mead, etc as well as make wine not require maple. Daggers, why no small sharp blades to stick the enemy, or throwing daggers, throwing hatchets, throwing hammers, throwing spear/javelin, slings, crossbow, bolts, rapier(A sword designed more for poking holes instead of slashing), spiked flail, a wooden club(peasants rejoice), scale mail armor(scale plates are stronger than chain, but weaker than plate) etc. Oil pot lamp, a simple clay lamp that uses tar or oil to light a small area cheaply.
  18. Can someone make a mod that allows coins e.g. silver, gold ect to be craftable. They should require a small anvil of at least 90ql Difficulty should be done of metalurgy min of 40 to make iron, 50 to make copper, 80 to make silver and 95 to make gold. .1kg of a lump to be used Non impable. Resources used should be relevant to there type each iron = iron coin, copper = copper ect. I plan to pair this with another mods that allows me to control the amount of viens and costs of deeds ect. Thanks Need more info or if you have some suggestions please aks/post below
  19. After reading another recent topic on merchants, this idea gradually emerged in my mind: How about fundamentally changing merchants so that instead of putting items for sale on the merchant itself, we let a player link his merchant to a house designated by the player as a "warehouse" and allow the merchant to sell any items in that house actively pricetagged by the player. The link could created simply by putting the merchant inside a house or in a way that would allow the merchant to stand right outside the "warehouse". By putting items for sale in a warehouse like this, we wouldn't need a limit on items per merchant and we could have full containers, wagons, boats, horses, you name it, for sale through the merchant. We could be able to browse the contents of all containers for sale through the merchant, but buy individual items from unlocked containers only (so for example we could sell only whole sets of armor). When buying large items they would be magically taken from the warehouse and dropped at the buyers feet. Additionally I would love to have all merchants networked serverwide, so that from each merchant we could browse what's for sale through every single other merchant on the same server. I don't like the idea of having any of those items magically transported to the buyer though. Just this. Through the network we would get the name of each merchant and its owner and would have to find it just from this information. Maybe merchants should be sorted by distance so that local merchants would be listed first. Also I would love to be able to put buy orders on my merchant "buy 12 bsb's full of minimum 35 ql stone bricks for max 95 copper each" or "a barrel of 45 ql wine for max 1.30 silver" or "a full set of appropriately enchanted golden chainarmor" and have these browsable through the network. Whatever the merchant buys would be dropped and stored in the warehouse linked to it.
  20. "The economy works as usual and you have the possibility to pump the economy with silvers by using the server GUI." So if there isn't a king on the server how does this work? Do traders just have a set amount of silver that will slowly drop from players selling items? (most won't buy anything for quite some time). EDIT* Does each trader have a separate "economy"? If I sell five of an item to one trader, will a sixth sell for the same amount between that trader and another?
  21. Folk would spend more. It'd be great for the economy. I've seen some very cool merchant setups, which the game isn't ready for because first the customer has to find a Token to get money out of their bank.
  22. Everyone seems to think Traders need a total overhaul and some aspects do need change but with a few tweaks they can work. 1. Instead of draining have them by selling them items no one would want to buy have them deposit an amount determined by the activity of the trader into the a fund drawn from the trader's owner (just like merchants). 2. Give them the ability to sell things just as merchants instead of an automatic value not inline with what people will actually pay for them let people determine value. 3. Make the items placed on the trader available through all other traders on the server. Just like a merchant but the trader takes a much larger percentage of profits for taxes and delivery. (20%) This would make them true traders and end the need to lock them away. It would also end the need to clot them up with nearly useless items that are so Overpriced that no one would buy them unless they were getting the money back. The trader system as it is always seemed silly to me because 90% of them are locked in a shack only trading with one person and still manages to get more money than that one person gives them. This would not replace the current merchant system because they would still cost 50 silver to place and the items put on them would most likely be much higher than regular merchants. Also it would allow sellers to see what others on their server are selling similar items for leading to a stabilization of prices. Restrictions on placing could stay the same but I would prefer they be limited to one per account needing premium membership to place or receive funds from the trader. If premium time expires for the placer then cannot access funds from it. The only difficult major change would be the the server wide sales screen perhaps divided by categories for easy use.
  23. Currently any freedom isle player entering chaos walks in with a nice big target painted on their forehead. They're marked as hostile and, as far as I know, give full PvP rewards. Something this idea requires is to shift that status down from "hostile" to a default of neutral: As a freedom isle player: You cannot initiate combat with anyone in a kingdom (or another freedom isle player). You cannot go unlawful. Combat can be initiated against you, but no fighting experience is granted to your attacker (And their reputation drops sharply), if attacked you can defend yourself against any member of that kingdom (initiate combat) for a set amount of time (30 mins?) Now comes the interesting part, players from the freedom isles can be contracted by kingdoms. New Item : Mercenary Contract Crafted from : Paper, reed pen (ink). Use: When used in the inventory the length and payment of the contract can be entered (X silver for Y days), the maximum length being a week. When used on another player it offers them a contract (only works on freedom isle players), if they accept they become a member of the offering kingdom for the duration of the contract with all bonuses and penalties attached, if one does not have the silver listed on the contract in the bank then trying to use it gives the message "you cannot afford to make this offer". Once the contract runs out the freedomer reverts to the freedom faction. They are paid at the END of their contract (goes straight into their bank). Optional extra : Contracts have clauses including : "Stay on Chaos" (if character leaves chaos contract ends, no payment), "X Hours of Play" (if player is not online for a certain amount of time payment is the percentage of that time they did spend online) and "X Kills" (only counts if one makes kills against opposing kingdom members, if quota is not met only a percentage based on completed amount is paid). These are tick boxes and are mentioned before a player accepts a contract.
  24. When playing a game the fastest way for me to lose the motivation for it is to cheat. Opening the console and turning on godmode or giving me money is fun for a while but soon you realise there's no more challenge and you quit the game. Now Wurm is an extreme game. Everything is so hard to achieve that once you've done it you really feel pride in your achievements. And since I know how much time and dedication it took to finally be able to f.e. craft a 90Ql pickaxe and enchant it with a solid WoA 90 I rather not sell it at all than to underprize it. Now here are a few hypotheses: 1. A player who buys a high level account doesn't cherish the work needed to get it to where it is. 1.1. Therefore he/she is more likely to undercut the prizes on the market. 1.2. The market is flooded with good gear at low prizes forcing the other players to a) undercut as well or stop trying to sell anything. ---> Allowing to sell accounts hurts the economy dramatically. 2. A player who buys an account buys its reputation as well. 2.1. Other players might not know the account had been sold and trust the good reputation. 2.2. The new owner might not be so kindhearted and trustworthy as the reputation of the account make him/her seem. ---> Allowing to sell accounts opens the door for mischief, trolling and grieving. 3. A player who buys a high level account can do all the things that need higher skills immediately. 3.1. He/She doesn't get the feeling of accomplishment like the others after finishing a project. 3.2. He/She is bored of the game faster and is more likely to a) leave the game and/or sell the account again. 3.3 Veteran accounts don't "die out" making room for newer ones. ---> Allowing to sell accounts hurts the player count in the long run. Of course these hypotheses don't apply to every person who buys/bought an account! What do you think? Please discuss!
  25. There is a tradeoff between the difficulty in creating/crafting certain types of goods, and the market for those types of goods. Obviously people would prefer things to be easier, but at the same time people want those same things to keep their value. Over the 5+ years I have been here, I have seen this game become far easier and less demanding, while at the same time seeing the value of many things fall. Of course, some fall in value is due to the silver coin to Euro exchange rate change, but some of the overall decline in item value is simply due to the fact they are easier to create. Take boats for example. Many of you will remember the time when materials were lost on item creation failure. This meant to build a boat, you not only needed ship building skill but also real good cloth tailoring and rope making, not to mention a good sized resource farm. Making a boat bigger than a sailboat was not a good idea for most people. However, making a boat was more rewarding due to the sheer difficulty of the task. This created a market for boats, and people wanting to buy boats were creating other markets so they could afford boats. The question to the player base is this: Are we better off with more self sustainability and less need for specialization and economic interaction? Some players get enjoyment from relying on no one (was still possible a while back, just couldn't have everything), while others enjoy the economic interactions or others still who preferred local gift economies (villages). Over the last 5 years it seems to me the game has tilted towards the self sufficient lone mayor type, at the expense of the other preferred play styles. Some other points to consider: Has the mailbox killed the local marketplace? The effect of BSB on the market for bulk goods? Material loss on creation failure: other market consequences? I am hoping to get a real discussion going on these and other issues. Which direction should wurm take and why? add in: I should note I am using the term 'economy' in the traditional sense, meaning the volume of silver coins exchanged for goods and services over a time period.